Choosing The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

Toilet, lavatory, commode, the ‘john’ or the ‘loo’; whatever you may call it — the toilet is one of the most important items in the home. We know selecting a new toilet can be more than just a simple decision. At ProSource® Wholesale, we have a great selection of toilets from the industry’s most trusted brands along with industry experts to help guide you through the decision-making process. The following is a quick comprehensive guide for going about your search for a new toilet to incorporate in your bathroom remodel project.

Game Of Thrones: Flushing Out The Best Toilet For Your Remodel

While style and design are important, more essential is choosing a toilet that is fully functional and performs well. Although we are sure you are excited by the idea of an upgraded design scheme for your bathroom that includes the toilet, you are likely more thrilled by the idea of having a toilet that works properly again. No more loose handles, multiple flushes, or holding down the handle for long periods of time are a few things to look forward to.

When it comes to evaluating a toilet’s performance, how much water a toilet uses and how well it flushes are two of the main priorities. The best toilets on the market are ones that generate enough power to clean the bowl in a single flush, which is why we carry nothing but the best — ensuring you are happy with your toilet selection for years to come.

Water Consumption
In the past few decades the focus on lowering energy consumption and reducing water waste has led to new toilet technology. Low-flow toilet models are the new federal standard for flush ratings. Low-flow toilets generate 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) or less. Comparing the flushing performance and ratings between toilets is worth researching to see not only which performs the best, but also which will save the most in water bills in the long run.

Another great toilet option for water conservation are dual-flush toilets. These have become increasingly common in new home renovations as they provide two effective flushing options, allowing you to use less water to flush when it is not needed, and more for when it is.

If having a toilet that requires little maintenance and cleaning is a top priority, we recommend getting a pressure-assist toilet. According to plumbing experts, pressure-assist toilets are more water-efficient flushers than traditional gravity toilets and they remove waste more thoroughly.

Another option for an easy to clean toilet is a wall-hung toilet. These offer intriguing design possibilities along with less nooks and crannies to have to clean out.

Available Space
Another factor that can impact a decision on the type of toilet to select is how well it will fit in an existing space, or a new space that has been designed as part of an overall bathroom remodeling project.  We’ve heard it from trade pros in the past, and there is nothing worse than deciding on a toilet that you love, then later finding out the hard way that it doesn’t fit where the old toilet resided. This can end up costing you time and money. Because of this, we recommend always consulting with one of our ProSource experts to make sure the toilet you desire is a good fit for the area of the bathroom the toilet will occupy.

Along with the benefit of less water consumption, low-flow toilets are also a great option when space is a deciding factor. Low-flow toilets feature a much smaller design than the average toilet of previous decades. Because they require less water to flush, their tanks are much smaller which most consumers find enticing. The smaller the toilet, the easier it is to install.

The “Big Three” Toilet Types

When it comes to styles of toilets, the possibilities range far and wide, but when it comes to the types of toilets, there are only a few decisions to be made. Do you want a one piece or two-piece toilet? Do you want a standalone toilet or a wall-hung toilet? Do you want to have a skirted or concealed trap? Here’s some information on each of the toilet types to help you answer these questions for yourself.

One-piece Toilets: As the name suggests, this is your all-in-one toilet that contains a tank and a bowl all in one piece. They generally consist of a sleeker design and can be easier to clean than two-piece toilets with less nooks and crannies to attend to. They also tend to have a lower profile than a two-piece toilet.

Two-piece Toilets: These are the most common toilets for use in homes. The tank that holds the water is separate from the bowl, which can make them easier to repair than one-piece toilets.

Wall-hung Toilets: These offer a great option for bathrooms that are low on available space. This is because the water tank is concealed behind the wall (cool, right?). This offers a unique look along with adjustable height options and easier cleaning.

A Royal Flush of Toilet Features
Along with the standard options to consider, there are now even more specifications for you to think about! Here are a few of the options to consider before you buy:

For an advanced toilet to make your bathroom that much more luxurious, there are sensor activated toilets that don’t require using a handle to flush. This helps improve sanitation and removes the aggravation of a toilet handle breaking or the requirement to ‘jiggle’ the handle.

Seat Height
Unlike standard bowls whose rim stands about 14 or 15 inches above the floor, most "comfort height" toilets are 17 to 19 inches high. Some people find them more comfortable to use, as the added height makes it easier to get on and off.

Bowl Shape
A round bowl takes up less room than an elongated one. But an elongated bowl allows more seating room and more comfort for some users. Compact elongated bowls offer an elongated bowl shape that fits in the space of a round-bowl toilet.

Consider the bathroom's location. If it's near a kitchen or other living area, or if your home is small, you'll probably appreciate a relatively quiet toilet that doesn't broadcast every flush. Noise levels of the gravity-feed models are normally on the quieter side, while those for the pressure-assisted models are significantly louder.

Smart Features
You can also find toilets that incorporate other smart features such as self-deodorizers, self-cleaning, built-in leak sensors, night lights, and much more.

These are just some of the factors that you should take consider when selecting a new toilet. For any other questions you may have, you can contact one of our experts to provide you with more information, or visit one of our showrooms to check out our vast selection of toilets for yourself.