2022 Kitchen and Bath Trends

2022 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends: Smart Choices

From smart devices in the kitchen to smart showers and intelligent toilets in the bathroom, the kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends for 2022 show that technology, automation, and efficiency will be at the core of many of the biggest home décor trends this year.

As the pandemic rolls on, homeowners continue to search for ways to add functionality and durability to their homes. Get inspired by some of our favorite kitchen and bath trends for this year.

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Kitchen: Smart Devices and Appliances
Kitchen: Touchless Faucets
Kitchen: Rise Of Luxury Vinyl Continues
Kitchen: Hardwood and Tile Are Sought
Kitchen: Island Expansion
Kitchen: Two-Tone Design
Kitchen: Unique Tiles
Bathroom: Smart Showers
Bathroom: Intelligent Toilets
Bathroom: Spa-Like Features
Bathroom: Patterned Tile

2022 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Today’s kitchens must have enough room for the entire family and fulfill multiple tasks at once, sometimes at the same time. Balancing form and function with an emphasis on convenience, customization, and style is a top priority in 2022.

Smart Devices and Appliances

Smart devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are capable of reading recipes, answering cooking questions, and much more. Keeping a smart device in the kitchen has become an increasingly common way for homeowners to make the hours spent there more efficient.

Another kitchen trend that stands out for 2022 is the use of smart refrigerators with a powerful ethylene gas filter. These ensure vegetables stay fresh for longer periods, saving busy homeowners time and money. Also, the latest top-rated dishwashers come with smart features capable of drying dishes before the wash cycle ends.

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2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: smart devices and appliances

2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: touchless faucets

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets (activated by a motion sensor) are more convenient and sanitary than traditional faucets. They have been gaining popularity and will likely become a nearly standard feature this year. For those looking for the hottest in-home technology, voice-activated faucets which pair with a digital voice assistant are a must-have kitchen upgrade.

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The Rise Of Luxury Vinyl Continues Due To Its Value…

Houzz recently published their findings from a survey of 2,380 U.S. homeowners about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects. The popularity of luxury vinyl floors continued: 23% of homeowners chose vinyl for their renovations in 2021, up from 14% in 2020. This trend is likely to continue this year.

These floors are affordable, water-resistant, and the softer feel underfoot makes it an attractive alternative for remodelers who want to prioritize comfort and durability.

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2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: rise of luxury vinyl continues

2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: hardwood and tile are sought

…While Hardwood and Tile Are Sought Because They Add Value

With kitchen flooring, the same Houzz survey found hardwood remains the top choice. In fact, 25% of homeowners chose stained or unstained hardwood for their renovations. When it comes to adding value, wood flooring has a return on investment of 70% to 80%, according to Realtor.com, and it can boost a home’s sale price by as much as 2.5%.

On the tile front, porcelain is gaining more momentum. Its array of colors, sizes, and shapes provide exceptional options. Plus, it has numerous wood-inspired choices to achieve that desired appearance.

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Island Expansion

Kitchen islands are typically multipurpose, serving as prep spaces, eating counters, and breakfast bars. In fact, the island has often become the main dining area, leading to the addition of banquet seating or lowering one portion to table height.

For those working from home, the island can serve as a makeshift desk or conference table. Double islands were a big part of kitchen designs last year and designers predict we’ll see more of them in 2022.

Kitchen islands are getting longer too. According to a recent study conducted by Houzz, nearly two out of every five kitchen islands were more than seven feet in length. People are using the extra space to work from home: 20% of respondents reported working at their kitchen island.

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2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: kitchen island expansion

2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: two-tone design

Two-Tone Design

This year will see a marked trend in monochrome and two-tone kitchens. There are multiple options for incorporating this: cabinetry, cabinet hardware, countertops, faucets, sinks, tile, kitchen-friendly wallpaper, or even appliances. The secret is to not go over-the-top with this look.

Featuring a black statement piece within a prominently white design is an effective way to make a kitchen pop. Also, earth-toned cabinet finishes are still being mixed with either dark paints or a high gloss modern hue to create a contemporary, relaxed feel.

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Unique Tiles

Expect interesting backsplashes with texture and dimension to emerge more in 2022. As the pandemic continues, homeowners seek unique tiles and patterns which allow them to showcase personal expression and provide variation from the mundane.

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2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: unique tiles

2022 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Baths are becoming quiet retreats for indulging in relaxing rituals and much-deserved zen. In 2022, vacation vibes can be enjoyed by creating the ultimate resort experience at home that soothes and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Smart Showers

Smart showers put a dream shower right at your fingertips. Industry-leading brands offer them with a wide selection of presets for different members of the household based on temperature and duration. For many styles, everything can be easily controlled from a smartphone for the ultimate convenience.

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2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: smart showers

2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: intelligent toilets

Intelligent Toilets

Create a smarter bathroom solution with intelligent toilets. Smart, hands-free opening, closing, and flushing saves water and is more sanitary than traditional toilets. Beyond luxury, they can give dignity to those who rely on others to care for them, such as the elderly or those with a disability. A pre-installed self-cleaning wand with UV light also means homeowners will spend less time cleaning. With a heated seat and adjustable warm-water sprays for added comfort, intelligent toilets are the ideal bathroom upgrade for 2022.

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Spa-Like Features

Last year saw a significant rise in the selection of luxury features in bathrooms and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. Examples include luxury finishes such as shower heads that emulate rain, showers embraced by detailed tile, European-style shower doors with thicker glass and minimal framing, stylish hardware, and beautiful, low-maintenance countertops. For high-tech enthusiasts, sensory items can be added to play music or add aromatherapy.

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2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: spa-like features

2022 kitchen and bath trends from ProSource Wholesale: patterned tile

Patterned Tile

While it is commonly used for backsplashes and shower walls, creative patterned tile flooring can inject a sense of luxury into the bathroom. It’s extremely versatile and adds intricate designs to any size space. And because tile can be patterned or used to create a pattern, homeowners can achieve nearly any contemplated look to match their personal style.

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