Choose ProSource Wholesale® For Your New Bathtub

Choosing the perfect bathtub is a decision that should never be taken lightly, as it is a major component of any bathroom’s layout and aesthetics. There are many things you should consider when choosing a bathtub. From cost and comfort, to functionality, shape, and size, everyone’s needs are unique. 

Bathtubs come in a wide variety of different styles, shapes, materials, and colors. Whether you need a standard bathtub or are on the hunt for a luxury jacuzzi, ProSource® has you covered. At each of our showrooms that carry bath products, we offer:

The best quality bathtubs on the market, made with top-grade materials that are made to last, including porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, steel, and more.
A wide variety of different bathtub styles, including classic alcove tubs, luxurious corner tubs that fit beneath your bathroom windows, sophisticated clawfoot tubs, portable freestanding tubs, and more. 
Colorful specialty bathtubs with modern designs that make a statement.

Common Bathtub Types 
Contrary to what many people think, choosing the right bathtub can be a complicated process and is contingent on many factors, including bathroom structure and space, what tub design is most practical, what the ideal comfort level is, and what style and color best fit the rest of the bathroom. Read on to learn more about the different bathtubs available today and the variations that come with each to make the right decision for your project.

Alcove Tubs
Alcove bathtubs are one of the cheapest and easiest types of bathtubs for trade professionals to install. These classic bathtubs fit perfectly within three small walls in the bathroom and are often placed near the shower or toilet to optimize bathroom space. Available in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, our vast selection of alcove tubs is anything but ordinary. 

Alcove bathtubs are also the most common type of bathtub found in homes today, as they are a great space saver and work well in small bathrooms. Ideal for apartment, townhome, or condo bathrooms, alcove tubs are a simple and affordable option for bathroom remodels, which allow you to save money and allocate more of your budget to other exciting aspects of your bathroom remodel. 

Alcove bathtubs are made with high-quality materials that are expected to last for decades, including porcelain, fiberglass, and steel. Whether your current alcove bathtub is breaking down, has a leaky faucet, or you simply want to upgrade to a fresh new look, we have alcove tubs that will satisfy your every need without breaking the bank. 

Corner Tubs
Pentagon-shaped corner bathtubs make for a luxurious bathroom upgrade. Whether it is nestled under a beautiful new bathroom window or is used as a way of livening up a boring corner in the old bathroom, corner tubs create a serene, spa-like environment and can turn any bathroom into a place of peace. Sometimes all it takes to transform a bathroom from a dull place to get ready in the morning, to a relaxing, therapeutic getaway is a corner bathtub with jacuzzi jets. 

Clawfoot Tubs
Clawfoot bathtubs are freestanding tubs that are identified by their gold, silver, or bronze feet and external plumbing. Clawfoot tubs are typically a more expensive option for a bathroom remodel project, but they provide a level of sophistication and freedom that few other bathtub models offer. At ProSource, we pride ourselves on making traditional luxuries affordable for the modern homeowner, and that is especially true when it comes to our impressive clawfoot bathtubs.

For many, clawfoot bathtubs remind them of the old-fashioned bathtubs seen in classic movies and medieval-era films, which are often adorned with beautiful silver or gold clawfoot features. Today’s clawfoot tubs offer a modern take on vintage bathtubs for those who prefer a classic, yet sophisticated style for their bathroom remodel. 

Freestanding Tubs
Freestanding bathtubs without clawfoot features are a less common type of tub, but are a fun option for those who want to test the boundaries of traditional bathrooms and make a bold statement. A giant oval, circular, or rectangular bowl with either a mounted faucet or external plumbing like that found on clawfoot tubs, freestanding tubs are an option that is both modern and comfortable. 

Going for a modern, yet unconventional bathroom remodel? Freestanding bathtubs are a great choice. Much like clawfoot bathtubs, they offer a sense of sophistication and freedom of movement that alcove and corner bathtubs do not, making them a fun design element that can be moved and rearranged as desired. 

Bathtub Hardware
Wash up in style with bathtub hardware that perfectly complements the tub. The type of hardware can make a regular bathing routine more relaxing and rejuvenating. And, when you’re in a hurry or are trying to bathe the kiddos, the right hardware can make the job even easier and faster. Hardware comes in a variety of materials and colors, making it easy to keep the style and design of the bathroom consistent through every detail.

Wall Mount
Wall mount hardware is ideal for the alcove tub that is also designed to be used as a shower. This hardware traditionally mounts on the wall in three different places: up high for the shower head, in the middle to bottom-middle for the temperature-control handle, and the bottom (closest to the tub) for the spout that fills the tub.

Tub Wall Mount
Designed for tubs that are not combined with showers, this tub wall mount gets the hardware out of the tub and on the wall. It often includes the same elements as a traditional wall mount: hand-held sprayer, temperature-control handle(s), and a spout to fill the tub directly.

Tub Deck Mount
Another option for a tub without a shower is to mount the hardware directly on the tub itself. This style of hardware is installed directly into the tub for ease and convenience. This is a great option for freestanding and clawfoot tubs that have a wide enough edge to support the plumbing.

Freestanding hardware can move around the bathroom, which is perfect for clawfoot and freestanding tubs. These are simple to connect plumbing fixtures that can give an updated and modern convenience to the otherwise-classic-looking tub.

Whether you are beginning an ambitious bathroom remodel and need help choosing the perfect bathtub or you simply need advice about where to start, ProSource is here for you. Come in and talk with one of our kitchen and bath designers to help you design the bathroom of your dreams.