STAINMASTER® Carpet: Designed For The Way You Live

When you choose STAINMASTER® carpet, you can rest easy knowing that you have a flooring solution designed to live up to your demanding lifestyle.

Have kids? Great! Let them enjoy their home because we have you covered. Fortunately, you are protected with a proprietary stain-resistant carpet.

Pets? We love them too! Check out our STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet specifically designed for your furry friends. PetProtect® comes with all the benefits of STAINMASTER®, plus resists pet stains and is designed to easily release pet hairs when vacuumed.

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Stainmaster carpet is constructed with extremely durable Nylon 6,6 fiber.


STAINMASTER® carpet can live up to your busy lifestyle because it is constructed with extremely durable Nylon 6,6 fiber; the same fiber that can be found in high-performance products such as airbags and military parachutes. With STAINMASTER® carpet, you don’t have to trade softness for durability.

Enjoy the comfort of your floor while feeling confident that it can live up to the unexpected moments that life brings. STAINMASTER® carpet allows you to appreciate the warmth and comfort that you desire for your home while maintaining its exceptional look. What are you waiting for? Sit down, or roll around (four legged friends), and enjoy your new carpet!



Stainmaster carpet is engineered to provide exceptional cleanability and protection against stain and soiling.

Easy To Clean

If you enjoy eating pizza while watching movies, but are afraid of the mess it brings, then you are in luck! STAINMASTER® carpet was created with stain reduction in mind.

The STAINMASTER® fibers and proprietary chemistry were engineered to provide exceptional cleanability and protection against stain and soiling. This means that you can relax and enjoy your movie because you have a carpet that can resist the food and beverage accidents that your family can make.

Stainmaster carpets have been certified to meet their strict specifications.

Not all carpets are created equal. In fact, quality and comfort varies greatly depending on the carpet you choose. A carpet does not earn the name “STAINMASTER®” just because it is constructed using one of the most durable fibers available (Nylon 6,6), but because it passes a series of strenuous testing. That’s right, all STAINMASTER® carpets have been certified to meet our strict specifications – requirements that many other carpets on the market are unable to pass!

Stainmaster carpet has added anti-static fibers to dissipate electricity.

The days of rubbing your socks across the carpet to shock your little siblings are over. STAINMASTER® has added anti-static fibers complete with a carbon filament to provide protection against static buildup. These fibers act like a “lightening rod” to dissipate electricity, and never wear off over time because they are built into the carpet.

Stainmaster is the most recognized and trusted carpet brand.

Not only is STAINMASTER® carpet the most recognized carpet brand, but it is also the most trusted. Trust isn’t given, it is earned. STAINMASTER® carpet has built its reputation one floor at a time in millions of homes across America over the past 30+ years.


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