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Avienda® Hardwood

Avienda® Hardwood Flooring: Nature’s Exquisite Artistry, Performance Engineered

Nothing compares to the singular beauty of a well-crafted wood floor. The rich graining and colorations of nature’s artistry make each finished plank part of a unique masterpiece. 

However, it takes more than that to meet the demands of modern living. The Avienda hardwood collection combines nature’s artwork with performance engineered construction to create stunning luxury floors that can easily handle the challenges of everyday life.

Choose from the reclaimed wood appeal of Avienda Legacy or the distinctive elegance of Avienda Sawn Face engineered hardwood flooring to create individual expressions of lasting style.

Avienda engineered hardwood, available at ProSource Wholesale, offer enhanced stability for use in many rooms

Versatile Location

Avienda engineered hardwood floors offer enhanced stability, so they can be installed throughout a home in many rooms located above, on or below grade.

Avienda engineered hardwood, available at ProSource Wholesale, has a long-lasting, scratch-resistant aluminum oxide finis

Durable Finish

Avienda engineered wood planks feature a long-lasting, scratch-resistant aluminum oxide finish, which helps them stay beautiful, day after day, under all kinds of challenges including kids and pets.

Avienda engineered hardwood, available at ProSource Wholesale, are available in a wide plank design

Wide Planks

The wide plank design showcases the striking graining and coloring of each board to maximum effect, while also making smaller spaces feel larger and more open.


Product Picks To Spark Ideas

Avienda Legacy Engineered Hardwood

Avienda Sawn Face Engineered Hardwood

Avienda Sawn Face Brexton engineered hardwood in Cocoa color available at ProSource Wholesale


Product Details

Meet the Avienda Engineered Hardwood Brands

Avienda Legacy engineered hardwood, available at ProSource Wholesale, features a combination of beauty and strength

Avienda Legacy

A distinctive member of the Avienda collection of engineered hardwood flooring, the Legacy line features gorgeous visuals of sliced-face veneers with the look of reclaimed wood in a choice of popular colors. Available with either smooth or scraped surface textures, this line is a stylish choice for a range of décors.

Perhaps even more importantly than what is seen is what’s beneath the sliced-face veneer. Avienda Legacy planks have a remarkably stable and dense core made of wood fibers fused together. This core helps give Legacy a higher Janka hardness rating than engineered hardwood floors that are conventionally constructed.

The unique combination of beauty and strength makes Avienda Legacy a very tough flooring to beat.

Avienda Sawn Face engineered hardwood, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides strength, durability and fashion-forward visuals

Avienda Sawn Face

The ultimate statement of personal style, an Avienda Sawn Face engineered hardwood floor is as individual as the homeowner it’s created to please. The sawing process produces veneer layers that capture more of the grain patterning and other characteristics which have been shaped by time and the elements to make each plank uniquely different. Along with the fashion-forward color options and choice of smooth or scraped surface texturing, the sawn face visuals will define any space with a dramatic elegance.

Constructed using the time-proven method of stacking and bonding multiple layers cross-grain to each other, these planks are engineered for extra dimensional stability, strength and durability in virtually any space.

The possibilities are practically limitless for showcasing spectacular, one-of-a-kind hardwood floors with Avienda Sawn Face.

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