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Sundries and Installation Supplies at ProSource Wholesale®

As a trade pro, your success depends on being able to do every project right the first time, because callbacks to fix issues can cost you time, money and your hard-earned reputation. That’s why ProSource is your one source for a complete selection of professional-quality sundries and installation supplies.

From adhesives and moldings to tile cutters and spacers, you’ll find everything needed in one place to help you install all kinds of flooring (and wall tile), as well as sealants and even supplies to clean up afterwards, so you can do the job right the first time… every time.

ProSource is the Best Tool for the Trade and Has the Right Tools for the Job

Trims and Moldings

They're the finishing pieces for virtually every flooring installation (as well as wall tile installation). Trims and moldings add a decorative touch in addition to serving as a practical means of hiding gaps and unfinished edges, turning corners and making transitions between materials.

Save time and money by getting the exact trims and moldings you need to meet the specs for every project at ProSource. We feature a broad range of trims and moldings made from wood, metal, plastic, rubber and vinyl for any application. This includes cove base, baseboards, thresholds, t-molding, reducers, stair nosing, quarter round, base shoe, and so much more.

Trims and moldings available at ProSource Wholesale


Every type of flooring (and wall tile) installation presents its own unique demands for underlayment to provide varying combinations of flexibility, adhesion, stability, sound deadening and the ability to serve as a moisture barrier.

As your one-stop source for all your project installation needs, we offer a selection of underlayment, including cement backer boards and flexible mats, smooth-finished plywood and OSB (oriented strand board), self-leveling and spreadable underlayment for evening out cracked/uneven older concrete subfloors, hardwood moisture barriers, and plastic sheets for use under floating vinyl planks and tile.

Underlayment available at ProSource Wholesale


Today, colored grout has become a design element to go along with its key role of filling tile seams to strengthen the connection between tiles and prevent moisture penetration. Choose from top-grade sanded and unsanded grouts in colors for every design and application needed. Options include cementitious grout for routine installations and waterproof acrylic latex grout for added flexibility, strength and stain resistance.

Got even tougher project demands? You’ll find high-performance urethane grouts for exceptional stain resistance and color consistency, along with epoxy grouts that excel in resisting acids and grease. We’re also your source for a range of sanded and unsanded caulks to meet virtually every application demand for sealing edges and cracks/gaps, including silicone, latex, acrylic and epoxy.

Grout available at ProSource Wholesale


From joining hardwood planks to sealing carpet seams and edges, get a secure, lasting bond with an assortment of pro-grade adhesives and glues for every type of installation, including adhering floor coverings and accessories to floors, walls and substrates.

Find a complete range of multi-purpose adhesives, releasable adhesives, carpet pad adhesives, cove base adhesives, tack strip adhesives, and more.  Need spray glues? Mastics? Seam tape and other tapes of all kinds? Glue sticks? Discover all that and everything else you need to stick (pun intended) to your schedule and budget.

Glue and adhesive available at ProSource Wholesale


Call it what you will — thinset, thinset mortar, thinset cement, dryset mortar or dryboand mortar. Regardless, you’ll find a full selection of options to meet your project demands for attaching ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone tiles to all appropriate substrates.

Our selection includes unmodified thinsets which can be mixed with water for basic tile applications or polymer additives for specific situations requiring a stronger or more flexible bond. We also offer modified thinsets with different polymer additives already mixed in.

Thinset available at ProSource Wholesale


When you’re on a deadline to finish a project, every detail counts, like having the right fasteners on hand.

Whether you’re securing carpet, cement backer boards, trims, moldings or anything else, you’ll find all the fasteners you need at ProSource. This includes nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, tacks, staples, tack strip, and even needle and thread.

Fasteners available at ProSource Wholesale

Other Sundries and Installation Supplies

We know the devil is in the details, like all the specialized tools and miscellaneous products that don’t fit in any other category, but which you need to do each job right from installation to cleanup and even maintenance.

That’s why we save you time and money being a single source for the pro-grade items you need. Look to ProSource for select tools, blades, spacers, leveling clips, sealants, cleaners, sponges, buckets, and rags.

Sundries and installation supplies available at ProSource Wholesale

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