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Choose ProSource Wholesale® For Your Kitchen Cabinets

For every meal cooked, there are utensils, plates, and kitchenware found in drawers and cabinets, providing the means to make the sustaining and delicious meal for the whole family.

For every tooth brushed and face washed before bed, there are toothbrushes, toothpastes, and face creams in the drawers and cabinets, providing the means to offer continued hygiene.

For every weekend spent entertaining friends in a home basement bar, there are pint glasses, rocks glasses, and bottles stored in the drawers and cabinets, providing the means to offer libation and relaxation to those looking to unwind among friends.

Cabinets offer fashion and function throughout the house. Creating the perfect storage situation without compromising on design in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, or anywhere else in the house requires understanding the design vision of the space, as well as the sizes, styles, and price ranges available for the cabinets themselves. Cabinets highlight personal style and can pull together the aesthetic choices made in the room.

It is vital to decide on cabinet styles when considering cabinets, no matter the room. This means selecting the wood type, door shape, and cabinet materials right for the space.

Picking a fresh and new cabinet requires understanding the various types of wood available that each have their own characteristics. It also requires understanding the detail etching into each door that gives the wood panels depth that helps enhance its design. This would be the door shape that would be another method in adding a touch of personality to the given space.

The construction/manufacturing type also is a necessary component to the selection of the cabinet. This is related to the materials used to make the door, rather than the wood type that emphasizes the look of the door when finished.

Choosing a Wood Type

Very few people in their lifetime choose cabinetry more than half a dozen times, making the decisions associated with the choice incredibly important. Understanding the durability of the wood will help inform the decision, and picking the right color to fit the design will extend the life of the cabinets for years to come.

At ProSource Wholesale, we will guide you through this significant decision, alongside our design experts that can answer questions and provide insights about the wood species that we offer.

With a smooth texture that shines in the light, maple is a popular selection among those looking for the attractive appearance of natural wood. Whether it is light or dark stained, its glossy natural state makes it desirable for those looking for that popular aesthetic.

Another strong wood species, oak is beloved by countless homeowners looking to add durability and affordability to their space. Oak cabinetry is easy to clean and maintain, while remaining strong enough to resist chips, dents, and cracks. Treated with lighters stains, oak complements contemporary looks, and as the stain choice gets darker, the more the grains stand out.

The rich color of cherry wood makes it a recurring favorite for those looking to replace kitchen cabinets. It is moderately hard, very strong, and shock resistant. Over time, cherry wood darkens, which will allow different grains and patterns to surface. In contrast, it does react to sunlight, and as a result, it can change colors. The major color variations also can affect the look of a set of cabinets. Cherry wood is not as resilient as oak or hickory, for example.

The transformative nature of alder wood makes it a desirable wood species for those seeking painted or stained cabinets. Its abilities to be screwed without pre-drilling, nailed without splitting, and sanded to a smooth finish make installation a breeze. Its natural state promotes warmth in the kitchen, and finishing is made easy with alder cabinets, due to the small pores of the wood itself.

The durability of hickory wood makes it a desirable type for those seeking long-lasting cabinetry. Its strength and density are notable and are ideal for those with children who may rougher with drawers and doors. Hickory often finds itself at a lower price point, due to wide availability in North America, making it accessible and recommended across the board.

For those looking for a darker natural shade, walnut provides an alluring dark brown appearance in its original state. It has an easy workability and often is finished with a high polish, making it stand out even more. If given the proper care and maintenance over time, they have the potential to last years.

In addition to maple, oak, cherry, alder, hickory, and walnut, ProSource Wholesale features the following wood species for cabinetry: rustic alder, PureStyle, MDF, laminate, rift oak, thermofoil, birch, melamine, rustic hickory, quartersawn oak, rustic cherry, and rustic pecan.

Choosing a Door Shape

Once the type of wood has been chosen, door shape is next, and door shape is an art that highlights the architectural prowess of the craftsman. Choosing one involves understanding the geometric flow of the space being designed. While preference plays a factor, specific door shapes may not match the styles, colors, and materials involved in the design.

The arch door shape is a chapter in tradition, when it comes to cabinetry. The raised panel on the front of the door culminates in a simple arch at the top. The detailing and craftsmanship adds dimension to each cabinet, and the wood and the stain that you select can look make the details pop or add subtlety when applicable. Each molding will give the cabinet door a unique look, and you can choose how detailed your cabinet’s arch is.

Similar to the arch door shape, cathedral door moldings curve into a higher, more distinct curved arch. We offer this door shaped in either a raised or recessed panel.

Often used in modern, contemporary remodels, the frameless slab door shape features sleek, clean lines, while delivering unparalleled sophistication. Slab doors maintain the rich warmth that the wood offers, while emphasizing its surface. Its smoothness without molding or detailing allows everyone to focus on the patterns and colors of the wood.

Popular in both traditional and modern designs, the raised panel square door shape is outlined with a simple square that matches the size and shape of the door. Additional details can be added, such as a raised shape within the square, or a simple, square-focused concept. Being able to customize the amount of details is part of why it is popular in both traditional and modern designs.

5-Piece cabinet designs promote the traditions of the past but fit can fit in the present-day transitional design concept. Because it is made in multiple pieces, it promotes all of the intricate details of the front-facing craftsmanship.

Inset doors are uniquely crafted. They fit flush with the face of the cabinets when closed and are set into the cabinet frame, offering a clean and seamless appearance. The doors require a knob or a pull to open the cabinet, and it can either feature hinges with exposed or concealed.

Choosing a Color Family

Painted cabinets attract the eye with the homeowner’s personal tastes on display. They offer them the opportunity to create their dream kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room, featuring cabinets that fit their design vision. Colors like white, gray, and black are timeless choices that pair well with a variety of countertop and cabinet hardware options, as well as appliance colors.

Aiming to balance the texture and color of any room, stained cabinets create an attractive warm area with their wood grains that hide the appearance of cracks that may develop over time. They also hide dust and dirt much easier than traditional cabinets, making stained cabinets a low-maintenance, high reward choice.

Natural Wood Appearance
Draped in a timeless tradition for their design, durability, and versatility, cabinets with a natural wood appearance offer long-lasting benefits for modern and traditional design alike. They also come in a range of wood species, offering a range of finishes and colors that can warm and complement any space.

Choosing a Construction Type

ProSource Wholesale proudly offers a variety of construction options, including solid wood, veneer, laminate, MDF, and melamine. These are the materials used to create the cabinets themselves, and the variety of choices provides the freedom to find the cabinet that fits the design vision and budget.

MDF is an ideal choice if the wood is going to be painted in some way, as it is composed of broken-down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers formed into a homogenous board.


Eco-friendly cabinet veneers are available, composed of thinly-sliced sheets of solid wood applied to panels, providing more consistent grains and colors.