Cabinet Hardware

Choose ProSource Wholesale® For Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Accessorizing is one of the most important parts of completing the perfect outfit ensemble. Adding an extra sparkle or a touch of unique style are what make people unique. Like outfits, accessorizing a kitchen can be just as personal and head-turning as the right piece of jewelry. 

Looking for accessories that sparkle in the kitchen to help it stand out.? Then you’re looking for hardware! From bright and shiny stainless-steel handles to eclectic pendant knobs, the hardware attached to a kitchen cabinet can be as unique as the homeowners themselves.

When viewed as an accessory to the cabinet, hardware becomes a ‘wow!’ factor instead of just another choice to make. Additionally, these accessories can improve the functionality and use of the cabinets and drawers themselves.

There are many kinds of kitchen cabinet hardware to choose from when embarking on a kitchen remodel. From beautiful modern knobs and hooks to strong pull bars, hooks, and push plates, the wide selection of high-quality cabinet hardware at ProSource® goes above and beyond anything you can find at any other home remodeling supplier. 

Kitchen cabinet hardware is one aspect of kitchen remodeling that can be explored and used to make projects beautifully unique, especially with the high-quality materials available today. You can depend on cabinet hardware to be:

Strong and durable, made to last for decades, and can withstand a considerable number of bumps, slams, and pressure. 
From trusted brands like Atlas, and Top Knobs. 
A wide variety in different shapes, styles, colors, materials, lengths, and widths.
Within any size budget, with products in the economical, mid-range, and premium price ranges. 

Top-grade kitchen cabinet hardware can add subtle or stunning touches to home builds and remodels, leaving everyone satisfied and impressed every time. 

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Pull Bars
Pull bars come in a variety of styles, including appliance pulls, oversized pulls, and standard pulls in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. Atlas appliance pulls are made of durable slate materials, are fit for a range of different appliances, and can add a modern touch to any home, apartment, condo, or commercial kitchen. Aside from their trendy look, appliance pulls also make kitchen navigation much easier and provide a sturdy feature to hold on to. 

In addition to our appliance pulls, we also offer many kinds of oversized and standard pulls that can upgrade a kitchen to the latest trends and styles. 

Oversized and standard-sized pulls make for optimal kitchen navigation and come in a variety of different materials and colors, including brushed bronze, satin nickel, brushed copper, graphite, antique silver, and more. Despite sometimes being overlooked in the remodeling industry, pull bars are becoming more prominent in modern kitchens, as homeowners are constantly looking for ways to add stylish, yet practical hardware to their kitchen. 

Choose from pulls with a defined, intricate handle or smooth, simple pulls that will blend into any surrounding kitchen environment and color scheme. Whatever your kitchen remodel style, there are appliance pulls, oversized pulls, and standard pulls that surely fit the needs of every kitchen type while providing a sturdy surface to grip on to. 

If you prefer knobs on your kitchen cabinets rather than pull-style hardware, you’ve come to the right place. Knobs have found their way into many stunning modern, vintage, and classic kitchen remodels across the country. Kitchen cabinet knobs are a defining feature and can make a statement when chosen carefully. 

Whether you are beginning an upscale kitchen remodel complete with fine wooden cabinets and stunning crystal knobs or are simply looking for revitalized bronze knobs to make new oak cabinets pop, there’s an option within our collection. Cabinet knobs make the perfect accessory to any kitchen, no matter the size or style. 

Pendants And Hooks
If you  love cabinet knobs but want to upgrade to an even more modern look, check out the stunning Top Knobs pendants in black bronze, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. Boxy and stylish, these kitchen cabinet accessories make the perfect addition to any upscale kitchen remodel or brand new modern home. 

Hooks are another great way to add a modern touch to cabinets, as they can provide the perfect accent to tie the entire kitchen together. Atlas hook styles, including round venetian hooks, bold axel hooks, fine saddle leather hooks, and many more, are a reliable route with modern designs. 

Cabinet pendants and hooks can be used as an internal piece or to add a simple hand towel hook to the side of the cabinet nearest the kitchen sink. Nothing is impossible with our kitchen cabinet hooks. 

Cabinet Lighting
Lights are something you never knew your kitchen cabinets were missing. More and more people are choosing to include small light fixtures in their brand-new kitchen cabinets to add style and practicality to otherwise ordinary cabinets. When paired with other fun cabinet hardware like decorative knobs, cabinet lights add a level of sophistication that bare cabinets simply do not have. 

Lighting can be installed below top-level cabinets, or in the cabinets and drawers themselves. Strip lights and light bars are useful to illuminate dark corners that aren’t illuminated well by the other kitchen lighting.

Rope lights and tape lights add a more romantic-like feeling to the room, embracing the warm ambiance and comfort a kitchen brings a family. 

Puck lights can be used under cabinets to spotlight the countertops and provide a brighter, but still warm, glow. Like the feelings evoked by that of rope lights, puck lights improve the setting with a subtle light that makes the kitchen a place where people want to gather late into the night. 

With technology advancements, homeowners can add permanent or automatic lighting inside cabinets and drawers. Permanent lighting looks beautiful in a glass-paneled door that showcases beloved China or other decorative items, while automatic lighting helps improve functionality when the entire room lighting just isn’t enough.

Appliance End Caps And Push Plates
For many, end caps are the perfect way to add a pop to new appliances. Decorative hardware is a specialty addition, and we like to think of it as jewelry for your kitchen. Adorned in copper, bronze, pewter, rust, polished brass, chrome, nickel, patina rouge or black end caps, your brand-new kitchen appliances will be the envy of all your houseguests. 

If you are installing new appliances in the kitchen, consider splurging on stunning push plates, which are available in copper, bronze, pewter, patina, brass, rust, nickel, and chrome. Like end caps, these kitchen accents are sure to make appliances pop with color and sophistication. 

At ProSource, we proudly serve kitchen remodelers and their clients across the country, as they seek only the best products and materials on the market at unbeatable wholesale prices. With such an impressive inventory, we are confident that you will find everything you need to take your project to the next level, and more. Sometimes, all it takes to set you apart from the rest is a stunning appliance end cap or kitchen cabinet knob. Whatever it may be, it’s all available at ProSource, and we will help you find it. Stop by your local ProSource showroom today.