This was a complete rehab of a 1978 high rise condo, transitioned from the 70's traditional look to a 2014 contemporary décor. The one bedroom, one bathroom condo had not been touched, other than a simple re-paint, in 38 years. We completely gutted the space down to the concrete board. All the cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and appliances were replaced with stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry, and pendant lighting. We removed the popcorn texture ceilings and carpet flooring, and replaced them with smooth ceilings and bamboo flooring. Plus we implemented primary colors to show a contrast to the white cabinetry and neutral wall furniture. The bedroom was changed from a room cluttered with too much furniture, and still no place to put everything, to a sanctuary where everything has its place. The built-in drawer cabinet made that possible. The king sized bed is gone and, in its place, a queen mattress with a lovely carved headboard finished with a pewter stain. Yellow becomes the accent color in accessories, creating a cheerful room to wake up in. With only one small drawer in the original bathroom, moving the sink to the right gave more useable counter space and allowed the addition of a drawer stack. The two bottom drawer fronts are actually the face for one extra deep drawer to hold tall bottles.

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