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2024 Kitchen and Bath Trends

2024 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

A home is a haven for warmth and comfort, fostering a deep and interpersonal connection with those who find kinship within its walls. Year by year, it changes, either drastically or subtly, but with every evolution, there comes a moment of showcasing. Standing tall with pride, this change can spark a fire that lights a trend until it takes an area of the remodeling industry by storm. All it takes is the effort and know-how involved for making one change. That’s where it all begins.

The kitchen and bathroom trends in 2024 reflect that fire, and the concept of warmth has engulfed these two rooms alike, paving the way for personal creativity. Crafting that level of style requires an eye for the room elements and how to transform them into the most fashionable versions of themselves. These ideas are reshaping the thought process of what warming a room could entail.

Shortcuts to Trends:
Kitchen: Asymmetry Is Ascending
Kitchen: Warming Up to Wood
Kitchen: Warm Earth Tones Heat Up
Kitchen: Concocting a Beverage Center
Kitchen: Stone Backsplashes Soar
Kitchen: Hardware Going for Gold
Bathroom: Shades of Green Sprout
Bathroom: Embrace Warm Wood Vanities
Bathroom: Marvelous Marble and Spectacular Stone
Bathroom: Promoting Floor Tile Patterns
Bathroom: Backlit Mirrors Are a Bright Idea
Bathroom: How Wallpaper Got Its Groove Back

2024 Kitchen Trends

Kitchen trends this year emphasize a sense of comfort, balancing individual creativity with a natural call to everything that the room can provide. Breaking away from the conventionality of symmetry and bringing warmth back into the fold requires putting a little bit more care into aspects of the kitchen that may be taken for granted. These aesthetic details, such as backsplashes or cabinet hardware, are rising to the frontlines of what it means to be on trend.

Asymmetry Is Ascending

Modern kitchen designs typically have balance in mind, but this year the trend leans toward a space that’s off-center just a tad. Examples include a shelf on only one side of an island or mixing vertical cabinets and horizontal drawers next to each other. The striking use of kitchen cabinet color, tile patterns, or a layout that carefully utilizes negative space, puts homeowners ahead of the curve, fostering a fashionable luxury kitchen design.

Product Ideas*: Daltile Quartetto Square Figura tile (color: Cool Figura Matte) … DH Floors Trucor luxury vinyl tile (color: Carrara Camel) … Kemper Amstead cabinets (color: Maritime) … Top Knobs Dover Latch Pull cabinet hardware (color: Dark Antique Brass)

Photo courtesy of: Stanton®

Asymmetrical design in a white kitchen

Kitchen with wood flooring and cabinets

Warming Up to Wood

Whether from the appearance of wooden kitchen cabinets, within accent pieces like wood beams, or underfoot from skillfully-crafted engineered wood floors, the prominence of wood in the kitchen is stronger than ever. Meshing warmth and texture, wood is expected to be the second most popular color for this space, edging out white. Design concepts from contemporary to mid-century to Scandinavian can embrace wood’s timelessness and craftsmanship.

Product Ideas*: Avienda Adelle tile (color: Coffee) … Avienda Legacy Pembury hardwood (color: Brown Bear) … Diamond Bluffton Oak cabinets (color: Buckskin) … Harding Bargallo hardwood (color: Classic Oak)

Photo courtesy of: Trucor®


Warm Earth Tones Heat Up

Stark white kitchens are on the decline while the earth tone color palette blazes a trail in elements such as cabinets, luxury vinyl, laminate, and tile. The spectrum of possibilities with neutral color allows for striking pieces within the kitchen to take center-stage. With curves and fluting to soften the feel of the space, the spectrum can range from the smoothness of cream to the richness of dark forest green.

Product Ideas*: Diamond Gradon cabinets (color: Sahara) … Emser Passion tile (color: Crema) … Engineered Floors Wood Lux luxury vinyl plank (color: Cambridge) … Resista Plus H2O Janes laminate (color: Blond)

Photo courtesy of: Diamond®


Kitchen with earth toned cabinets and flooring

Modern style beverage center

Concocting a Beverage Center

After a long, arduous day, having a beverage center to create the premiere cocktail can promote the relaxation and comfort that kitchens are achieving. This dedicated space blends together the use of cabinets, cabinet hardware, faucets, and backsplash tile. Appliances like an espresso maker, ice machine, and under counter fridge are gaining popularity. Homeowners are quenching their thirst for this focal point.

Product Ideas*: Schrock Rivali cabinets (color: Foxhall Green) … Marazzi Savoir Mixed MM tile (color: Café Polished) … Top Knobs Minetta Pull cabinet hardware (color: Honey Bronze)

Photo courtesy of: Daltile®

Stone Backsplashes Soar

With natural patterns and durability in mind, a stone backsplash can elevate the earth tones of a kitchen. This can be further demonstrated when extending a stone countertop up the wall for a sleek appearance. When considering kitchen backsplash tile, the jagged, veining curvature of a stone surface cultivates the intentionality and commitment to modernism within the culinary space.

Product Ideas*: Daltile Limestone Baroque tile (color: Chenille White Polished) … Emser Trav Ancient Tumbled tile (color: Silver) … Marazzi Castellina Stone Mosaics Elongated Hexagon tile (color: White and Midnight Gray Polished)

Photo courtesy of: Emser Tile®

Natural stone kitchen backsplash


Green kitchen cabinets with gold pulls and knobs hardware

Hardware Going for Gold

Kitchens are emerging from the dark side, where black cabinet hardware once ruled, to usher in a brighter appeal. The gleam of gold in all finishes – matte, satin, brushed – is taking the center podium. Whether the modern cabinet hardware is one type or a mix of pulls and knobs, use of gold enables a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at the space.

Product Ideas*: Atlas Campaign Bar Pull cabinet hardware (color: Polished Brass) … Atlas Kate Pull cabinet hardware (color: Warm Brass) … Top Knobs Ascendra Pull cabinet hardware (color: Honey Bronze) … Top Knobs Somerset II Knob cabinet hardware (color: Polished Brass)

Photo courtesy of: Top Knobs

2024 Bathroom Trends

Over time, the way a room is seen changes, and bathrooms are no exception. The artistry required for transforming it into an oasis of relaxation takes center stage with this year’s trends, presenting a united front of sophistication. The elements pop in the landscape from the floor to the walls, providing a natural aesthetic for the fashion-forward outlook of the space. Whether the changes are minor or major, bathrooms are poised to make old spaces new.

Shades of Green Sprout

Beyond the plants and saplings, green bathrooms are delivering the upgraded aesthetic that homeowners seek. Whether they display sleek green bathroom tile along the floors or utilize the trendy earth tones like dark forest green walls, bathrooms are demonstrating they welcome green bathroom ideas for a cozy, calm ambience.

Product Ideas*: Avienda Piperton tile (color: Peacock) … Daltile Keystones Straight Joint tile (color: Oak Moss Abrasive) … Emser Inhale tile (color: Verde) … Marazzi Costa Clara Rectangle Undulated tile (color: Caribbean Teal Glossy)

Photo courtesy of: Emser Tile®

Green wall tile in a bathroom

Light toned wood floating bathroom vanity

Embrace Warm Wood Vanities

With warm wood tones being embraced in the kitchen, it is no surprise they would extend to the bathroom. Accepting a movement to warmer, neutral hues like beige, brown, and cream, the look of a natural wood bathroom vanity provides a comfort to those looking to achieve an appeal that can last generations. From coastal designs to traditional, a wood vanity really can do it all.

Product Ideas*: James Martin Bristol vanity (color: Vanilla) … James Martin Brookfield vanity (color: Country Oak) … James Martin Hudson vanity (color: Light Oak)

Photo courtesy of: James Martin Vanities

Marvelous Marble and Spectacular Stone

The veiny textures of natural stone tile, especially the boldness of marble stone, can offer a visual sense of empowerment to a bathroom. The focused approach of these surfaces help satisfy the bellowing call for change in the awakening oasis. Vanity countertops, bathroom floors, or shower walls that harbor natural stone can provide a similar sense of luxury, while those looking primarily at marble can expect a more elevated experience.

Product Ideas*: Daltile Marble Square tile (color: Emperador Dark Polished) … Emser Marble Honed tile (color: Calacata Oro) … Marazzi Castellina Stone Mosaics Elongated Hexagon tile (color: Gray and Fawn Honed)

Photo courtesy of: Emser Tile® 

Black and white marble floor tile in master bathroom

Hexagon patterned floor tile in a bathroom

Promoting Floor Tile Patterns

Abandoning plain, solid color tile has gained momentum, replaced by patterned floor tiles. A key location is shower bases, which emphasize pretty arrangements (or aesthetically pleasing for the masculine audience) and tile floor patterns. Another option that’s on the rise is bypassing large format tile or small mosaics for floor tile patterns in the form of chevron, herringbone, or geometric shapes like hexagon.

Product Ideas*: Avienda Crestgate tile (color: Ice) .. Daltile Pebble Oasis Art Deco Pebble tile (color: Icicle Honed) … Emser Parkview Rectified Polished tile (color: Brown) … Marazzi Vero Chevron tile (color: Natural Matte)

Photo courtesy of: Daltile®

Backlit Mirrors Are a Bright Idea

Illuminate the bathroom with a backlit mirror and watch the space emerge from the darkness of the past. With functionality and ambiance in mind, backlit mirrors for bathrooms bring technology to the forefront. With connectivity and brightness features to choose from to fit specific needs, LED backlit mirrors are enlightening the present and the future.

Product Ideas*: Fleurco Halo Round mirror … Fleurco Soliis mirror … Fleurco Luna Halo Lighted medicine cabinet

Photo courtesy of: Fleurco 


Backlit LED mirror in bathroom with two white vanities

Dark, floral wallpaper in a powder room

How Wallpaper Got Its Groove Back

Back with a creative vengeance, bathroom wallpaper is utilizing technological advances to deliver stunning concepts. An abundance of options allow personality to be displayed through classic prints, exotic fabrics, mural-like paper, scenic florals, and more. Endless possibilities exist when choosing wallpaper for bathrooms, especially considering what can be designed with a little imagination.

Photo courtesy of: ARB Homes and Designs, member at ProSource® of Austin


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