Home Remodeling Trends

The Trendiest Trending Trends In Home Remodeling

Trends are ever-changing. Luckily ProSource Wholesale® can keep you in the know. Home remodeling products and designs help gauge what direction you may want to navigate for your projects. 

Here’s what should be on your radar for 2019 home renovation and remodeling trends.

Environmental Trends

There’s an ongoing popularity for keeping the environment at the forefront of home improvements. As conscientious trade pros and homeowners consider product decisions, a third party may weigh in… Mother Nature.

“Green” Environmentally Friendly Flooring and Overall Sustainability

Eco-friendly alternatives are all the rage and, luckily, so are products and styles that bode well with mother earth. As the environment and sustainability are brought to the forefront of home renovation and remodeling markets, homeowners and trade pros are looking for products to reflect that. From flooring that comes from reclaimed materials to recycled material countertops to water saving faucets, it’s never been easier to reduce carbon costs while still following your design blueprint.

Suggested Products*: Harding Naturals Monnery bamboo hardwood; Harding Naturals Payden cork hardwood; Silestone Eco Series recycled material countertop

Green, environmentally friendly flooring and overall sustainability, 2019 home remodeling trends, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Flooring Trends

Flooring sets the stage for room sustainability, décor, and adds a little something different to every space. While flooring is the foundation that feet depend on, what’s popular varies from year to year and trend to trend. Here’s a glimpse at 2019 favorites.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has become a remodeling favorite as the home market shifts towards more environmental options. Bamboo comes from natural vegetation that grows feverishly, making it a hot commodity. This flooring in particular is easy to maintain and makes a less overall impact on depleting resources, unlike some hardwood species which can take years to mature and produce. Bamboo can also be refinished, influencing its general durability and allowing for longtime use.

Suggested Products*: Harding Naturals Wilkes Solid Strand Woven - French Bleed Stain bamboo hardwood; Harding Naturals Haldiman - Brushed bamboo hardwood; USFloors Traditions bamboo hardwood

Bamboo flooring, a 2019 home remodeling trend, is available at ProSource Wholesale

Cork flooring, a 2019 home remodeling trend, is available at ProSource Wholesale

Cork Flooring

We’ve all heard about using cork boards to spice up an office or dorm space, but cork has quickly become a trendy and sustainable flooring option. It’s eco-friendly flooring that comes from replenishable and naturally recurring materials, making it a stylish and viable alternative. Cork, like bamboo, can be refinished, making it lasting and versatile as well.

Suggested Products*: Harding Naturals Gambol cork hardwood; Harding Naturals Nigel cork hardwood; USFloors Cork Parquet Tiles cork hardwood


Carpet Still In Living Rooms

As new flooring alternatives come to light, carpet has managed to reign supreme in living rooms. Soft surface has been overshadowed by new, unique hard surface innovations; however, the accord remains to keep carpet in the living room. Several different types of carpet come with a variety of advantages, each playing a different role depending on wants and needs in the space.

Suggested Products*: DuraWeave Highwood carpet; Fabrica Hyperian carpet; Innovia Touch Printz Best carpet; Somerset House Epiphany carpet

Carpet, a 2019 home remodeling trend in the living room, is available at ProSource Wholesale

Light or very dark floors, a 2019 home remodeling trend, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Light or Very Dark Wood Floors

Styles may change as fast as the seasons, but wood flooring transcends temporary trends to be a timeless favorite. When choosing which wood finish works best, a dispute between light and dark hardwood has long been around. Fortunately, for current trends both light and dark seem to be a popular choice. Eradicating the grey area, the consensus for interior design in 2019 appeases both tastes.

Suggested Products*: Armstrong Timberbrushed hardwood in Limed Beach Getaway color; Baroque Luxembourg Xl hardwood in Ostuni color; Armstrong American Scrape Solid hardwood in Brown Bear color; Baroque Boulder Scraped hardwood in Hazel color


Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo sounds like just a fancy word, yet its notable name is just as distinct as its look. It’s actually a type of hard surface flooring that is climbing the trending charts. Terrazzo has a unique appearance, offering up a wide range of colors and styles. What gives terrazzo its interesting look is the combination of materials, ranging from granite to marble to glass, which is then bound together physically or chemically. This stellar choice is known to call attention out in bathrooms and kitchens, but can amplify any space.

Inspiring Idea: See one of our trade pro member’s projects using terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo, a 2019 home remodeling trend, is available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Trends

Cabinetry provides personality to a room, keeps the Tupperware out of sight, and can rescue any over cluttered space. Cabinets come in varying styles and colors, while playing a big role in overall organization. From functional to statement, they are eye-capturing in any space.


Colored Cabinets

When it comes to cabinets in 2019, homeowners and their trade pros are shying away from traditional wood stains and getting crafty with color. Bold colored cabinets are in style and can transform a kitchen (or any room) by acting as an accent or falling in line with the overall design scheme. Whatever color is chosen is sure to bring life to the space where the cabinets reside.

Suggested Products*: Diamond Bailey Arch cabinet in Oasis color; Kitchen Craft Calvi cabinet in Gloss Red color; Omega Cottage cabinet in Pesto color

Colored cabinets, a 2019 home remodeling trend, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Cherry cabinets, a 2019 home remodeling trend, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Cherry Cabinets

When it comes to cabinet types, cherry has beat out the competition for 2019 trends. Cherry cabinets are typically warm in color and come in a plethora of styles. And this eye-catching choice is not confined to kitchens, as its appeal branches into bathrooms, laundry and mudrooms.

Suggested Products*: Decorá Kingston cabinet; Diamond Hanlon cabinet; Schrock Asbury cabinet


Room Trends

Each room serves a different purpose, but collectively the rooms make a house into a home. From the small details to large scale changes, each space speaks to what it can provide. Top to bottom, there’s no shortage of considerations, or ideas, for room renovations.


Bold, Patterned Backsplash

Stale backsplash is out and bold eye-catching patterns are in. Any area can be spiced up with a backsplash that speaks to your design. Patterned mosaics are sure to make a statement; with tile, the possibilities are infinite. You can create a unique design with a tile of choice or let decorative mosaics steal the show. It’s become clear that backsplashes are making a “splash.”

Suggested Products*: Avienda Tallulah Hexagon Mosaic tile; Daltile Structure 3-D Block tile; Daltile Color Wave Straight Joint Mosaic tile;  Emser Design Sketch tile

Bold, patterned backsplash, a 2019 home remodeling is are available at ProSource Wholesale

Cool grays and bold black bathrooms, a 2019 home remodeling trend, can be achieved with ProSource Wholesale

Cool Greys and Bold Black Bathrooms

Black is sure to make a statement. What was once a bright oasis is slowly transitioning to the dark side. In 2019, black is making a name for itself in bathrooms especially. It can be utilized as an accent or throughout the entire space. Cool greys are also a popular color choice. Greys can be mixed with blacks or can stand alone. Either way, the space is sure to impress.

Suggested Products*: Caesarstone Jet Black countertop; Daltile Glass Horizons Random Linear tile in Black Sand color; Decorá Marquis cabinet in Jet color



Accent Walls

Accent walls can turn a drab room into a beloved home destination. Look underfoot for a touch of inspiration, as many different flooring options can spice up a bland wall. Accent walls can be one color, a combination of colors, a mosaic of tile, or a collage of favorite decorative pieces. Whichever path is followed will lead to style.

Suggested Products*: Baroque Monterey hardwood; Daltile Saltillo Decorative Accent Pinwheel tile; Emser Gateway Mosaic tile

Accent walls, a 2019 home remodeling trend, can be achieved with ProSource Wholesale

Warmer or darker countertops, a 2019 home remodeling trend, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Warmer or Darker Countertops

Countertops are utilized in a myriad of ways throughout the home. They’re a useful tool that can be taken for granite (get it!). While countertops play a big role in the home, it’s important they mesh with the home décor. For 2019, what homeowners and trade pros are honing in on when it comes to countertop styles are warmer or darker shades. Cool greys and blacks are popular, definitely influencing the shift to warm or dark countertops styles.

Suggested Products*: Dekton Tech Collection countertop in Keon color; SenSa San Benedito countertop; Silestone Nebula Code Series countertop in Dreis color


Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a durable material used in a plethora of products (watches, computers, and television receivers), but in the home the focus is on countertops. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and is a very popular material in kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz is used for countertops mainly for its non-porous characteristics, along with its durability and stain resistance. That, coupled with tremendous looks, are key drivers for its growing status.

Suggested Products*: Caesarstone Flannel Grey countertop; Caesarstone Woodlands countertop; Silestone Basiq Series countertop

Quartz countertops, a 2019 home remodeling trend, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Rose gold plus metallic finishings and accents, a 2019 home remodeling trend, are available at ProSource Wholesale

Rose Gold Plus Metallic Finishing and Accents

These days, one doesn’t have to be royalty to live like a king or queen. Rose gold, along with metallic finishing and accents, have homeowners living lavishly, while renovations and remodels remain reasonable. An easy way to add a pop of color and luxury to an area is to utilize a favorite metallic shade. Gold may come few and far between, but trendy spaces don’t have to. Pick a gold hue and let it shine.

Suggested Products*: Amerock Natural Elegance Knob cabinet hardware in Burnished Brass color; Daltile Metallica Penny Round Mosaic tile in Stainless Steel color; Omega Dazzle cabinet in Stainless Steel color; Top Knobs Nouveau Knob cabinet hardware in Brushed Bronze color

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