Cabinet Storage Solutions

Cabinet Storage Solutions: Discover the Possibilities of Optimal Organization with ProSource Wholesale®

On the outside, cabinets have numerous traits that define their personality — wood type, door shape, color family — but their real value is found on the inside. Cabinet storage is essential in any space they’re found, and options abound from everyday necessities to unique requirements.

The storage options which cabinets provide can fulfill the needs in any room. Certainly, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets leap to mind, but they also excel in laundry rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and even the garage. And since each room has its own specific set of storage needs, the extraordinary capabilities of today’s cabinets will not disappoint.

Infuse imagination with the spectacular storage solutions of cabinets.

Want more possibilities? Reference this Storage Selection Guide from Diamond® to prioritize your projects’ must-haves, prefer-to-haves and nice-to-haves.

This video highlights the capacity capabilities of Diamond cabinets. These concepts transcend to nearly all of the brands found at your local ProSource® showroom.

A Few of the Many Cabinet Storage Solutions…

Cutlery and Knife Storage

From daily silverware to large-sized utensils, cabinet drawers offer creative approaches to storing the essentials for dining and meal preparation. Look for knife holders, tiered drawers and angled dividers. Find what’s needed, when it’s needed.

Cutlery and knife cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Pot and pan cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Pot and Pan Storage

What’s necessary for cooking can quickly devour storage space. That’s why today’s cabinets provide easy-to-access options for pots and pans of all sizes, large and small, along with the lids that cover them.


Pullout Storage

Cans, jars, utensils, dishes, tablecloths, and even art supplies — they vary size and use, but their accessibility is equally important. Cabinet storage understands this well and presents them with a simple pull.

Pullout cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Rollout trays cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Rollout Trays

Rollout trays come in varying choices, from one tray to multiple, with different heights and depths. The possibilities can seem endless (maybe they are). It’s all within reach, and so are the items being tucked away.


Sink Features

Exposed plumbing under the sink presents a challenge, as does the sheer number of items often compiled in this area. Luckily, options abound for nearly every consideration. Sink organization is no longer a myth.

Sink features cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Spice storage cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Spice Storage

A variety of spices may be used when preparing a meal. Not being able to reach them quickly and easily is a recipe for disaster. That’s not a concern with choices of drawer organizers, pullouts and pulldowns.


Waste and Recycling

Creating trash is inevitable, but so it the desire to hide it. Whether needing one bin or multiple (separating waste from recyclables), there’s a solution that can even make trash pullouts part of an eye-pleasing design.

Waste and recycling cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Specialty features cabinet storage at ProSource Wholesale

Specialty Features

Cabinets can be as distinct as the room in which they reside, because what’s demanded of them is unique. From storing small appliances, wine bottles, coffee K-cups, or files and folders… cabinets showcase why they’re special.


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