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Laminate flooring is known for its incredible versatility, strength, and easy installation. At ProSource Wholesale®, we offer the very best laminate flooring options on the market, which are made from high-quality materials, including premium high-density fiberboard (HDF), a print finish layer and a transparent wear-resistant overlay. 

What Is Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring is a kind of flooring that is made to look like other materials, including ceramic tile, maple and hickory hardwood, and different types of stone, such as opal, limestone, sandstone, and granite. It is made in layers, beginning with a bottom backing layer, a solid HDF core board, a photographic design layer, and is finished with a strong wear-resistant overlay. When combined, these layers provide an incredibly strong, durable surface that is resistant to scratches and bumps, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen or basement. 

Laminate flooring is classified as a type of “floating floor” because it can easily be installed, or locked together, on top of nearly any kind of floor or subfloor without having to glue it down. Like a laminate kitchen counter for your floor, laminate flooring is affordable, sturdy, and easy to install, making it a top choice for trade professionals and their clients, alike. 

Let’s stress the sturdy element of laminate floors. Just because it “floats” doesn’t mean it isn’t a hard and reliable flooring surface. This relies on a quality subfloor as the underlayment, which provides protection from damage. Additionally, a better subfloor makes for a more comfortable cushion. This improves the floor resilience and reduces the clicking sound that can be heard with lower-quality subfloor and laminate materials.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

At ProSource, our laminate flooring materials provide an affordable, yet high-quality alternative to hardwood, stone, marble, or any other kind of flooring. Made with layers of bottom backing material, top-grade HDF core, printed design elements, and premium wear-resistant overlay, laminate flooring materials can mimic wood, stone or tile floors — minus their downfalls. 

Laminate Floors Are Affordable 
Part of what makes laminate flooring a great option is that it is an effective way to save money without compromising the integrity of the floor. Laminate flooring is far more affordable to produce and install than many other types of flooring, which makes it a great option for buyers with a small budget.

Choosing laminate flooring over expensive hardwood, stone, or tile flooring allows buyers to allocate the rest of their budget to other aspects of home improvement that are much more fun and rewarding to splurge on. If you are doing a kitchen remodel complete with new cabinets, light fixtures, sinks and countertops, for example, opting for laminate floors is a great way for you to save money and upgrade to granite countertops or a sink with fun adjustable faucets. With laminate flooring, the possibilities are endless!

Pricing is similar across the board for all types of laminate flooring, whether you want a maple hardwood look or a marble stone style. This is because the manufacturing process for creating laminate floors is the same no matter the color, type, or style. The difference is the photograph that is used to create the unique floor, and that doesn’t alter the price point greatly.

Laminate Floors Can Have Texture
One way that the price for laminate floors can increase is by adding texture. Laminate floors can have a traditional, smooth or glossy finish, or they can be textured. An advantage of adding texture to laminate is that it creates a higher-end looking floor because it has a more unique look. It is also more durable with texture because of the additional number of screen layers used during the manufacturing process. Typically, laminate floors with texture have a longer warranty. 

Laminate Floors Are Easy to Install
Another great thing about laminate flooring is that it is incredibly easy to install compared to other flooring materials like hardwood and tile. This is because laminate floors “float,” meaning that they are not actually secured to the subfloor, and they easily snap together without the need for glue. Part of the reason laminate floors “float” is to allow them room to expand and contract if the humidity levels in the room change over time. 

Given that laminate floors are easily installable and snap together seamlessly, you won’t waste days of your home remodeling project fighting with grout, glue, or any other tedious aspect of tile, hardwood, or carpet flooring. Quick installation is another main reason why many people choose to use laminate flooring in their newly-remodeled homes.

Laminate Floors Are Strong and Eco-Friendly
When weighing flooring options with your client during your next home or business improvement project, be sure to consider the fact that laminate floors are more eco-friendly and stronger than many other kinds of flooring. For many, the term “laminate” evokes a mental image of the old vinyl floor in their grandparents’ kitchen, but, this misconception could not be more wrong. 

Unlike vinyl and other kinds of flooring, laminate flooring cannot be punctured, dented or damaged by sharp or heavy objects and feels like true hardwood beneath the feet. In fact, laminate floors are even stronger than hardwood and are much more comfortable to walk on than other kinds of flooring, which will give your client the best of both worlds. In addition to being one of the strongest and most comfortable flooring materials to walk on, laminate flooring is also incredibly easy to clean, given that it is somewhat moisture-resistant, smooth, and doesn’t collect grime as easily as other flooring materials do. This is a main reason why many homeowners and businesses prefer laminate flooring in their kitchens and basements. 

Something that you may not know about laminate flooring is that it is one of the eco-friendliest flooring options on the market today. Laminate flooring is made from wood chips, sometimes recycled, that are combined with a great deal of pressure. Choosing laminate flooring not only ensures that your floors will be beautiful and strong enough to take a beating, but that you are saving the planet by using wood chips instead of entire trees, like hardwood floors do. 

When it comes to laminate flooring materials, ProSource has you covered. Stop by your local ProSource showroom today and let our flooring experts help you pick out the perfect laminate flooring design for your home remodel.

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