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Find A New Bathroom Vanity For Your Project

Bathroom vanities are more than the sink, where faces are washed and shaved. They are more than the storage area that keeps the toothbrush and toothpaste out of sight.

Vanities are mainstays in the oasis of the bathroom that attract the eye and set the tone of what the room could be. Choosing a vanity over a pedestal sink is stating higher expectations for the space. The storage is needed. The organization is needed. The ability to hide plumbing pipes is needed. The taste-making blend of wood or painted tones, adorn with countertops that work in symphony with one another, making the design vision whole.

At ProSource Wholesale, the stress of the bathroom remodel process is eased with the top-quality bathroom vanities available and ready to fit any design concept.

Bathroom Vanity Styles

Vanities are a central component to the bathroom’s flow. The new style of the space needs to be reflected in the vanity as well. When thinking about revamping the motif of the bathroom vanity to reflect that fresh look, it is vital to consider what would be best for the room.

Freestanding Bathroom Vanities
Large bathrooms are not a requirement for a vanity. With a freestanding vanity, navigating traffic flow is a breeze, thanks to its functionality that does not compromise on elevated aesthetics. The following types of freestanding bathroom vanities are available including:

Kitchen Cabinet Style: With a construction that typically goes all the way to the floor on all four sides with flushed walls, kitchen cabinet style bathroom vanities offer significant storage capacity with the stability that built-in bathroom vanities offer.
Floating vanities: With modern styles in mind, floating vanities are streamlined to fit the space, enhancing the perception of its size. Floating vanities deemphasize the sink and elevate the tilework and its design.

Each type of freestanding bathroom vanity is offered in a variety of materials, colors, and hardware that can help shape the design of the bathroom.

Built-In Bathroom Vanities
Larger bathrooms require larger vanities, and no other type of bathroom vanity provides the storage and style necessary for the space than a built-in bathroom vanity. With increased countertop space and more drawers and cabinets for added bathroom accessories, as well as customizable options, they can create the custom experience sought after. This is a significant commitment in space that requires a commitment to the design of the remodeled room.

Considering a Bathroom Vanity

When contemplating adding a bathroom vanity to a given space, there are certain facets to consider, and with the help of the kitchen and bath designers at our ProSource Wholesale, any concerns are put at ease when the right vanity for the area is chosen with those facets in mind.

Bathroom Space
Whether the bathroom can only fit a small vanity or a built-in vanity, options are available that will fit the available space.

However, the first step in making that decision is to measure the space, including its width, depth, and height. However, scale also becomes a significant consideration, because bathroom vanities can have the ability to overpower a space.

With all of the measurements, the ability to access the drawers and cupboards within the given space is a necessary component that needs to be addressed. If the vanity fits the measurements but its capacity that includes open drawers and cabinets does not, those features will not be accessible.

Storage Needs
Every bathroom is different and features different levels of storage options. Some bathrooms have a linen closet inside the confines of the space, and some require a separate toilet paper caddy near the toilet. Regardless of the amount of storage that the space has, adding more, if possible, is never a bad idea. With a bathroom vanity, areas for shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes, makeup, and more can be allotted, making overflow a worry of the past.

Bathroom Design
Whether it is the basin count that helps keep the peace in many households or the backsplash that can bring the style of the room to life, vanities provide a canvas of possibilities to the table.

With different materials, countertop options, sink options, heights, colors, and finishes to choose from, ProSource Wholesale has the right vanity for the space.

With a double sink vanity, often referred to as a “his and hers sink,” storage and personal space are prioritized for those with larger, more capacious, bathrooms.

The single sink design fits more for the powder or smaller full bathroom layout, still maintaining the vanity as the luxurious focal point in the room’s concept.