Find A New Bathroom Vanity For Your Project

Bathroom remodels should be fun and creative, but often people feel overwhelmed with the options and styles available. By doing a little research, you take the stress out of this situation and set yourself up for a smooth and fun bathroom remodel process. And when it’s time to change the bathroom vanity, it’s easy to find high-quality products at low prices with ProSource Wholesale®.

The vanity is where a lot of time in the bathroom is spent, whether you’re doing your hair, shaving, brushing teeth, washing your face, or more. Since you spend so much time there, it’s important to make it a place of beauty and function with the right bathroom vanity upgrades. The space should feel unique, and it should be enjoyed long after the newness has worn off.

Bathroom Vanity Styles
Sometimes updating a bathroom vanity with new paint or hardware won’t quite do the trick. When it’s time to completely revamp your bathroom vanity, you’ll first want to consider what vanity style will be best for the space.

Freestanding Bathroom Vanities
This style of vanity is great for small spaces. The main styles of freestanding vanities are the kitchen cabinet style and wall mount or floating vanities. 
Kitchen cabinet style vanities typically go all the way to the floor on all four sides, are flush with the wall, and have a good amount of storage
Floating vanities require the entire floor to be finished because this style does not go all the way down to the floor. They’re generally more sleek and modern, and can make the bathroom appear larger by opening space underneath the vanity. There is, however, less storage space available because it isn’t flush with the ground.

Though each of these have their own styles — such as kitchen cabinet style being traditional and wall mounts being modern — each of the styles have a lot of variance and can cross over into different categories. Materials, colors, and hardware can make the retro look modern and vice versa.

Built-In Bathroom Vanities
This type of vanity is good for larger spaces and typically offer more storage and countertop space. They’re customizable, so you can get exactly what you’re wanting for your space. They really do require a lot of space, though, so make sure that’s what you are looking for before committing; you don’t want the vanity to be too overwhelming in a smaller area.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Bathroom Vanity
When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are many more questions than the ones we’ll address below. However, these questions can get you started on choosing the perfect vanity. When you come into one of our showrooms and meet with a design professional, we’ll address these questions and more so we can determine the right vanity for you.

How much space do you have?
There are vanity styles that can accommodate the smallest or largest of bathrooms. The amount of space you have is vital to determining the best vanity for the space.

The first step is to measure the space – width, depth and height. However, scale is also a huge consideration. Just because a vanity will fit into the space doesn’t mean it should. Bathroom vanities can easily overpower a space.

Access to the cupboards and space in the vanity should be addressed. If the vanity is squeezed into the space and is too tight for drawers or doors to be usable, then it’s of no use to you.

How much storage do you need? What does your vanity need to hold?
For example, do you have a linen closet elsewhere with space, or will towels and toilet paper need to have a home in the vanity? Regardless of the minimum storage you think you need, it’s wise to add more storage to that when possible. Giving you ample space for makeup, hair products and tools, towels, and other bathroom necessities ensures the space will be useful.

What is your bathroom design?

Bathroom vanities can meet a range of styles, including traditional to modern to everything in between. Bathroom sinks or backsplashes offer personality, and the vanity should match that. Different designs, finishes, and materials can add immensely to the look and feel of the bathroom, just as the wrong style can greatly detract from the space.

It’s also important to consider how the design will be different in your guest bathroom, master bathroom, or children’s bathroom. For example, the vanity in a busy family bathroom needs to withstand more heat and humidity than the guest bathroom that isn’t used as often. Intricate detailing in the vanity of a children’s bathroom could be difficult to clean. Our bath design professionals will work with you to make sure you get what’s right for your design.

Who will be using your vanity? The standard height of bathroom vanities has risen over the years, much to the detriment of a child who can’t reach the sink. The height of bathroom vanities can be adjusted to best meet your needs. Your bath designer in the showroom can help decide how low or high to make the bathroom vanity — whether it means it’s just the right height for children or they’ll be pulling up a step stool to brush their teeth every day.

Other Bathroom Vanity Considerations
A double sink vanity — frequently called “his and hers sinks” — are best for shared bathrooms, as they provide more space for all the belongings that come with two people. Single sink vanities are preferred for small bathrooms, whether there’s only one person regularly using the room.

Materials and finishes can both drastically change the appearance of the vanity. Whether to have concealed or open shelves, self-close doors and slides, soft-close doors and drawers, or toe kicks, you can have some fun picking out the little details. And, of course, you’ll want the sink of your choice to work well with the vanity you choose.

The bathroom vanity can be a statement fixture as much as a place for more storage. This dual function makes it an important decision during a bathroom remodel project. Browse through our gallery of completed bathroom projects to find some design inspiration. As always, ProSource is happy to connect with you to help you make better decisions about your bathroom vanity.

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