2022 Outdoor Trends

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After being confined (mostly) indoors the past couple of years, homeowners have turned their attention to maximizing outdoor spaces and curb appeal. According to a study conducted by Bid-On-Equipment.com, 86% of surveyed homeowners made improvements to their exteriors in 2021. That trend looks to continue this year.

More than ever, time is being spent at home – but not just in the home – so it’s no surprise that 2022 outdoor design trends are emphasizing comfort and multi-functionality.

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Shortcuts to Outdoor Trends:
Creating Alternate Spaces
Bridging The Indoors and Outdoors
Stand Out With Dark Colors
Modern Farmhouse Look

Enhance the Outside with These 2022 Outdoor Trends

Bridging the indoors and outdoors is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Bridging the Indoors and Outdoors

For some time, homeowners have been bringing the indoors outside. One way to accomplish that from a functional perspective is to introduce a shade structure. Aesthetically pleasing additions, like awnings, not only provide comfort and protection from the sun, but also help make an outdoor space feel more connected and beautiful.

The home exterior is being given a harmonious sense by creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This can be accomplished with large glass doors, ample windows, or retractable walls. Ambitious projects may also extend the ceiling to create a covered patio, or use string or pendant lights to create the feel of a ceiling.

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Standing out with dark colors is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Stand Out with Dark Colors

Dark hues, such as black and navy blue, are dramatic and eye-catching. Incorporating them into the outside can help improve curb appeal or backyard charm.

However, it isn’t necessary to make everything dark. This trend can be captured by a front door, trim, or garage door which are gray or black. Other options include using darker tile or natural stone, or even furniture fabrics. Any of these additions can create the same stunning contrast.

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The modern farmhouse look is an outdoor trend and ProSource Wholesale has products to help achieve it

Modern Farmhouse Look

The modern farmhouse design combines sleek contemporary elements with vintage and rustic aesthetics to create a coupling of traditional and modern styles.

Farmhouse design commonly features a white exterior accented by a dark roof and trim, with natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel.

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