Finding The Best Kitchen Countertops For Your Project

On any given day, a kitchen countertop can play the role of cutting board, office desk, hot pad, food prep surface, snack bar, and just about anything else imaginable. For an item as depended upon as this, you need a surface that’s durable, easy to maintain, and has an attractive look.

Whether you’re doing an entire renovation to a kitchen or you’re simply looking for a few potential upgrades, a new kitchen countertop can increase the overall functionality and style of any kitchen. Choosing the right countertops for a kitchen remodel involves taking into consideration many factors to find the high-quality countertop that is the best fit for your renovation. 

ProSource® will make sure you get the right kitchen countertop to exceed expectations and breathe life into your newly remodeled kitchen. Here are a few of the aspects to consider when beginning the search for the perfect kitchen countertop.

Choosing An Ideal Countertop

Kitchen Countertop Colors
You may want to start with color, particularly if you are trying to match cabinets or flooring.  Countertops come in a wide variety of possible colors, so there is sure to be one that matches up perfectly with the design scheme of your kitchen remodel. Each color brings a different tone to the table, so no matter what you are looking for, you can find it here!
Tan/Earth Tone

Kitchen Countertop Finishes
Another way to navigate the large selection of countertops available to you is by the type of finish you are looking for. For the majority of applications, a polished finish is recommended for kitchen countertops. It is the most recommended and sought-after style of countertop finish today. A polished finish brings out the richness of the natural color as well as the true character of the stone — allowing its natural beauty to show through. This results in a highly reflective, mirror-like surface, that makes the kitchen or bathroom appear even more spacious and adds luxury and elegance to the kitchen décor. Polished finishes are also less porous than other types of countertop finishes, which makes for a smooth, easy to clean surface that is perfect for food preparation areas. 
Here are some of the types of polished finishes for kitchen countertops:
Original Polished
Polished Suede – matte finish with a soft touch
Polished Volcano – rustic yet smooth appearance and feel
Polished Suede Volcano

Another line of countertop finishes is a newer concept known as leather finish. This brushed finish brings out the natural characteristics of the stone. It features a distinctive rough look that is created by an abrasive diamond brush applied to a honed surface, which results in a velvety, leather appearance. This style offers a more rustic and natural look compared to the more contemporary look of the polished finishes.

Kitchen Countertop Materials
Granite is without question one of the most popular types of kitchen countertops due to its natural, high-end look and durability. While they used to be a rarity, today granite countertops are more common and more affordable than ever; especially when you can get them at wholesale prices. With a granite countertop, every slab is unique, featuring its own look and characteristics. 

Quartz is a relatively new countertop material that has become an increasingly popular option in the remodel world. This is because of its exceptional appearance without some of the weaknesses that accompany most natural stone countertops. The range of colors possible is abundantly more than granite, marble and other types due to the manufacturing process used for developing quartz counters. Quartz is also non-porous meaning it resists staining much better than granite, marble, concrete, and other types of countertops. A non-porous surface also means an easier to clean surface that will not harbor bacteria. 

Green/Eco Series countertops are another viable option for your kitchen renovation. They consist of recycled, sustainable materials such as glass or paper that is mixed into a cement, concrete, or resin base. They can be integrally colored or stained for more variation and color coordination with other elements of the kitchen design. 

Raw Materials countertops by Dekton feature a cutting-edge mix of inorganic raw materials found in glass, porcelain tile, and natural quartz.  Countertops made with raw materials provide the most scratch resistant and stain proof surface on the market. Raw material kitchen countertops are the standard for practicality as they can handle anything you throw at them — making them a great choice for homeowners who need a surface that will hold up under any conditions. It features a stylish appearance that can mimic the look of exotic stone, concrete, wood, and more – and it’s available in a dazzling array of colors and textures.

Kitchen Countertop Brands
Though it’s not always essential, there’s something to be said for buying brand-name countertops. 

With kitchen countertop brands available in a variety of color and aesthetic finishes, we proudly supply wholesale kitchen countertop options at affordable prices from the following brands:

These kitchen countertop brands are available at economical, mid-range, and premium prices, meaning they can fit into your kitchen remodeling budget. 

A Couple Additional Factors To Consider

Kitchen Style Desired
What look are you trying to achieve for your kitchen? The most common styles today are traditional, country, contemporary, mission, modern, rustic, transitional, and Victorian. There are also more exotic styles you may want to consider such as art deco, Asian, English cottage, federal, Mediterranean, or Tuscan. Since countertops play such a large visual role in the kitchen, they set the style for the entire rest of the kitchen in most cases, which is why it’s important to make sure the one chosen matches the desired kitchen and home style.

How Much Cooking
Depending on how much you plan on making full use of the kitchen, whether for preparing meals for yourself, family, or potential dinner party guests, will help you decide whether pricier and more durable countertop options are necessary. If you are more of a microwave meal type of person or eat out most of the time, then a less resistant material and finish can be used since the countertops will not be subject to as much heavy usage.

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