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Choose ProSource Wholesale® For Your Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring used to have a reputation for being a cost-effective and versatile choice, and at ProSource Wholesale, we offer a diverse selection of laminate, made from high quality materials, including premium high-density fiberboard (HDF), a print finish layer, and a transparent wear-resistant overlay.

The upgraded appearance of laminate flooring offers intricate details in a way that it did not in the past. That makes it adaptable to a wide variety of spaces and designs.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is an affordable and durable flooring option composed of a multi-layer composite of synthetic and organic materials. It can be made to look like other materials, including maple and hickory hardwood, ceramic tile, and different types of stone, such as limestone, granite, sandstone, and opal. Its composition begins with a bottom-backing layer, a solid HDF core board, a photographic design layer, and a strong wear-resistant overlay. With all of these layers, laminate provides a strong, durable surface, resistant to bumps and scratches and making it an ideal selection for any basement, kitchen or bathroom.

Laminate flooring easily can be installed or locked together on top of nearly any type of floor or subfloor without having to glue it down. Laminate flooring is affordable, sturdy, easy to maintain, and easy to install, making it a premiere choice for trade professionals and clients alike.

The floors labeled as highly durable are usually the harder floors. Laminate is a part of that tradition, sporting a scratch-resistant surface perfect for kids learning to take their first steps and pets navigating the home.

With laminate, the subfloors are key. The quality of the subfloor as the underlayment to the laminate flooring is a necessary component, because it provides protection from damage. Additionally, a better-quality subfloor makes for a more comfortable cushion. This improves the floor resilience and reduces the clicking sound that can be heard with lower-quality subfloor and laminate materials.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

ProSource Wholesale features laminate flooring options with top quality brands, offering an affordable and resilient alternative to hardwood, stone, tile, marble, luxury vinyl, or any other kind of flooring. Made with layers of bottom-backing materials, top-grade HDF core, printed design elements, and premium wear-resistant overlay, laminate flooring materials can mimic wood, stone, or tile floors without their disadvantages.

Budgetary Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring provides an advantageous selection for those looking for an effective method to save money without compromising the integrity of the floor. Because of its construction from mostly composite wood pressed together at high temperatures, it often is found at more affordable prices than flooring options made from natural timber.

Choosing laminate flooring over more expensive options allows buyers to allocate their budget elsewhere in improving the space. For example, if it is a kitchen remodel being completed with new cabinets, light fixtures, sinks, and countertops, opting for laminate floors can be a terrific method of saving money and upgrading to a higher quality of countertops, such as a granite countertop, or upgrading to a kitchen sink with adjustable faucets. Laminate flooring makes home remodels more financially digestible and creatively enriching.

Laminate flooring brands have fairly similar price points across the board, so whether the buyer is looking for the appearance of a natural hardwood like pecan or oak, or they are seeking a specific color or style, brands offered at ProSource Wholesale® can deliver the attractive and timeless appearance sought after.

Texture Possibilities With Laminate Floors

One of the misconceptions about laminate flooring is that it can not offer the texture that the design vision may demand. That is not the case with the selection of laminate flooring at ProSource Wholesale. Laminate floors can have a traditional, smooth or glossy finish, or a textured surface.

An advantage of adding texture to laminate is that it creates a higher-end, more unique appearance. It also is more durable with texture, because of the additional number of screen layers used during the manufacturing process. Often times, laminate floors with texture have a longer warranty.

Laminate Floors Promote Strength and Sustainability

Laminate flooring utilizes organic materials like plywood, wood chips, and fiberboard in its core layer, and it only utilizes a miniscule amount of synthetic materials in its wear layer, making it largely recyclable. This elevates laminate flooring as a recyclable and sustainable choice for those looking to be more environmentally-conscious in their home remodel.

Just because it boasts an environmentally-friendly construction, it does not mean it is weak to the harshness that comes to floors. Laminate flooring cannot be punctured, dented, or damaged by heavy or sharp objects and feels like true hardwood beneath the feet. Laminate floors sport a strength greater than hardwood and are much more comfortable to walk on than other kinds of flooring, giving buyers the best of both worlds.

Laminate also offers fairly easy maintenance. A simple sweeping and vacuuming can do wonders in keeping them clean and tidy. Because moisture does not always mix well with laminate, it is important to avoid cleaning the floors with water and cleaning up liquid spills as soon as they occur.