2021 Kitchen and Bath Trends

2021 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends: Soothing Sanctuaries

This year’s kitchen and bath trends take their cue from art and nature. A harmonious balance of warm and cool, and luxury and well-being, 2021 is about incorporating contemporary elements with creature comforts and design features that inspire calm, serenity, and peace of mind.

That’s not to say there isn’t an opportunity for self-expression. Pops of personality and vibrancy are blooming through calming neutrals and palettes to achieve balance and harmony. Get ready to be inspired by our favorite kitchen and bath trends for this year.

Shortcuts to Trends:
Kitchen: Dramatic Backsplashes
Kitchen: Wood-Look Flooring
Kitchen: Connected Cuisine
Kitchen: Mixed Metals
Kitchen: Stylish Storage
Kitchen: Two-Toned Cabinets
Bathroom: Modern Marble
Bathroom: Abstract Tile
Bathroom: Floating Vanities
Bathroom: Wet Rooms
Bathroom: Japandi Design

2021 Kitchen Remodeling Trends: Kitchen As Command Central

Even if you didn’t bake your way into 2021, there’s no denying everyone made use of the kitchen in one way or another. Today’s kitchens must have enough room for the entire family and fulfill multiple tasks at once, sometimes at the same time. Balancing form and function with an emphasis on convenience, customization, and style is a top priority in 2021.

Dramatic Backsplashes

Classic and timeless neutral color palettes continue to dominate in the kitchen, but pops of color and pattern are cropping up to create a bold visual element. Show off some personality with subway tiles in earthy and moody hues, counter-to-ceiling stone-slab walls, or bright geometric shapes.

Suggested Products*: Daltile | Marble Field Tile Polished; Daltile | Ocean Jewels Accent Hexagon; Emser Tile | Express Glare Gloss; Emser Tile | Rhythem Hex Pattern Matte/Satin

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: dramatic kitchen backsplash

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: wood-look flooring

Wood-Look Flooring

Get the look and feel of authentic hardwood flooring in the kitchen without the maintenance. Achieve a high-end aesthetic with luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile, from farmhouse-inspired bleached to luxe warm hues, that are waterproof, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant.

Suggested Products*: Harding Home LVP | Hammong Plank; Monument EVP | Dallington; Resista Plus H2O EVP | Avone


Connected Cuisine

The future is now, and it’s full of high design happening in the kitchen. And while tech-forward features like touchless faucets, voice-activated appliances, and integrated touch screens can’t cook and do the dishes (yet!), they make working in the kitchen easier, healthier, and fun.


2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: connected cuisine technology in the kitchen

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: mixed metals in the kitchen

Mixed Metals

The days of metal monogamy are over. Metal mixing is chic, modern, and ideal for those who can’t just pick one. For the most cohesive look, select one metal for each kitchen category—hardware, faucet, lighting, and appliances.

Suggested Products*: Atlas cabinet hardware | Kate Knob A200-WB; Top Knobs cabinet hardware | Appliance Pull TK67PC


Stylish Storage

More home-cooked meals mean more food and cookware that need putting away to keep clutter at bay. Larders are coming back as well as more creative storage solutions including larger structural spaces like walk-in pantries and butler’s pantries. And while open shelving is still popular and on-trend, expect to see a shift to closed cabinetry that extends to the ceiling for closed-door storage.

Suggested Products*: Decorá cabinets | Modesto 5-Piece; Homecrest cabinets | Dover; Kitchen Craft cabinets | Soho

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: stylish kitchen storage

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: two-toned kitchen cabinets

Two-Toned Cabinets

Contrast cabinets add a touch of the unexpected and let you play with color without the commitment of going all in. A light neutral on top with a brighter hue on the bottom, color blocking with a wall of cabinets in an accent color, or a bright center island are just a few ways to incorporate this striking trend..

Suggested Products*: Diamond cabinets | Anden 5-Piece; Kemper cabinets | Cotter; Omega cabinets | Puritan

2021 Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Swoon-Worthy Bath Spa-Cations

Baths are becoming quiet retreats for indulging in relaxing rituals and much-deserved zen. Enjoy vacation vibes by creating the ultimate resort experience at home that soothes and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Modern Marble

While marble in the bathroom isn’t exactly novel, large-scale applications are cropping up that are luxurious and full of high drama. Walls of beautifully veined stone that traverse from floor to ceiling, full-marble vanities and showers, and contrasting marble tile floors serve as a take away from the day’s stress to a favorite getaway (at home).

Suggested Products*: Daltile | Marble Field Tile Polished; Emser Tile | Marble - M06S0N; James Martin vanities | De Soto 48" Single Vanity, Bright White With 3 Cm Carrara Marble Top


2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: modern marble in the kitchen

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: abstract bathroom tile

Abstract Tile

Curate a work of art underfoot with large- or small-scale tile. If the balance of the bathroom space is reserved for calming neutrals, flooring is an opportunity to experiment with color and personality. Think geometric shapes, a detailed motif, and color blocking to make a stylish statement.

Suggested Products*: Daltile | Octagon & Dot Field Tile; Daltile | Stone A' La Mod Mosaic Block Random Blend; Emser Tile | Design Single Design; Emser Tile | Rhapsody

Floating Vanities

This popular feature in commercial and hospitality design has made its way to homes, and it’s easy to see why. Floating vanities and cabinets create a seamless and upscale look to any bath, and are made in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional. Their wall-mounted installation also opens up a room and creates the illusion of more space.

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: floating bathroom vanities

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: bathroom wet rooms

Wet Rooms

Nothing says day-spa like a luxurious wet room. A walk-in shower with floor-to-ceiling tile is blissfully indulgent and a contemporary aging in place feature that helps prevent slips and falls. Complete the relaxation station experience with a waterfall shower head and stylish glass screen to catch water spray.

Suggested Products*: Daltile | Continental Slate Floor Field Tile; Emser Tile | Slate Calibrated

Japandi Design

Purposeful comfort is at the forefront of the Japandi aesthetic, which combines Scandinavian utility with Japanese cozy minimalism (Japan + Scandi). It’s a mindset that emphasizes the investment in high-quality but fewer natural materials in soothing and subdued palettes. Think combinations of soft curves and clean lines—soaking tubs with simple silhouettes, handle-free cabinets for a streamlined look, textural elements, creamy whites, and warm woods.

Suggested Products*: Daltile | Fabrique Linear Options; Emser Tile | Pacific Rim Engineered Stone Mixed Sizes; Resista Plus H2O hardwood | Beech Mountain; Schrock cabinets | Prestley

2021 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: Japandi design in the bathroom

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