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Member Profit Potential

Profit Opportunities For Our Trade Pro Members

The private showrooms of ProSource Wholesale® only sell through our trade professional members. To help you be more successful, we offer potential several profit opportunities*.

Client-Friendly Pricing System

ProSource offers low wholesale prices, meaning you won’t pay retail markups. Our pricing system makes it easy for our members and their clients to see exactly what you’ll pay.

Products are tagged with two prices: list and wholesale. The list price is the suggested retail price that may be found at a competitor. The wholesale price is what your clients pay. As a member, you’ll pay 10% below the wholesale price. This client-friendly system takes the guesswork out of our pricing structure and visually confirms your wholesale advantage.

Two Ways To Purchase

With ProSource Wholesale, you have two routes for product purchases for your projects.

You can buy direct from the showroom at your member price. As noted above, this is 10% below the listed wholesale price. When you do so, you can then establish your own pricing and profit margin to your client.

If you prefer, we offer the option of sending your clients into the showroom, even if you can’t be there. Your dedicated account manager will handle the product selection and selling on your behalf, while confirming your pricing guidelines. Upon completion of the purchase, you’ll receive a referral bonus.

Earn Referral Bonuses From Client Purchases

As a ProSource member, you can earn referral bonuses on client purchases. When you opt to have your clients pay for the products, you’ll earn up to 10% of the purchase price. This referral is then paid directly to you.

Access Referral Bonuses Online

The referral bonuses you earn at ProSource can be viewed through our digital tools — our exclusive trade pro app and our website. With your free online account, you can login to either (or both) where the dashboard will show your referrals earned for the current calendar year. There’s no need to contact the showroom, as the information is available wherever, whenever.

New Member Referral Program

Do you know another trade pro who could benefit from a ProSource membership? When you refer a colleague, you’ll both get valuable rewards. All you have to do is provide their contact information to your dedicated account manager who will guide them through the membership application process.

When your referred member makes their first purchase of $1,000 or more, you’ll receive $100 cash while they’ll receive $100 off their first purchase. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Establish your own pricing and profit margin. Earn referral bonuses on client purchases. Be rewarded for referring new trade pro members. They’re all perks of your partnership with ProSource.

* ProSource Wholesale® showrooms are independently owned and operated. Products and prices, along with the participation with or offering of benefits and services, may vary by location. Contact or visit your local showroom for details.