Cozy Up To Carpet Flooring

Finding the perfect carpet flooring for a home can be a daunting task, mostly because there are so many different styles, textures and colors to choose from. At ProSource Wholesale®, we know carpet flooring can make or break a room.

Here is everything you should know about carpet flooring, ranging from its various styles to the benefits of installing carpet flooring.

Why Choose Carpet Flooring?
Carpet flooring looks great in a home, is a comfortable flooring option, and has potential to last  a lifetime if properly cared for. Here are six main reasons to consider carpet flooring:

1. It’s soft. This is probably the biggest appeal of carpet flooring, as carpet fibers obviously feel great on  bare feet.
2. It’s comfortable. To add to the softness, carpet flooring adds a sense of comfort, and is great for rooms where you’ll be more inclined to stand for long periods of time or sit on the floor. Think about it this way — would you rather sit on hardwood or carpet? That’s what we thought.
3. It’s warm. Unlike tile or hardwood, carpet flooring is great at insulating heat, making this type of flooring glorious on cold winter mornings.
4. It’s an economical option. Carpet flooring is a lot less expensive than hardwood and some tile flooring options.
5. It’s safe. Carpet provides a cushion, making it a softer landing for any trips or falls.
6. It reduces sounds and noises in the home. Thanks to the natural insulation of carpet flooring, noise levels in the home are greatly reduced. The carpet serves as a padding so noise can’t bounce around the home’s rooms as easily.

Three Helpful Carpet Tips
No two carpet styles or textures are the same. Each style has its own functional purpose and is designed to cater to different comfort levels. When determining the type of carpet you want to place throughout your home, consider these three tips:

1. Quality over price. 
Like all things in life, you get what you pay for. Higher quality carpets tend to cost more upfront, but they have greater pile density and a tighter twist construction which makes them more durable. This ultimately leads to a longer lifespan.

2. Opt for stain protection.

It’s going to happen. No matter what you do to prevent your carpet from getting soaked in red wine or mud from outside, it’s nearly impossible to prevent life from happening, which is why we suggest you get stain protection for your carpet flooring.

3. Cushioning.
Cushioning is the layer of comfortable spongy material that sits between the carpet and the floor. This padding can also help preserve the carpet so it lasts longer and serves as a safeguard against everyday wear and tear. Splurge a little on the cushioning of your carpet flooring, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

No matter where you want to place your carpet, keep these three factors in mind before making a final decision. Also check to see if the carpet flooring comes with a warranty — just in case.

Types of Carpet 
Whether you are updating your current carpet or is making the switch to carpet flooring from hardwood flooring, there are many different types of carpet to choose from.

The term “berber” describes a type of loop carpet originated in North Africa by the Berber tribes. Berber carpet is a versatile style of carpet, fairly durable, and more resistant to stains and spills than other carpet types. In addition, Berber has a reputation of being a less expensive carpet. 

This type of carpet is most commonly seen in a home’s basement or office area, but in our opinion, it’s a beautiful and economical carpet style suited for any room.

Frieze (perhaps you’ve heard of them as “California shags”) is a type of shag-style carpet that features long, tightly twisted fibers. It’s best known for its laid-back aesthetics, its naturally clean appearance and, most of all, its comfort.

This carpet type has high durability, making it a great carpet for the high traffic rooms in your home, and it can be made from a variety of carpeting materials, such as nylon, wool, or polyethylene terephthalate.


Loop is a carpet style that combines looped fibers with straight ones, which allows carpet designers more flexibility to experiment with geometric designs, abstract designs and more. This trendy and unique carpet type was most popular in the 1970s and 1980s, but they’re making a comeback today in contemporary style homes.

These types of carpets should be avoided in high traffic areas of the home, such as hallways or living rooms, as the daily wear-and-tear could mess with the carpet’s design. We suggest this carpet is best suited for bedrooms, dens, basement areas and more.

Living up to its name, plush carpet is known for its formal appearance and velvety, comfortable texture. Plush carpets originate as loop-styled, then the loops are cut to give it a softer touch.

This type of carpet is a popular residential carpet, and we suggest it for a home’s more formal rooms, such as the dining room, family room, or bedrooms.

Texture carpets tend to have uneven fiber lengths, giving it a rough aesthetic texture. If you are going for a comfy and informal look, this carpet flooring is the best bet.

Four Common Carpet Fibers
Fun fact: More than 90 percent of carpet made today is made out of synthetic fiber. There are four types of synthetic fibers, which include polyester, nylon, triexta and polypropylene, and there are two main types of natural fibers, which include wool and sisal.

Here’s a list of the four most common fiber varieties of carpet.

This natural fiber is durable and stain resistant, and it’s an environmentally friendly flooring option.

This is the most popular fiber used in carpets, thanks to its durability and resistance to wear-and-tear. We recommend getting a stain-resistant treatment with this carpet flooring, especially if you’re prone to spilling or staining carpets.

This fiber type is best if you need a carpet that is resistant to moisture and molding — perfect for your basement or outdoor seating area. Although it’s not exactly the most comfortable carpet type, it makes up in durability.

This carpet fiber is extremely stain and fade-resistant, and it is economically friendly. It also boasts softness and is durable against everyday wear-and-tear.

Whatever texture, style or color of carpet flooring you choose, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the finished result.

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