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Dream kitchens can become a reality with a simple cabinet refresh! A change in kitchen cabinets can drastically change the appearance of a kitchen. Today, it’s easy to find high-quality kitchen cabinets in a wide array of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Cabinets are a big way to show off personal style and can bring together the entire look of a kitchen.

When considering kitchen cabinets, it’s important to decide on cabinet styles that will be appreciated for years to come. Cabinet projects typically include choosing a wood type and door shape, and cabinet material.

When it comes to wood type, there are more than 25 options of popular cabinet woods that each have their own characteristics. Choosing the look that’s right for you is made easier with our in-house design experts.

The next detail for a cabinet is the door shape. This relates to the detail etched into each door, giving the wood panel depth that help enhance the design. The detail on the door is another way to add a touch of personality to the room.

Lastly, cabinet remodeling projects depend on the construction/manufacturing type, which relates to the material used to make the door. This is different from the wood type because it is how the cabinet is made. The wood type is the look of the door when it’s finished.

Choosing A Wood/Door Type
With wood options, there are a lot of decisions to make. How long will it last? Will it scratch? How will the color look? At ProSource Wholesale, we’ll help you through this process. Our design experts can answer these questions and more about our wood types. 

We offer the following wood types for kitchen cabinets: Acrylic, Alder, Aluminum, Bamboo, Birch, Cherry, Eco Veneer, Hickory, Laminate, Maple, MDF, Melamine, Oak, PureStyle, Quartersawn Oak, Red Birch, Rift Oak, Rustic Alder, Rustic Birch, Rustic Cherry, Rustic Hickory, Rustic Oak, Rustic Pecan, Stainless Steel, Thermofoil, or Walnut.

People often immediately think of wood for their kitchen cabinets, but aluminum is a great alternative that delivers a unique look to the kitchen. Using aluminum for your  kitchen will give it a modern, contemporary look that can’t be beat. There are many benefits to go with aluminum: it’s resistant to pests, is easy to maintain, and doesn’t soak up moisture or water spills.

Using bamboo for kitchen cabinets provides a unique look while helping the planet.. Bamboo is very renewable and helps the environment because it doesn’t take as long to grow. The light color will open your kitchen and give it an airy, modern look. Bamboo is also extremely sturdy, and the laminated surfaces will resist dents and chips easily.

The rich color of cherry wood makes it a favorite for kitchen remodels. It is moderately hard, very strong, and is shock resistant. It darkens with age, which will bring out different grains and patterns. However, it reacts to sunlight and can change colors unpredictably as a result. The major color variations can also affect the look of a set of cabinets. Cherry is not as resilient as oak or hickory. 

Medium-density fiberboard isn’t solid wood, but is an affordable and versatile alternative. Wood expands and contracts with natural temperature changes, which will lead to painted finishes bubbling or cracking. MDF resists these climate changes. It will stay smooth for years to come and has no graining — making it ideal for custom work to be done. You can achieve the custom-painted look without the headaches of real wood that requires special treatments and techniques.

Frequently a homeowner favorite, oak is uncommonly strong and has a unique appearance that everyone seems to love. Even better, oak is durable and affordable. Kitchen cabinets made from oak are easy to clean and strong enough to resist, dents, chips, and cracks. Oak treated with lighter stains tend to complement contemporary looks. The darker the stain, however, the more you’ll notice the grain.

Thermofoil cabinets are made by heating a flexible vinyl material and molding it over medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or engineered wood. Because of this, you get a smooth surface that is much more resistant to chipping than painted surfaces are. This cabinet material is easy to care for, gives you a wide range of colors to choose from, and is moisture resistant. However, Thermofoil cabinets are prone to heat damage; this can be prevented by installing heat shields.

Choosing A Door Shape
Once you’ve determined the type of wood you’ll use in the kitchen remodel, another important factor is the door shape. Your kitchen cabinets are giving your kitchen a facelift, so choosing a door shape that matches your style is important. We offer four different shapes: arch, cathedral, slab, and square.

The arch door shape is traditional when it comes to kitchen cabinets. This raised panel on the front of the door culminates in a simple arch at the top. The detailing adds dimension to each cabinet, and the stain or wood you choose can look make the details really pop or be subtler. Each molding will give the cabinets a unique look, and you can choose how detailed your cabinet’s arch is.

The design of the cathedral door shape is like the arch, though you can quickly see the difference between the two. The top of the molding curves into a higher, more distinct curved arch. Additionally, we offer this door shaped in either a raised or recessed panel.

The frameless slab door shape is most often used in modern, contemporary kitchen remodels. The sleek, clean lines, deliver modern sophistication while maintaining the rich warmth that wood offers. The surface of the slab door is essentially that,: a slab. It’s smooth without detailing or molding, which allows everyone to focus on the color and patterns in the wood. 

The raised panel square door shape is popular in both modern and more traditional designs. Each cabinet door is outlined with a simple square that matches the shape and size of the door. More detail can be added, such as a raised shape within the square, or it can be simple, with just the square as the focus. Being able to customize the amount of details is part of why it’s popular in both modern and traditional designs. 

Choosing A Construction Type
ProSource Wholesale is pleased to offer various construction options: aluminum, laminate, MDF, melamine, solid surface, solid wood, stainless steel, and veneer. These are the materials used to create the cabinets themselves. The variety of choices gives you the freedom to find a cabinet that fits your style and budget wishes. 

For example, MDF breaks down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers and then is formed into a homogenous board that is great for painting. 

Eco-friendly cabinet veneers are thinly sliced sheets of solid wood that are then applied to panels. This gives the beauty of real wood with more consistent colors and grains. 

Stainless steel or aluminum options will give an extremely modern, clean look to the kitchen, and are often used to conceal trash cans attractively.

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