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Schrock™ Cabinets

Schrock Cabinets: Beauty and Function

A first glance, Schrock cabinets will reveal their beauty. But there’s so much more to the time-honored cabinetry this company crafts. That’s because the beauty of Schrock cabinetry is more than skin deep. Behind the beautiful exterior is a world of durable, smart solutions designed to make life just a little more manageable.

Their legacy was built on a solid foundation of quality craftsmanship, trend-forward thinking and unparalleled service. From cabinets to specialty organization and embellishments, Schrock offers an endless array of options that add warmth, style and superb functionality to any space.

Classically beautiful Schrock cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Classically Beautiful

What defines a beautiful cabinet? Is it clean lines and sound construction? The natural characteristics of the wood itself, or the color and finish combination? Schrock believes it’s a combination of all of these things, but that’s not all.

Classic beauty is defined differently by each individual. That’s why they offer a wide array of wood and finish types, specialty products and embellishments—so you can create your version of classically beautiful cabinets.
If strength is beautiful, Schrock has it in spades. In fact, it’s part of their heritage. Schrock was born from the desire to craft kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the same thoughtful care and attention to detail as their Amish neighbors. They’re committed to continuing that legacy in every product offered, from the doors on the outside to the storage on the inside, and every option in between.



Schrock cabinets, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers smart organization solutions

Surprisingly Smart

At Schrock, beautiful cabinets are a given. But inside that gorgeous façade is intelligent functionality that’s more than simply storage—it’s peace of mind.

Look inside a Schrock cabinet and you’ll discover that they’ve considered every possibility, and created a series of product solutions designed precisely for the way the cabinets are used. Their acclaimed line of SmartSolutions™ covers everything from a miniature spice jar to a full-size stand mixer, all thoughtfully designed to improve home organization and simplify busy lives.

Over the years, homes accumulate all sorts of products, gadgets and tools. Imagine having a place for each and every one, in a kitchen designed entirely for the home where they reside. Products such as the utensil pantry pullout with knife block, gourmet super cabinet with cabmat, pull down cabinet shelf and sink base cleaning caddy were created with real life in mind. And the three-drawer corner cabinet and toekick drawer with push-to-open guides are proof that Schrock refuses to let one inch of space go to waste. This is serious smarts, for seriously busy people.

Smart + Beautiful Door Styles
Schrock cabinets, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers beautiful door styles

In addition to standard cabinet doors, Schrock offers an assortment of shapes, wood types, and specialty doors that not only look great, but function beautifully.

Smart + Beautiful Embellishments
Schrock cabinets, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers beautiful embellishments

Beautiful design and smart construction come together in Schrock’s assortment of accents, corbels, legs, feet and moldings. Choose from a variety of options to create a look that’s as unique as the space.

Smart + Beautiful Colors
Schrock cabinets, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers beautiful color choices

The color options selected for Schrock cabinetry puts the finishing touches on the look of the room. Glazes, paints, and stains add smart functionality and create a beautiful aesthetic.


Schrock cabinetry has been offering the best of beautiful design and smart craftsmanship for more than 50 years. They’re passionate about delivering outstanding quality, time-honored ingenuity and stunning visuals to each home. Schrock’s legacy of handcrafted excellence proves that smart and beautiful never go out of style.

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