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Resista® Plus H2O™ Waterproof Flooring

Resista® Plus H2O Flooring: Exceptional Waterproof Protection For Wherever Life Happens

These groundbreaking products offer peace-of-mind protection for everywhere life happens, even in high-moisture rooms.

Protecting and preserving floors can feel like a full-time job, due to the accumulation of moisture. Every glass spilled or a splash from the tub comes with consequences to an unsuspecting floor. The groundbreaking Resista Plus H2O line provides welcome protection from the hazards of rotting, odors, mildew, and more damaging issues.

With any choice from this collection, peace of mind can exist knowing these unparalleled products can thrive in any space, especially those prone to moisture.

Resista Plus H2O waterproof flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers exceptional versatility

Exceptional Versatility

Resista Plus H2O provides a wealth of options which are perfect for a variety of rooms. Its comfy carpet, hassle-free laminate, and easy-care luxury vinyl selections offer exceptional versatility.

Resista Plus H2O waterproof flooring, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides engaging style

Engaging Style

With textured carpet in bold hues, realistic wood look of laminate, and stone and wood appearances in luxury vinyl, Resista Plus H2O provides flooring to fit any design vision.

Resista Plus H2O waterproof hardwood, available at ProSource Wholesale, gives unrivaled beauty and performance in any room

Enduring Performance

Resista Plus H2O offers a range of key features designed to deliver lasting beauty and value, including wear and stain friendly resistance and eco-friendly materials.

Product Picks To Spark Ideas

Resista Plus H2O Waterproof Carpet

Resista Plus H2O Buffer Best carpet in Moody Blue color available at ProSource Wholesale

Buffer Best

Product Details

Resista Plus H2O Waterproof Vinyl Plank and Tile

Resista Plus H2O Arbuckle II luxury vinyl in Ebony Oak color available at ProSource Wholesale

Arbuckle II

Product Details

Meet the Resista Plus H2O Waterproof Flooring Products

Resista Plus H2O waterproof carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides warmth and comfort in active households

Resista Plus H2O Waterproof Carpet


In today’s active household, durable carpet is a necessity that provides comfort and warmth in its cushiony and stylish appearance, while offering resistance to spills or pet accidents. Resista Plus H2O carpet answers the call, featuring a special backing that keeps liquids from penetrating to the cushion or subfloor, preventing rot, mildew, mold, and odors.

This collection possesses fibers made from infinitely recyclable PET polyester, which provides substantial stain resistance against the majority of substances that could ruin other carpet. In addition, it can be bound into a custom area rug for spaces with hard surface.

Boasting a stunning appearance with patterned loop options for eye-catching looks and popular textured saxony choices for relaxed living, Resista Plus H2O waterproof carpet comes in a range of inviting hues.

Resista Plus H2O waterproof vinyl plank and tile, available at ProSource Wholesale, has eye-appeal and performance that's ideal

Resista Plus H2O Waterproof Vinyl Plank And Tile


Embrace the realistic look of Resista Plus H2O waterproof luxury vinyl. Either with planks (LVP) or tile (LVT), these floors are an ideal solution for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more, highlighting the attractive appearance of real tile, wood, or stone.

Providing one of the thickest cores of any luxury vinyl on the market, it features exceptional waterproof protection. Pair this with a secure locking system, making them easier to stand or walk upon for extended periods of time.

Resista Plus H2O LVP and LVT boast advanced imaging technology that captures the authentic textures and look of real wood and stone, creating gorgeous floors that elevate the design and appeal of any space.

Resista Plus H2O waterproof laminate, available at ProSource Wholesale, has real wood looks and durable performance

Resista Plus H2O Waterproof Laminate


Promoting a lasting design in spaces prone to moisture, Resista Plus H2O laminate delivers style and comfort without the need for significant maintenance.

It promotes the water resistance expected from this collection, while also providing the benefit of domestically-made colors hues found in pine, maple, and oak. This enables homes to showcase timeless or trendy wood appearance in a durable laminate floor.

Resista Plus H2O laminate is available in large sized planks, offering an ideal solution for any space, especially those prone to moisture. These wood-look floors thrive in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more.

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