2022 Home Remodeling Trends

Home Remodeling Trends for the New Year

Say hello to 2022. With so much turbulence, there’s a movement toward comfort zones and a focus on tranquility, functional spaces and new design. With an extensive product catalog and the professional expertise to blend home improvement trends with timeless looks, ProSource Wholesale® is the source to convert remodeling dreams into reality.

Below are a handful of home remodeling trends that warrant consideration in 2022.

Shortcuts to Trends:
Colors and Patterns
Practicality and Durability
The Global Home
Greater Emphasis On Outdoors
Patterned Hardwood

Colors and Patterns

Traditionally, we’ve seen home design trends shift based on the economy. When the outlook is gloomy, homeowners lean toward a conservative approach, using the staying power of gray and brown tones. But when things are looking optimistic, there’s a tendency to use brighter colors and patterns in ways that can be changed with minimal impact. Of course, like the colors themselves, pessimism and optimism can exist in varying shades of expression, especially in periods of uncertainty.


ProSource Wholesale highlights that the economic outlook influences colors and patterns as a 2022 home remodeling trend

ProSource Wholesale highlights colors taken from nature for freshness as a 2022 home remodeling trend
In the new year, there will be an emphasis on colors taken from nature for freshness, such as earth tones and warm neutrals that project a sense of calm. Plus, these colors will be complemented by some livelier accent hues that can be used make a dramatic style statement. Taking into consideration the high level of uncertainty, homeowners will seek base colors that can work with a variety of other color and pattern options to help achieve the ideal balance of mood and style to suit their needs.

Product Ideas*: Resista 3.0 Standing Wind carpet (color: Atrium) | Kemper Larsen cabinet (color: Morel) | Stanton Impulse carpet (color: Artic Grey)



Practicality and Durability

Use of the house has experienced a significant increase, resulting in a heightened importance of practicality in nearly every room. Flooring, fixtures, furniture and fabrics are being selected based on durability as much as style, ensuring items in the home can perform against the wear and tear that comes with a more casual ‘lived in’ lifestyle. Rooms which previously had minimal activity are now seeing frequent traffic, creating a reimagined approach to designing spaces in the home.

Product Ideas*: RevWood Plus Antique Craft laminate (color: Soft Chamois Oak) | Armstrong Flooring Rigid Core Vantage - Hickory Bridge LVT (color: Salty) | James Martin De Soto 36" Single Vanity (color: Bright White)


ProSource Wholesale highlights practical and durable flooring, fixtures and more as a 2022 home remodeling trend

ProSource Wholesale highlights international and exotic influences as a 2022 home remodeling trend

The Global Home

Projections suggest there will be a resurgence of travel in 2022. While most people stayed relatively local for the last 18 months, those who have started to travel abroad describe how liberating it feels. It’s probable we’ll see more exotic influences in design. As international journeys begin to rise, the visions and experiences overseas will find their way into the home in the form of colors and styles. Look for it in nature-inspired flooring, bathroom retreats, kitchen gathering, and house accessories. All that’s needed is a passport and imagination.

Product Ideas*: Passages by Tigressã Naveen carpet (color: Sunflower) | Diamond Anden cabinets (color: Oasis) | Atlas Fluted Pull cabinet hardware (color: Stainless Steel)

Greater Emphasis On Outdoors

Make a backyard, porch or even balcony a regular part of everyday life. Spending more time at home has changed the way the outside is viewed. More people are willing to invest in exterior living spaces so they can cook, entertain, relax and even work outdoors. These spaces are becoming an extension of the interior and introduce a new way to inject personality into a home. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, edible garden, poolside relaxation, three (or four) season room, folding and sliding doors and windows, or adding outdoor technology – bringing the inside outside is a must in 2022.

Product Ideas*: Emser Xtra Paver tile (color: Trav Silver) | Dixie Home Trucor Alpha LVT (Shadow Oak) | Daltile Kimona Silk Field Tile (color: Panda Black)


ProSource Wholesale highlights outdoor living spaces as a 2022 home remodeling trend

ProSource Wholesale highlights patterned hardwood as a 2022 home remodeling trend

Patterned Wood Looks

Designers have recognized that interest is growing for Old World craftsmanship with two-tone designs, patterns, or even different tones. Intermingling dark and light hues underfoot can provide a room with a fun, unique appearance. Expect to see lighter hardwood flooring, whether in one room or even just part of a room. Wood floor patterns, such as chevron or herringbone, are on the uptick and will maintain their popularity. These appearances can also be established with laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank, and wood-look tile. Patterned flooring is not just for carpet, as wood looks are making a statement with this trend.

Product Ideas*: Home Pride Halton Hickory hardwood (color: Natural Country) | Avienda Sawn Face Brexton hardwood (color: Burlap) | Harding Home Waltam hardwood (color: Mineral Oak)

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