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Stanton® Carpet

Stanton® Carpet: Unexpected Possibilities For Demanding Designs

As part of a growing trend, carpet, area rugs and runners are being envisioned as innovative elements to bring dreams to life. There’s a desire for more choices with fibers, textures, colors and patterns to meet the most demanding design requirements. That’s why Stanton is the trusted solution.

The premier choice for decorative, high-quality carpet, custom runners and custom area rugs, Stanton offers an incredible selection of fibers, textures, patterns and colors to transform any design into something truly spectacular… like floor art.

Stanton carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides exceptional fibers

Exceptional Fibers

The choice of fiber – the heart of a carpet’s style, comfort and performance – is essential toward meeting design expectations. For this reason, Stanton features impressive options in exceptional fibers, ranging from natural to synthetic. Sustainable wool, for instance, delivers premium longevity, beauty and softness under foot in numerous colors and patterns to elevate the appeal of any space.

Additionally, wool is offered in blends with other natural, eco-friendly fibers like sisal and jute. At the other end of the spectrum, synthetic fiber selections encompass poly silk, nylon and polyester.

Whatever the project demands, Stanton has a carpet with the perfect fibers to meet (or exceed) them.



Stanton carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers stunning visuals

Stunning Visuals

With the remarkable number of patterns, colors and textures available, Stanton is the first choice for carpet which makes a stunning fashion statement in any setting. Looking for a bold abstract? An enchanting oriental? A mesmerizing geometric? The linear textured effect of a ribbed carpet? These are just some of the possibilities offered in Stanton’s extensive selection.

Plus, within each pattern, striking color combinations complete the visual presentation for a captivating impact befitting the most extraordinary project designs.

For a carpet, area rug or runner that’s the ultimate expression of individual style, count on Stanton.

Versatile Options
Stanton carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, ensures versatile options

A professional impression is within reach, as Stanton also offers commercial carpet that delivers unique style and performance in broadloom and tile for both home and business applications.

Custom Creations
Stanton carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers custom are rugs and runners

Beyond stock rugs and runners, Stanton brings more individuality to a design project by creating custom styles  to fit virtually any design appearance desired.

More Flexibility
Stanton carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, ensures style flexibility

Stanton makes it easy to go subtle or bold with your choice, thanks to an abundance of textures, color tones and custom looks.



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