Omega Cabinetry®

Omega Cabinetry®: The Joy of Artful Living

Casually modern, naturally elegant, or opulently indulgent… at Omega, the possibilities are endless. Omega Cabinetry is crafted with a combination of sincere effort and skilled execution at the hands of true artisans—men and women who turn raw wood into beautiful works of art.

Their humble beginnings in an Iowa barn fuel the painstaking care and attention to detail that go into every piece built. Omega Cabinetry’s handmade craftsmanship transcends the ages and can be found in discerning homes.

Kitchen cabinetry and large kitchen island from Omega

The Power of Choice

When is comes to cabinets, high quality construction and beautiful design are valued, but you also expect to have choices. Whether casual and laid-back or a more elegant, formal aesthetic, Omega Cabinetry offers options that suit every budget and lifestyle.

With two phenomenal product platforms, you’ll find unique features perfect for every home and lifestyle. The Pinnacle series creates a vision of a one-of-a-kind cabinet style that true artisans bring to life with hand-crafted precision. The Dynasty series provides an array of cabinet modifications that keep dreams within reach.

Regardless of which choice is made, it will be unmistakably known that, at Omega, the focus lies squarely in the details.



Two-toned kitchen cabinets from Omega

Inspiration For Life

Style is a reflection of personality and lifestyle. Omega understands that everyday functionality is as important as beauty. Fortunately, they have plenty of both to go around.

From astoundingly practical organization solutions to outstandingly beautiful accents, Omega’s focus on the details is what brings a dream room to life. They continue to use hand-selected woods, top of the line innovation, and hand-applied techniques to create sought-after looks.

Omega believes in staying true to the skill and craftsmanship that set its cabinetry apart, while embracing new ideas that bring a desired look to life.

Storage Solutions
Unique kitchen cabinet storage solutions from Omega

Omega’s incredible array of unexpected cabinet storage solutions can be combined in endless ways to create a hardworking, efficient kitchen. From clever slide outs and lighted junction cabinets to roll-out shelves and lazy susans, Omega defines just how far kitchen cabinetry has come.

Accents and Embellishments
Detailed kitchen cabinet accents from Omega

Every Omega cabinet and drawer is lovingly handcrafted with an eye for unmatched style and ultimate functionality. But it’s the decorative elements that make each piece unique. Discover the perfect accoutrements that bring a unique space to life.

Colorful Options
Sleek modern kitchen cabinetry from Omega

Like an opera-length strand of pearls against a formal black gown, the color chosen highlights the beauty of each piece and showcases unique style. Create an artful backdrop with distinctive glazes, paints and stains that complement the aesthetic of any home.



Omega Cabinetry’s craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry. They anticipate every nuance, transforming handpicked wood into extraordinary custom cabinets for unparalleled style and function.

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