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Fabrica Carpet

Fabrica Carpet: Uncompromising Style and Performance

Fabrica manufactures carpet and rugs for the most demanding segments of the high-end style residences. Their distinctive broadloom carpet, custom area rugs, and hand-tufted rugs have earned Fabrica an international reputation for exquisite style and exceptional performance.

In fact, Fabrica has been awarded the highest recognition for quality by the American Flooring Association.

Fabrica, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers quality carpet and rugs

Quality Craftsmanship

Thick, plush carpeting is a hallmark of a high-end home. It quiets movement, increases comfort and leaves a lasting impression. Look for carpet that is manufactured with the highest quality fibers and offers intricate designs and clarity of color, whether the style is timeless or trendy.

Fabrica has produced quality carpets and rugs since 1974. The vast selection they offer means you can find the perfect design for every room without worrying about craftsmanship.

Trends come and go, but uncompromising performance will never go out of style. Especially with carpet, quality shows. Fabrica proves its worth by delivering on the features most sought in high-end carpet. Fabrica offers quality carpet and rugs with exquisite styles and exceptional performance for every space.



Fabrica, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers innovative and stylish carpet and rugs

Innovative Style

Carpet is unmistakably warm and comfortable, and Fabrica offers the best of both. This carpeting does a beautiful job of quieting noise levels, purifying the air and controlling humidity.

Whether you’re carpeting an entryway, a living room or a master suite, you should be able to choose the colors and designs that best fit each room’s design aesthetic. If an off-white contemporary carpet with soft, sweeping curves is what the space calls for, you shouldn’t have to hesitate about its location.

Fabrica offers carpet made with STAINMASTER® fiber, so even wine and grape juice spills won’t cause a crisis. With over 40 carpet designs to choose from in hundreds of colors, Fabrica has a carpet for any room or style.

Strong and Soft
Fabrica, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers strong and soft carpet and rugs

Fabrica’s carpet options are a perfect balance of strength and comfort. Their wool carpeting balances noise, purifies the environment, is animal and earth-friendly, and provides protection wherever it’s installed.

A Storied Reputation
Fabrica, available at ProSource Wholesale, has a reputation for quality and style

Fabrica’s reputation for quality and style comes in part from the unmatched creativity of Fabrica designers, whose sense of craftsmanship and passion for color consistently produce the most innovative carpet and area rugs available.

State of the Art
Fabrica, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers state of the art research and development

Since the company’s founding in 1974, Fabrica’s state of the art research and development facilities have consistently produced innovative and diversified products, offered in impeccable color choices. The selection, timelessness and clarity of color have always been Fabrica’s primary hallmark of quality.



Fabrica fulfills the promise of their corporate mission, “quality without compromise". It's why shrewd minds gravitate to their distinctive product line, and why bold statements are made in every room with Fabrica carpet.

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