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H2O Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Is There When Life Happens

The hustle and bustle of life can be grueling, even under normal circumstances. Children come running around a corner with one of them holding a sippy cup. That cup lightly brushes against the corner of a wall, releasing it from the child’s innocent clutches and sending it and its contents barreling onto the floor below.

Not prioritizing flooring that can withstand this situation means investing in intense and frequent cleaning, maintenance, and in some cases, replacement.

When life happens, waterproof flooring products – carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate - are ready and available at ProSource Wholesale®.

Shortcuts to Waterproof Products
Tigressã Carpet with H2O
Resista Plus H2O Carpet
Baroque Hardwood with H2O
Resista Plus H2O Laminate
Resista Plus H2O Luxury Vinyl
Harding Reserve H2O Luxury Vinyl
Monument Luxury Vinyl


H2O flooring at ProSource Wholesale has waterproof technology

A Flooring Revolution

When a spill occurs, waterproof flooring bucks the trend and keeps the liquid on the surface of the hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, or carpet, where it can be seen and dealt with for quick, straightforward cleaning.

H2O waterproof flooring at ProSource Wholesale carries superior warranties

Backing It Up

Waterproof flooring comes with warranties covering their appearance and performance, letting the buyer sleep easier at night knowing their purchase is safeguarded.



H2O waterproof flooring at ProSource Wholesale is pet-friendly

Furry Friends Rejoice

The line of H2O products available through ProSource showrooms is approved for pet-friendly households, letting dogs, cats, birds, and more play at ease knowing they are unaffected.

Product Picks To Spark Ideas

Carpet: Tigressã with H2O

Tigressa Cherish carpet Crossnore available at ProSource Wholesale


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Carpet: Resista Plus H2O

Hardwood: Baroque with H2O

Baroque hardwood MarineWalk - Hickory in Anchor color available at ProSource Wholesale

MarineWalk - Hickory

Product Details

Baroque hardwood MarineWalk - Hickory in Upper Deck color available at ProSource Wholesale

MarineWalk - Hickory

Product Details

Baroque hardwood MarineWalk - Oak in Jib color available at ProSource Wholesale

MarineWalk - Oak

Product Details

Baroque hardwood MarineWalk - Oak in Tack color available at ProSource Wholesale

MarineWalk - Oak

Product Details

View All Baroque Hardwood

Luxury Vinyl: Resista Plus H2O

Luxury Vinyl: Harding Reserve H2O

Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl Brices Way available at ProSource Wholesale

Brices Way

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Luxury Vinyl: Monument

Monument luxury vinyl Adolphus available at ProSource Wholesale

Adolphus - Pine

Product Details

Meet the Waterproof Flooring Brands

Tigressa carpet with H2O available at ProSource Wholesale

Tigressã® Carpet with H2O

Carpet needs care, and the best choices require less maintenance due to their quality and spill resistance. Let the select styles of Tigressã® Cherish™ and Tigressã® Soft Style™ carpet be those memorable decisions. These styles have an H2O backing, which utilizes waterproof technology in a recyclable floor. It combines softness, strength, and advanced soil and stain protection, and offers a special backing with a moisture barrier. This keeps all liquid, not just water, above the backing, preventing moisture from soaking through to the floor underneath. Even if a spill is missed, it still can be cleaned up.

  • Unprecedented protection and ease of maintenance
  • A soft, strong carpet that will withstand foot traffic — both people and pet
  • Odor reduction — it cleans and releases stains with no chemicals needed

Resista Plus H2O carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Resista® Plus H2O™ Carpet

There is a familiarity with carpet, as it has provided comfort and ease for generations; however, when it comes to spills and stains, it has struggled to handle the most difficult challenges – until now. Resista Plus H2O carpet keeps liquid spills on the surface, allowing them to be quickly addressed without the fear of any seepage. This brand is synonymous with beauty, softness, and strength, adding waterproof protection to its myriad of benefits.

  • Spill-proof technology that keeps all liquids (not just water) above the backing
  • Beautiful carpet that performs at a high level against heavy traffic
  • A kid-friendly and pet-friendly choice in flooring

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Baroque hardwood with H2O available at ProSource Wholesale

Baroque Hardwood with H2O

With a wide variety of exotic and traditional colors, styles, and species, Baroque Flooring’s MarineWalk blends the legacy of hardwood floors with waterproofing technology that allow them to stand the test of time. Protecting the boards with durability and stability is a proud commitment for Baroque Flooring. MarineWalk is able to be installed in any room, including where moisture is found – laundry rooms, mud rooms, kitchens, bathrooms – providing the warmth, beauty, texture and style of wood with elevated durability.

  • Waterproof hardwood flooring that protects the wood boards and subfloor
  • Available in several wood species
  • Combines astounding appearance with impeccable performance

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Resista Plus H2O laminate flooring available at ProSource Wholesale

Resista® Plus H2O™ Laminate

Style and durability do not have to be mutually-exclusive. Resista Plus H2O laminate provides a path to both, coated in detail and performance. Available in large-sized planks and hues found in pine, maple, and oak, this flooring provides a premiere presence in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and more, delivering style and easy maintenance.

  • A multi-layered flooring option that keeps moisture on the surface
  • Available in a variety of hues and styles
  • An excellent choice for homes with children and pets

Resista Plus H2O luxury vinyl flooring available at ProSource Wholesale

Resista® Plus H2O™ Luxury Vinyl

Made with a proprietary core and waterproofing technology, Resista Plus H2O luxury vinyl provides protection against leaks and scuffs. No longer is a choice needed between aesthetic and protection. With the easy to install luxury vinyl from Resista Plus H2O, the negative impact of moisture is a thing of the past.

  • Perfect for high moisture rooms (think: bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms)
  • Liquid has nowhere to go — secure system locks out leaks
  • Waterproof luxury vinyl plank that's great for three-season rooms

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Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl flooring available at ProSource Wholesale

Harding® Reserve H2O Luxury Vinyl

The stunning wood appearance can be brought into the kitchen or bathroom with the versatile and easy-to-install selection of Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl planks. Their appealing wood and grain textures invoke notes of patterns in nature, weathered barns, and antique oak, all the while stopping moisture from penetrating its boards. It is ideal for the presence of pets and kids, keeping the home together when life happens.

  • Visual appearances inspired by nature and every day encounters
  • Made for real life — waterproof, kid proof, pet proof
  • Constructed to provide sound absorption and non-slip safety

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Monument waterproof luxury vinyl flooring available at ProSource Wholesale

Monument™ Luxury Vinyl

With its durable solidcore construction, as well as its premium wear layer, Monument luxury vinyl planks and tile have the potential to protect the home for years to come. Its waterproofing technology stops moisture and keeps it on the surface, allowing for easy clean-up. This protects its detailed craftsmanship from the wear, swells, and cracks that can plague even the toughest household.

  • Unique textures and patterns for an authentic appearance
  • Provides sound absorption and is antimicrobial
  • Can withstand heavy traffic and thrive in rooms subject to high moisture

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