Member Profit Potential

Easily Access Referral Bonuses Online

As a ProSource member, you can earn referral cash bonuses and track them

Eliminate retail mark ups, earn referral fees on every client order, and put more profit dollars in your pocket.  You purchase and re-sell. Wholesale price is the price your client actually pays, including a 10% referral paid to you. This client-friendly system takes all the guesswork out of our pricing structure - and visually confirms your wholesale advantage. And you still make 10% profit on every product your client purchases.

Better yet, you can track monthly and calendar year-to-date earnings. Simply create your free account and start tracking your referral bonus today.  



Get Unassisted Client Service

ProSource Wholesale offers you the option of sending your clients in to your local showroom, even when you can’t make it. Your dedicated account manager will handle selection and selling for you, confirm your pricing guidelines and when you client’s purchase you will receive a referral cash bonus.

It’s just another option available to you when you get busy. Let ProSource partner with you to win bids and increase your profits.