"Our client approached us with the challenge of a design-build, taking an old impractical master bath with a poor layout and minimal storage options, and converting it into a luxury suite you would expect a true master bath to be. The original shower location was a small stall with hardly enough room to do a 180 degree turn. Additionally, the way it was tucked into the available space made it feel like you were in a cave. The original location of the commode was out in the open....and well, that's just...EWWW. The space had a claw foot tub against the shared wall to the master bedroom, but it just felt out of place. A small pedestal sink served as the only one for an active couple. As it goes with most couples, one sink just doesn't cut it. Outside the box thinking is what really helped us reinvent this space. Eliminating the original shower and relocating the commode to where the shower was put the unpleasantries of the commode out of sight. Adding another toiletry cabinet over the commode and a linen tower helped organize this space. Additional storage and convenience were created by adding a wall-to-wall vanity cabinet that also afforded the opportunity to add another sink....a welcome relief. Re-plumbing the entire wet wall to accommodate a new shower head and a personal shower head with a slide arm, really makes this a convenient and functional shower. The ceiling was originally white, but we painted it the same as the wall color to help soften the room and give it an elegant and understated feel. All-in-all, we took a 100 plus year old bath and gave it a luxury feel while still honoring the age and character of the home."

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