2019 Outdoor Trends

Capitalize on Outdoor Trends at ProSource Wholesale®

Winter has passed — Game of Thrones is over — and temperatures are turning warmer. As summer takes shape, it’s time to consider exterior and outdoor decorating. Honing in on trends is often the first step when navigating the a project’s direction and settling on a design.

Styles vary and trends come and go, but some have longer term staying power. Pair a project’s needs with the right products to further any vision and flawlessly nail design goals. Below you'll find a variety of popular trends in the 2019 outdoor style market.

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Shortcuts to Outdoor Trends:
Contemporary Design
Natural Textured Walls
Neutral Colors
Large Format Tile and Groutless Tile
Multi-Level Patios
Cut Stone and Dark Stone

Step Up the Outside with These 2019 Trends

Outdoor contemporary design is trending and ProSource Wholesale has the latest products

Contemporary Design

As trends focus less on traditional elements used to highlight exterior spaces, there’s been a noticeable shift towards more contemporary style. This design element is accompanied by soft lines, bold tones, and a focus on structure and form.

Contemporary design bodes well with outdoor decorating due to the natural elements used to highlight this style in particular, along with bold accents to spice up Earth-toned surroundings.

Outdoor textured walls are trending and ProSource Wholesale has the latest products

Natural Textured Walls

Make way for trendy textured walls. It’s no longer only about the print and color of walls, but visible texture is quickly making its way to the forefront of exterior decorating.

Popcorn ceilings are common indoors and similar concepts are being applied to outdoor walls. Visually, walls are easily able stand out, but for a design scheme that can be felt, add a pop of texture to enhance an outdoor oasis.

Pictured: American Rockies Alberta Engineered Stone Mix Sizes from Emser Tile

Outdoor neutral colors are trending and ProSource Wholesale has the latest products

Neutral Colors

While bold colors never fail to make a statement, neutral tones offer a plethora of accents and decor from which to work with, especially outdoors. Colors like grey, cream, and even shades of tan are easy on the eyes, providing the freedom to bring in color where it’s wanted.

Mother Nature works wonders with her paintbrush. Keeping things nice and simple with neutral colors brings attention to the environment’s best attributes... Earth's amazing creations.

Pictured: Access Tour from Emser Tile

Outdoor large format tile and groutless tile are trending and ProSource Wholesale has the latest products

Large Format Tile and Groutless Tile

Utilizing flooring outside can be tricky when looking for a product that is durable for traffic, can weather the storm (literally) and accent an outdoor space. Tile is a great option for those looking for flooring in a variety of styles that will hold up for seasons to come.

Groutless tile, leaving the grout inside and letting nature shine through, has gained popularity with outdoor designs. Large format tiles, another variation of tile, are on the come up. They may take up more space individually than their smaller counterparts, but they make a big statement and can accent open spaces nonetheless.

Pictured: Ancient Beige Unfilled and Tumbled 16x16 from Emser Tile

Outdoor multi-level patios are trending and ProSource Wholesale has the latest products

Multi-Level Patios

This year, remodeling projects are flexing their patio muscles and doubling up. Multi-level patios have emerged as a trend and don’t seem to be making an exit anytime soon, as more and more are being added to design schemes. Multi-level patios allow for expanding style horizons while designating certain spaces to whatever is seen fit.

Grilling up top, dining down below? It’s possible. A relaxing space or an entertaining area — surround by nature — can be blended together in the grand outdoors.

Pictured: Slate Multi Rajah Borgo Pattern on walls and Flagstone on floor from Emser Tile

Outdoor cut stone and dark stone are trending and ProSource Wholesale has the latest products

Cut Stone and Dark Stone

Cut stone is extremely popular on both the exterior and interior of homes. What is often found surrounding fireplaces can be a great addition to an outdoor structure. It’s notorious for jagged edges and variety of stone shapes, sizes, and colors. Cut stone is a beautiful and unique accent on walls, while serving as a distinct flooring option as well.

When considering stone colors the trend is moving to the darker end of the spectrum. Dark stone is stylish while allowing a play off darker and lighter colors. Combine that with cut stone to create a distinct mosaic marrying both light and dark.

Pictured: Structure Beige Stack Ledger from Emser Tile