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Home Pride™ Hardwood

Home Pride Hardwood Flooring: Regionally Specific Collections For Maximum Appeal

While there’s no denying the universal appeal of natural wood for many people, most of the specific trends, such as solid or engineered, preferred species and more, vary widely across the country. Staying on trend within a given geography is important for aesthetics, performance and, if need be, resale of the home.

That’s why Home Pride offers geographically specific collections of top-quality hardwood flooring curated with the most popular features in that region. This makes it possible to create a statement floor while still keeping an eye on value.

Home Pride hardwood flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers proven regional selections

Proven Selections

While there are some trends that are nationwide, many are very specific to particular regions. Whether it’s gray tones on the West Coast, darker hues in the Midwest, warmer colors and surface textures in the Southwest, or engineered hardwood to deal with the high humidity of the Southeast, it can be tough to constantly keep up with the differences for each area. Home Pride makes it easy by simplifying the selection process.

Home Pride consists of various solid hardwood and engineered hardwood collections that are crafted to the highest standards by the industry’s top manufacturers. They also tend to include their best and newest products. Each collection is developed for a specific geography and incorporates the manufacturers’ best-selling color, feature and species combinations in that region.



Home Pride hardwood flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides unique solutions

Unique Solutions

Offering the highest quality for lasting beauty, the Home Pride collections provide excellent creative flexibility while still paying attention to potential resale value by staying within the boundaries of popular area trends. Choose from an impressive selection of solid and engineered hardwood flooring in various regionally popular combinations of species, plank widths, surface texturing and colors to satisfy virtually any project demands.

Home Pride regional collections provide the opportunity to develop unique hardwood flooring solutions for every project that make a bold style statement designed for maximum appeal.

Favorite Species
Home Pride hardwood flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, features popular wood species

These collections feature a number of popular wood species, including oak, hickory and maple in various color tones that span the spectrum from light to dark.

Defining Dimensions
Home Pride hardwood flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, come in a range of plank widths

With a range of plank widths, these collections help define a variety of looks, from traditional to contemporary, while also making a space appear more intimate or more open.

Surface Beauty
Home Pride hardwood flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers various surface textures for distinctive beauty and character

The various combinations of surface texturing, such as hand scraped, wire brushed, saw marks and distressed, give the planks in each collection wonderfully distinctive beauty and character.



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