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Sign Up. Create. Connect.

Just three steps can make your home remodel simpler, more organized, and just plain better through the array of benefits provided by myProSource.

myProSource is a part of our website that is designed for you. It enables you to take your home remodel online so you can craft it, track it, and share it—wherever you are. It’s a central hub that can help you manage your project with ProSource Wholesale®.



 Step 1

Sign Up

It’s easy and free.

Complete a little information on the sign up page. After you click submit, you’ll be sent an activation email. Clicking it returns you to the site to verify your information or complete any missing data.

Sign up

 Step 2

Create A Project

Get your creative juices flowing.

With a click of a button you can begin personalizing your design board. Start with inspiration. Select room images that move you, match your style, and capture your vision. Next comes products. Browse an abundance of choices and pick favorites that catch your eye. Add as many images as you like to illustrate your concept.



 Step 3

Make a Connection

You're ready to make it real.

ProSource Wholesale is the source to make it happen. Contact your local showroom for advice, estimates, and get connected with one of our trade pro members who can transform your dream room into reality.


Going from a dull “before” to an amazing “after” has never been easier.

So Much More

Share Your Ideas

Invite family and friends into your project, allowing them to watch it unfold wherever they are. After signing up for a free account themselves, they can post comments or even add room inspiration they like (if they’d like to exert a little influence to your thought process).

Read All About It

Wondering what the latest design trends are? Curious about style variations and product differences? When remodel ideas begin to surface, we have a library of articles with expert advice and project tips to aide you.

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