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Hardwood is a timeless flooring option for any space. Wood flooring options can be overwhelming, but our expert staff are here to help you navigate the several species and types of hardwood surface available for your remodel. Take a look at the types of hardwood flooring options to consider.

Hardwood Species
Acacia, Ash, Bamboo, Birch, Cherry, Cork, Elm, Hickory, Kupay, Maple, Mora, Oak, Satin Walnut, Sweet, Gum, Walnut, White Oak. Don’t those wood species sound amazing without even looking at them?

Hardwood flooring can be a statement or conversation piece in a space, and often, it’s the focal point of design.

Acacia wood flooring is luxurious and unique. The wood is from tree and shrub species that are native to Australia and Africa, but can also be grown in parts of Asia, the Pacific Islands, and North America. The patterns in the wood are not uniform, so this species gives a unique and different look to every flooring project.

When it comes to unique flooring options, bamboo is the attention-grabber. It has a distinctive look, is sustainable, and resists scratches well. You’ll want to compare durability between bamboo and other wood options you love, but our expert staff are well-equipped to help you make the right decision for your project. Another bonus for bamboo floors is its affordability. It is one of the best high-quality woods for a tight budget.

Birch wood flooring has a lot of visually interesting patterns and colors, and is often less expensive than other wood flooring options. Additionally, birch floor tends to take stains and finishes much better than other hardwoods. This means you can spend less time and money getting them to just the right shade for your home.

Cork wood flooring is like bamboo in that it is very eco-friendly. This renewable floor material isn’t just nice looking and good for the environment though; it’s also surprisingly tough and durable. The species used in cork flooring is mainly cultivated in groves found in southern China, but it can be found in many other regions across China.

Though it’s growing quickly in popularity, hickory wood flooring is still one of the less common options out there. This gives you the opportunity to have something more unique and special. It’s an especially dense wood that is strong and shock resistant, which makes it perfect for the active family.

Our maple woods are just as rich as maple syrup. It boasts a delicate grain with creamy-blonde tones, and it has become even more popular in recent years. Be aware, however, of whether you are choosing soft or hard maple. Hard maple typically refers to two specific species of wood floors that come from trees that produce maple syrup. Soft maple is, essentially, any other type of maple wood that is not hard maple. Each species is going to have its own characteristics regarding hardness, strength, and weight. Our experts can help you navigate these options and find the right maple for your home.
Oak flooring is the most popular and widely available hardwood flooring option in the U.S. This wood is full of character and is easy to stain, which means you can really personalize it to your space. It’s also known for its strength and stability. At ProSource, we offer both solid and engineered oak flooring.

Hardwood Looks
There are many ways to change the appearance of wood, and we’re pleased to offer four different specialties that will give wood a unique, full look. Our flooring experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about these looks or to walk you through the different options. With hardwood flooring, there’s seemingly no end to the customization thanks to the different patterns and styles available, so don’t hesitate to reach out. 

These are different hardwood looks that give each floor an individual look and feel.

By having sawn wood, you’ll get a wood full of intricacies and unique patterns. Circle sawn is typically the most common and yields deep, interesting lines and curves.

Scraped textures can range from subtle to extreme, but it always gives your wood flooring a unique look that literally cannot be replicated. By using tools like metal gouges, chisels, and hand planes, professionals give your wood an aged texture and more natural, weathered look. They follow the natural flow and grain patterns to personalize it to each piece of wood.

Skip Sawn
This technique will leave only random saw marks visible, which leads to an original and gentler, time-worn surface full of character. This look is incredibly unique and really adds dimension to your space.

Still the most popular in hardwood flooring, a smooth texture or look is achieved by very delicate sanding. This gives the wood a silky texture and highlights the grain well.

Variations We Have
We know you view hardwood flooring as a commitment, and we know you’re excited to make it uniquely your own. We can help by offering light, medium, and dark finishes, along with low, medium, and high glosses.

Engineered Wood Vs. Solid Wood

These two options can alter price points. 

Engineered wood is a combination of wood layers that make up a board. It has 100 percent natural wood as the top and bottom layers. In between are five to seven plywood planks that work together to create a highly stable core, flexible to moisture, humidity, and temperature. Engineered wood is recommended in rooms that may be subject to moisture, such as a basement.

Solid wood is one thick plank of natural wood. Each plank is a solid piece that is reliable and durable, which makes it a beautiful and sturdy investment for the home.

Choosing Wood Direction

First, this depends on what type of hardwood you’re using. Next, it depends on personal preference.

If you are using solid hardwood, the wood needs to run perpendicular across the floor joists. This is imperative to ensure your hardwood doesn’t sag and there is no board separation.

If you are using engineered hardwood, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the right look for the space. For example, the wood should run with the length of the hallway if it’s in a narrow hallway. In a room, spaces will appear larger by following the same technique.

Ultimately, there are many incredible choices for hardwood floors. ProSource Wholesale is happy to help you find the right boards for your projects.

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