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Monument™ Waterproof Engineered Vinyl Plank

Monument Waterproof EVP Flooring: Engineered To Last… Beautifully

As the total amount of carpeted area in homes has significantly decreased, more emphasis is now being placed on using carpet in selective spaces to make a dramatic statement. 
Discover an extraordinary vinyl plank flooring that stands the test of time by combining unrivaled durability under pressure with the exceptional timeless beauty of real wood – Monument engineered vinyl plank.

Created to master the toughest fashion and lifestyle demands of modern living, Monument takes vinyl plank flooring to an entirely new level of long-term performance. Designed to handle kids, pets, high traffic and more in stride, Monument EVP will continue to look stunning in any space, day after day for years to come.

Monument engineered vinyl plank, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers hardcore performance

Hardcore Performance

The incredible performance of Monument vinyl plank flooring starts with a solid core, developed to be one of the heaviest and thickest available. It provides superior strength and durability under the most challenging conditions. Next comes a premium 30 MIL urethane wear layer that’s 50% thicker than the usual maximum of 20 MIL found on many other floors. This gives Monument EVP significantly better protection against scratching, scuffing and wear from heavy foot traffic.

It also possesses H2O waterproof technology. Empowered with this, liquid spills stay on the surface where they can be cleaned up easily without worry about warping, cupping, splitting or other water damage.

With layers of protection and strength, Monument vinyl plank is the ultimate low-maintenance, long-life flooring solution for today’s active households.



Monument engineered vinyl plank, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers natural beauty

Natural Beauty

Monument vinyl plank flooring immediately catches the eye with the irresistible look of genuine wood. Using the most advanced imaging technology available, it reflects the authentic details of natural wood’s look and feel, from color shadings to textured graining. So realistic it could make Mother Nature jealous, the resulting floor brings an unmistakable beauty and charm to any space.

Additionally, Monument EVP features an appealing wide (9”) plank design in a 72” length, which further showcases its striking look, while reducing the number of seams so rooms appear larger and more open.

With its simply gorgeous appearance, Monument vinyl plank flooring will bring an aura of enhanced style to both formal and family living spaces, especially in rooms where real wood is not a recommended option.

Perfect Match
Monument engineered vinyl plank, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers charm and style to match any decor

Monument EVP is available in multiple hues and wood species, including ash, oak and pine. Its characteristics add charm and style. This makes it easy to find the right match for any décor.

Protective Backing
Monument engineered vinyl plank, available at ProSource Wholesale, is made with a antimicobial protective backing

Monument covers all the performance angles in its vinyl planks, including providing a special, antimicrobial 3D protective backing system for excellent moisture resistance and sound absorption.

Versatile Installation
Monument engineered vinyl plank, available at ProSource Wholesale, is versatile to be installed in any room
With their solid core strength and waterproof H2O technology, these vinyl planks can be installed in nearly any room, on or below grade, including spaces often prone to moisture, such as kitchens and baths.

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