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Bathroom Remodeling at ProSource of Phoenix, AZ

We provide bathroom remodeling products in Phoenix and surrounding areas!

ProSource® of Phoenix has a broad selection of bathroom remodeling products, ranging from showers to vanities to toilets. Our team members know that with high-quality brands and a killer design style, you can create the bathroom you envision.

Reasons to consider a bathroom remodel

  • Increases home value: On average, bathroom remodels recoup between 60-70% of the cost of the project to the overall value of the home. A nice, new bathroom can also be a great selling point, making the sale of a home easier.
  • Plumbing: Updating plumbing and fixtures not only makes a bathroom functional and efficient, but it prevents added costs, wear, and damage to the home.
  • Efficiency: Updating energy and environmentally efficient pipes and fixtures will help save money in the long run on utilities.
  • Outdated: A new bathroom can be uplifting and less embarrassing when a guest needs to use the facility.
  • Mold, mildew, damage: Over the years, moisture starts to wear down and damage the walls, vanity, fixtures, and flooring.
  • Storage: Having an updated vanity and other storage added can help contain everything in the bathroom efficiently and effortlessly.

Our Products

Learn more about and shop for bathroom remodeling products offered to trade pro members and their homeowner clients in Phoenix below!

Bathroom Sinks at ProSource Wholesale

Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks can be as standard or elegant as your client’s home style demands. We offer sink styles such as pedestal, vessel and shroud, all from the top manufacturers in the nation! We recommend your client get as customized as they’d like with their bathroom sinks, and we offer the shapes, materials and colors to do just that.
Learn More About Bathroom Sinks
Bathroom Sink Faucets at ProSource Wholesale

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom faucets may seem like an easy task to gloss over during a bathroom remodel project — but they’re not. Faucets are a great way to add some personality to the room, and our faucet collection consists of many types of handles and material types.
Learn More About Bathroom Sink Faucets
Bathroom Showers at ProSource Wholesale


With the right tools, you can transform your client’s everyday shower into a daily spa oasis! Chances are, your client will use this element of the bathroom almost daily, so finding the perfect shower detail accessories, such as the shower head, handles and faucets, is very a very important task.
Learn More About Showers
Vanities at ProSource Wholesale


Bathroom vanities don’t only create counter space and serve as storage space, but they also are a beautiful way to spruce up your client’s bathroom. Vanities come in standard styles, but your client can add fancy features like mirrors and lights if they choose.
Learn More About Vanities Show Me Vanities
Tubs at ProSource Wholesale


Bathtubs are both functional and decorative, and our team can help you find one that serves both of those purposes! The tubs at ProSource come in fiberglass, marble and porcelain materials, and we also offer tub faucets and hardware.
Learn More About Tubs
Bathroom Toilets at ProSource Wholesale


The toilet will likely be the most used item in your client’s bathroom remodel, so finding the perfect style and functionality is essential. We offer toilets that have eco-friendly flush ratings and toilets that have unusual flush mechanisms, so we’re sure your client will find something that suits them.
Learn More About Toilets

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