Opening Up Patio Door Insights For Home Remodeling Projects

Updating the look of a home doesn’t have to involve a costly overhaul. Simply replacing the patio doors can provide a fresh new look while maintaining a healthy budget for any remodel.

Patio doors can begin or end the style narrative of a home. Guests are provided a window to the homeowner’s personal style with what might seem like an unimportant piece to a remodel. In reality, upgrading the patio doors on any home can update the look and feel of a space on the inside while adding curb appeal to the outside.

At ProSource Wholesale®, you’ll find only the best products, including patio doors. Perfectly blending form and function, there’s sure to be a patio door that will make any home remodel dazzle.

ProSource is the source for both trade professionals and their homeowner clients looking to complete their next patio door project. With several styles and options to choose from, you have numerous avenues to revamp the look of a home from the inside-out.

French Doors
French wood patio doors are elegant, rich, and bring a warm touch to a home’s outward and inward appearance. Choices vary between several options -- from two movable doors to one movable and one fixed -- to best suit your patio door needs. Available in traditional and contemporary styles, French doors are a modern classic choice, marrying together traditional craftsmanship with modern contemporary energy efficiency.

Hinged Patio Doors
Center-hinged patio doors swing open from the right or left with one stationary door on either side. Similar to the look of French patio doors, hinged patio doors let in natural light through glass panes separated by frames.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors
If floor space is a consideration, sliding glass patio doors may be the best solution. Sliding glass doors come in both traditional and contemporary styles, giving further design options for a remodel. With the option to slide from right to left or vice versa, these doors can be placed side by side to add openness to the space while still not restricting the layout of a room.

Bifold Patio Doors
To incorporate living space with the great outdoors, a patio door with the added flexibility to open as widely as possible is key. Bifold patio doors have panels that fold in on themselves (think of an accordion) and can be stored inside or outside, based on preference. The flexibility of these doors enables you be as open to the outdoors as you prefer.

Multi-Slide and Lift-and-Slide Patio Doors
Multi-slide and lift-and-slide patio doors allow you to easily choose the look of a room within seconds. With these two styles, the option to open a room to the elements or close it off on a breezy day is in your hands. Lift-and-slide doors are stationary patio doors that, with a slight lift-and-pull action, are engaged onto rollers to easily slide open. Multi-slide patio doors have a similar concept, but don’t require lifting or rollers.

With new patio doors, a room can feel bigger, brighter, and more connected to outdoor living spaces. When deciding on the right choice for your remodel, know you have more than one affordable option.

ProSource Wholesale carries a multitude of styles from which to select the perfect door. Plus, the showroom team will work with you to render a successful home remodeling project from start to finish. It’s the selection and service you deserve.

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