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Full Showroom Team

ProSource Wholesale® Full Showroom Team

The service you expect and deserve

Partnering with ProSource Wholesale® means you have access to a full service team of home improvement professionals.

As always, we are committed to your project’s success. We have the products you need and the professional know-how to get it done right. Visit a ProSource® location today and take advantage of the full showroom team, ensuring your home remodeling dream comes to life.

Dedicated Account Manager

The moment you contact your local ProSource showroom, you’ll be partnered with an experienced account manager to help you navigate through your project. Rely on their expertise and service, tailored to your needs. Your dedicated account manager is also your guide to a wealth of professional knowledge, from products to projects, to ensure your success.

Showroom Manager

Think of the showroom manager as the oil in a well-run machine, ensuring everything works together smoothly. The showroom manager is another knowledgeable asset, whether it be product questions or making the connection between you and the showroom staff an easy, seamless experience.

Kitchen and Bath Designer

Our kitchen and bath designer (or designers at some locations) will help transform vision into reality. With design tips and tricks, product insight, and the tools to create the blueprint for a dream kitchen or bath, our in-house designer is the perfect addition to your project.

Other Account Managers

At times, having the expertise of multiple account managers can help move a project along in the right direction. For larger scale remodels, or even small renovations, having a versatile team of account managers means you have access to industry leaders and their bank of home remodeling product knowledge.


The front line of the showroom, expeditors connect with members and clients, keeping them abreast of the goings on of their project. Often the first person you’ll speak to when calling your local showroom, expeditors do their part by sharing the status of orders, coordinating payment, and assisting account managers when needed.

Warehouse Staff

Behind the scenes of every ProSource showroom is the warehouse staff who manage and maintain the products needed for your home remodeling project. These men and women are a huge part of the ProSource team. Whether receiving orders, staging product for pick up, or stocking sundries and installation tools needed, they make sure your kitchen, bath, or flooring project is as successful as possible.

ProSource Wholesale® showrooms are independently owned and operated. Products and prices, along with the participation with or offering of benefits and services, may vary by location. Contact or visit your local showroom for details.