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What’s the most valuable benefit of being a ProSource Wholesale member?

ProSource is part of my team and success

“I really feel that ProSource Wholesale is a very large part of my success. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without them. They’re part of my team, and my number-one supplier. They treat my customers like gold. How can you ask for anything more than that?” - Tom S., Installer Member

These days, the internet is key to the consumer’s shopping experience 

"The ProSource Wholesale website is invaluable to both designers and our clients. When I have ideas to share with my clients, I can reference the projects I’ve completed with ProSource products. They can better visualize how selections will work in their own space.

For designers like me, the site offers inspiration to use as we plan the projects we want to share with our clients – and then we can share them right through the website. I’d like to think that potential clients will visit the ProSource site, see the work I’ve done, and come to me to complete their own home or office projects." - Molly J., Designer Member

One-stop-shop and source any product for clients

“If I walk into ProSource Wholesale, I get to see every brand line in one location, instead of having my customers go into lots of stores. That’s huge. ProSource cares about how I do business, and they work around that. For example, if my customers go into another supply store and find something they want, ProSource will find it for me. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it. Nobody else does that.” - Jim W., Remodeler Member

My job requires a lot of coordinating and communication, myProSouce helps me organize these efforts

“As a general contractor I have to coordinate everything.  It is my responsibility that the project moves as smoothly as possible.  That means that I have to coordinate everything.  Coordinate communication with the homeowner, coordinate communication with my subcontractors, as well as the crews I may have working on my project. Through myProSource, I have the ability to organize these efforts and communications in one easy to access location.  In fact, I gained access to this very kitchen design we’re standing in through a ProSource Kitchen & Bath Designer and I was able to keep track of the statuses of those orders through my online project center.  Simply put, it makes my job easier.” - Gene D., General Contractor Member

Terrific staff that take care of my clients…roll out the red carpet

“I am very fortunate to work with ProSource. They have a terrific staff. I can send my clients during the day and know that my account manager, or anyone there, will take the time to make my clients comfortable and to help them make sound decisions. They treat my customers like I would. That’s huge, because I’m a service-oriented company. I am confident that they will take care of my customers and roll out the red carpet for them." - Tom S., Installer Member

It’s collaboration between my account manager and I

“Cheryl, my account manager, understands me. I don’t waste time there. When I choose materials for a spec house, it’s a collaboration between Cheryl and I.  I’m in and out in an hour and a half.” - Eric M., Builder Member

My account manager takes care of my customers

“These guys really help. We have an account manager, Linda, who knows our business. She takes care of my customers, expedites orders, and lets me know when things will be shipped and when they will arrive. That’s really key to have someone who actually cares about when things will get there and who lets me know. That’s the kind of stuff that you don’t get from the average hardware or flooring company.” - Jim W., Remodeler Member

Convenient 24-hour showroom access

“ProSource gives me the ability to actually have my own showroom. I have a pro member key, so I can bring my clients to select materials at hours that are convenient for them.” - Tom S., Installer Member

My account manager gives my clients good direction on products

“If it’s a custom job, my homeowners come in and meet with Cheryl my account manager. The showroom looks very professional, and they have all the samples. Cheryl knows what I typically recommend to my clients, so it’s an extra hand to help them in a good direction.” - Eric M., Builder Member

I can refer a customer to ProSource and they will take care of them

“Their showroom gives my customers access to a variety of different brands. ProSource Wholesale is located in three areas in Minneapolis, as well as in other states, so they’re also easier for customers to get to. For example, if I’m working for customers who have a home in Florida, I can send them to a ProSource showroom there. I don’t even have to be with them. I can refer a customer to ProSource, and they will take care of them.” - Lauri M., Designer Member

Products are first-run quality material

“Where do I start? I’ve been with ProSource Wholesale for about 10 years now. They have a marvelous showroom with virtually every type of flooring imaginable, at costs ranging from top to bottom. All of their products are first-run quality and material. There are no seconds at ProSource. I don’t know of another showroom in town that offers as much.” - Tom S., Installer Member