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"This kitchen began as an outdated, dysfunctional, cramped space. There was an island in the middle of the room which caused more clutter and problems than can be explained. The appliances and hardware were all outdated and in need of replacement. There was a huge lack of storage so all counter space was taken up with piles of miscellaneous things. There was no seating area by the windows for the table. After the renovation, this kitchen is stunning! It is gorgeous and the color palette used is breathtaking. There is a new wood floor and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen area is now open and much more functional/spacious. The cabinetry was replaced and new countertops were put in. A backsplash was added behind the counter with little details throughout. The crown molding along the ceiling is detailed and has a cream rope stripe through it. This added so much to the space in such a simple way. There is now a bench seat under the windows for extra seating at the kitchen table. The storage space increased significantly thanks to the cabinetry layout, the bench seat, an extra set of shelves behind the cabinets and an added cabinet set at the end of the kitchen where the hand rail was initially. Overall, this kitchen turned out amazing and the homeowners are very happy!"

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