H2O Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Floors: At Last... Spills That Don't Last

Liquid spills happen in the home. It’s inevitable. When they do, the initial instinct is to dry it—fast—for the sake of your flooring. That leads to the inevitable statement, “Someday there will technology that protects floors from liquid, top to bottom.” Welcome to the future. Introducing the groundbreaking waterproof flooring products available at ProSource Wholesale®.

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H2O flooring products at ProSource Wholesale have waterproof technology

A Flooring Revolution

When a spill occurs, it’s scary to think of it seeping through to the floor below. No more. With the H2O waterproof floor technology, liquid stays where you can see it and deal with it.

H2O waterproof flooring products at ProSource Wholesale carry superior warranties

Backing It Up

You can sleep well at night knowing these waterproof floors backup their promise with superior warranties covering their performance and appearance. It’s protection at its finest.

H2O waterproof flooring products at ProSource Wholesale are pet-friendly

Furry Friends Rejoice

If you have four-legged inhabitants, rest easy, for they have not been forgotten. The line of H2O products available at ProSource showrooms is approved for pet-friendly households.

Product Picks To Spark Ideas

Waterproof Carpet: Tigressa with H2O Backing

Tigressa H2O Great Idea waterproof carpet

Great Idea

Product Details

Waterproof Vinyl: Resista Plus H2O

Resista Plus H2O Arbuckle waterproof luxury vinyl tile


Product Details

Resista Plus H2O Caraway - Deep Embossed waterproof luxury vinyl tile

Caraway - Deep Embossed

Product Details

Resista Plus H2O Caraway - Handscraped waterproof luxury vinyl tile

Caraway - Handscraped

Product Details

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Meet the H2O Waterproof Flooring Brands

Bedroom with Tigressa H2O Split Second waterproof carpet

Tigressa Carpet with H2O Backing

Liquid spills have met their match. Select styles of Tigressa Cherish and Tigressa Soft Style have an H2O backing, which offers breakthrough waterproof carpet technology in a completely recyclable floor that combines softness, strength, and advanced soil and stain protection. This revolutionary product has a special backing with a moisture barrier. It keeps all liquids—not just water—above the backing, preventing moisture from soaking through to the floor underneath. Even if you miss the spill, you can still clean it up completely.

  • Unprecedented protection and ease of maintenance
  • A soft and strong waterproof carpet that will withstand foot traffic—both people and pet
  • Odor reduction—it cleans and releases stains with no chemicals needed

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Living room with wood-look Resista Plus H2O waterproof luxury vinyl tile

Resista Plus H2O Luxury Vinyl Tile

Waterproof luxury vinyl tile offers the beauty homeowners seek, the performance they desire… and now, the maximum moisture protection they deserve. Made with a proprietary hi-tech core and waterproof flooring technology that locks out leaks, Resista Plus H2O LVT offers the look of high-end designer style with durability that makes it a perfect choice.

  • Perfect for high moisture rooms (think: bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms)
  • Liquid has nowhere to go—secure system locks out leaks
  • Waterproof luxury vinyl tile that's great for three-season rooms

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