2021 Outdoor Trends

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Time spent in the home continues to be at an all-time high. This has led to a boost in remodeling projects. Now attention is being directed outside as homeowners step into the light and warm up to design possibilities on the other side of the door. That’s right – when it comes to what’s popular with projects, the outside is in.

As the weather warms, we’ve highlighted some of the hottest outdoor trends for 2021. These wondrous concepts enhance the moments spent surrounded by Mother Nature. See how style, fun, functionality and tranquility can coexist. Choose your favorite (or favorites) and get inspired.

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Outdoor Kitchen
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Privacy Please
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Warm Colors

Enhance the Outside with These 2021 Trends

An outdoor kitchen is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Outdoor Kitchen

A grill being wheeled onto the deck is old school. Today’s outdoor kitchens are designed to prepare an entire meal and to accommodate dining in the same space. Features being sought include a custom-designed grill or cooktop, refrigerator, sink, faucet, counter space and ample storage. Some designs are incorporating a pizza oven.

Kitchens are command central inside the home. Outdoor kitchens have become a secondary hub for meal preparation, leisure and entertainment.

Pictured: Velocity and Pacific Rim from Emser Tile™


An outdoor home office is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Outdoor Home Office

The home and office have effectively merged. As the need grows for a relaxed work environment, outdoor home office space has risen in demand. Whether on the porch out front or the backyard patio, focus is not lost on the task at hand. Staying connected is made possible with expanded wi-fi and accessible electrical outlets.

Creating this pleasant niche makes conducting business just outside the door less stressful. Yet even in serene surroundings, productivity can remain high.

An outdoor shower is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Outdoor Shower

It’s true, outdoor showers are surfacing frequently on project wish lists. As travel has been minimized (or halted), this amenity typically found at a resort is being brought to the home. Outdoor showers embrace natural surroundings, providing a spa-like wash while inhaling the fragrance of nearby plants.

Whether the day is beginning or coming to an end, an outdoor shower is a natural choice for enjoying the splendor of nature.

An edible garden with a relaxation station is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Edible Garden with Relaxation Station

Driven by the pandemic, edible gardens have gained momentum. Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs in the backyard can be fun and rewarding, and an escape from life’s worries. These bountiful gardens emphasize the sustainable trend which is overtaking outdoor décor.

They can also serve as sanctuaries. Add a hammock or cot to enable a peaceful, relaxation station. Consider a detailed, patterned walkway through an edible garden. The emerging trend is to incorporate geometric shapes to add a visually interesting accent or to create a retro look.

Pictured: Ambassador from Daltile®


Outdoor privacy created by planter walls is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Privacy Please

The outdoors has evolved into a multi-functional area – dining, entertaining, working, playing, relaxing, and more. For each of these, there’s a growing preference to have a sense of privacy. Ways to accomplish this range from tiled walls to covered patios to landscaping, just to name a few.

One creative concept that remains popular is a planter wall. It gives additional real estate for blooms and is a great option for a sustainable family garden. The added flora creates the best kind of natural scenery and, along with it, the privacy being sought.

Pictured: Cinderblock from Emser Tile™


Natural materials is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Natural Materials

Wood and stone have become the choice for outdoor building materials. The world continues to evolve and more emphasis is being placed on sustainable materials. As a result, homeowners are opting to replace metal and engineered building materials with the more natural look of wood and stone.

This also holds true for outdoor furniture, where wood is replacing traditional iron and metal options, and fabric choices like cotton are replacing weather-proof, treated material.

Pictured: Hanley Wood from Daltile®


Warm colors is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Warm Colors

The once popular cool tones (think: gray or icy blue) have given way to more inviting hues. This includes earthy variations like brown, taupe, golden yellow, dusty red, and olive green. Warmer tones have taken grasp of outdoor spaces and emerged as welcomed replacements. 

These trending colors allow a space on the home’s outside to provide a balance between soothing and appealing. That’s something everyone can warm up to.

Pictured: Travertine Chiseled and Slate Stacked Stone from Emser Tile™