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2024 Home Remodeling Trends

Home Remodeling Trends for the New Year

Change is inevitable, but change in the home sets the tone for what flows through it. From the deepest reaches of the kitchen to the walls that hold up the domain against the harshest of elements, the tone of a space can shift drastically if flexibility is not a top priority during the home remodel.

Flexibility is at the forefront of home remodeling trends in 2024. Considering the goals and needed functions of a given space, homeowners and trade professionals alike are looking to craft rooms in home able to fly in the face of boldness and reach for more tapered approaches to achieving both style and purpose.

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Below is a few of the home remodeling trends that are on the rise in 2024.

Shortcuts to Trends:
Blending Backsplashes
Warm Neutrals
Blues In Focus
Unique Tiling
Mixed Cabinet Hardware

Blending Backsplashes

Some think of a backsplash as the ribbon that ties the gift that is a home remodel. The finishing touch of a dedicated wall area requires an expansive level of attention paid to each tile and how it may interact with the surrounding décor.

Is it modern? Is it timeless? In 2024, no one has to decide. Home remodels can contain both, as they blend traditional staying power with the look of the day to cultivate a creatively striking display.

The appeal of natural stone can offer a sense of timelessness that can last for years to come, while a polished porcelain or sparkling metal can provide the perfect symmetry. With a versatile array of materials, blended tile backsplashes contain multitudes for creatives to explore in the home.

Product Ideas*: Daltile Diplomacy Rectangle tile (color: Light Grey Matte) ... Emser Tile Kalta Marble Polished tile (color: Kalta Bianco) ... Marazzi Scenario Square Convex tile (color: Blu Convex Matte)

Photo courtesy of: Daltile®

Blending backsplash materials is a 2024 home remodeling trend, achievable through ProSource Wholesale

Warm Neutrals

The perception that neutral color palettes are only for hospital waiting rooms fails to capture the basic human need of homeowners looking to offer a welcoming sanctuary. To be received is to feel at home, and the neutral paint colors of 2024 provide a haven of warmth in perception and practice.

From a creamy off-white to a soothing brown, and the tones in between, lies a choice that grounds spaces in a familiar, hopeful reality. Like a hug from a loved one, a neutral color scheme provides a calm backdrop for the showcased décor choices elsewhere in the room.

Product Ideas*: Engineered Floors Wood Lux luxury vinyl (color: Charles Bridge) … Kemper Cotter Square cabinets (color: Coconut) … RevWood Boardwalk Collective laminate (color: Sand Dune)

Photo courtesy of: Avienda® Legacy

Use of warm neutral tones is a 2024 home remodeling trend, achievable through ProSource Wholesale

Blues in Focus

Across the skies, ocean, and even walls of the home, blue elevates the scope of what a space could be and challenges the creatives to come up with décor choices that can keep up with its captivating tone.

Whether it is splashed across the walls of an aquatically-themed bathroom or draped like royalty along the walls of a bedroom, its prominence is undeniable. While it can offer a calming aesthetic that wipes away worries and troubles, it also can kick down the door and bring a bold energy into the décor of a room.

With its ever-changing attitude and endless possibilities, there’s no question why it’s trending into a variety of spaces.
Product Ideas*: Avienda Piperton tile (color: Clam) … James Martin Brittany vanity (color: Victory Blue) … Masland Modern Mesh carpet (color: Blue Saphire) … Stanton Regent St. carpet (color: Marine)

Photo courtesy of: Masland®

Use of blue hues is a 2024 home remodeling trend, achievable through ProSource Wholesale

Unique Tiling

Drawing the eye to a single aspect of a room’s design requires a level of intentionality that only a creative vision can express. Bringing that focus through the medium of floor tile and creating the patterns right for the overall space is a feat of home remodeling prowess.

Oversized, large-scale tiling made with quality in mind creates the stage upon which life takes place. Whether they adorn the floor or wall, molding a design scheme that creates a stunning focal point within a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or mudroom can elevate an underappreciated element of the area.

Whether inspiration calls for striking tile across a floor or a breathtaking backsplash, creativity requires an infusion of personality, and tiling provides a canvas to those possibilities.

Product Ideas*: Daltile Illuminary Oscillating tile (color: Allusion Blend Glass) … Emser Tile Parkview Rectified Polished tile (color: Brown) … Marazzi Creativo Square Deco B tile (color: Siena Greige Matte)

Photo courtesy of: Emser Tile®

Unique tiling, such as dramatic patterns or unexpected layouts, is a 2024 home remodeling trend, achievable through ProSource Wholesale

Mixed Cabinet Hardware

Maintaining a level of fearlessness with cabinet choices is a necessary component to envisioning the design of a given space, but that posture needs to remain elevated when selecting the hardware.

In 2024, boldness requires mixing cabinet hardware decisions. Leave behind the concept of choosing a single color or metal finish and embrace a blending of styles. Knobs in matte black and pulls in satin nickel can coexist.

A variety of concoctions can create a template for confidence that future generations will emulate and build upon, redefining what standard cabinetry requires from its hardware.

Product Ideas*: Atlas Sweetbriar Lane Pull cabinet hardware (color: Matte Black) … Top Knobs Chalet Knob cabinet hardware (color: Ash Gray) … Top Knobs Ascendra Appliance Pull cabinet hardware (color: Polished Nickel)

Photo courtesy of: Top Knobs

Combining different metal finishes for cabinet hardware is a 2024 home remodeling trend, achievable through ProSource Wholesale

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