Dixie HomeĀ® Flooring

Dixie Home® Flooring: Affordable. Fashionable. Durable.

For the thrill of recreating a magazine-inspired design at a fraction of the cost, Dixie Home flooring is for you. Fashionable, well-designed carpet and luxury vinyl is not just for high-end homes; every space deserves the beauty, style and warmth of Dixie Home.

Since 2003, Dixie has been offering stylishly designed carpeting and luxury vinyl that fall within moderately priced segments of the high-style residential market.

Dixie Home carpet and vinyl, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers beauty and budget-friendly pricing

Authenticity Comes Home

Authentic yet practical, Dixie Home flooring is for those who appreciate beautiful design but don’t want to compromise on budget. It means you can confidently choose gorgeous style without worrying about the cost or the consequences.

Dixie Home carpet and vinyl, available at ProSource Wholesale, performs beautifully over time

A Life Well Lived

Dixie Home flooring is meant for spaces that are well loved and well lived in. It performs well over time. After all, having a beautiful space shouldn’t mean tiptoeing around.

Dixie Home carpet and vinyl, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers fashion that stands the test of time

Longing for Longevity

Flooring shouldn’t have to be replaced every few years. The Dixie Home difference goes well beyond the visual. It’s inherent in every step of their manufacturing process, insuring fashion that will stand the test of time.


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Dixie Home Creston Park carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Creston Park

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Meet the Dixie Home Flooring Products

Dixie Home carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, combines style with performance


By using premium branded yarns, Dixie Home offers above average styling and performance, while taking advantage of the powerful pull-through leverage of name brand yarn. Dixie Home’s manufacturing scale gives them the necessary flexibility to respond quickly to new trends, keeping the latest patterns and colors within reach.

Design strategy at Dixie focuses on fresh, easy-care designs that meet the needs of active lifestyles, and create an ambiance of simple, casual elegance. Their combination of construction, color and styling has consistently earned the company praise for quality and design.

Whether you’re accustomed to luxury, live on the cutting edge of style, or are seeking beautiful flooring without breaking the bank, Dixie has a carpet to fit your fashion sense and sensibilities.

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Dixie Home luxury vinyl flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides beautiful looks and durability

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks

Dixie Home luxury vinyl flooring gives permission to say yes to beautiful flooring without worrying about scratches, spills or scuffs. It’s waterproof so it’s perfect for any space, including bathrooms and kitchens. And with a built-in scratch shield, you can rest easy knowing it’s strong enough to hold up to all the roughhousing pets and kids can dish out.

It’s also equipped with pet action traction to help furry family members move around confidently. Dixie Home luxury vinyl also resists absorbing odor-causing pet accidents and other odor-causing liquids.

Dixie Home’s luxury vinyl planks are made to look so much like real wood that even the most discerning eye can be fooled. Wide widths give these floors a more modern vibe. And their luxury vinyl tile is made to look like real porcelain and stone for an authentic look.

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