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Sundries and Installation Supplies at ProSource of Tempe

When it comes to the installation supplies needed for flooring projects, ProSource® of Tempe is the source for trade professionals. We cover everything needed for floorcovering, including glue, grout, underlayment, trims, moldings, even accessories like buckets, bags and rags. We also cover post-install, carrying the sealants and cleaners needed to wrap up a home improvement project.

Here to guide you through the process with the products you need for anything flooring, kitchen, and bath related, ProSource carries the best sundries brands on the market - like Schluter Systems and Mapei.

Schluter Systems offer innovative installation systems for tile and stone. With an extensive line of finishing and edge-protecting products, Schluter Systems is a leader in installation supplies. Products come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, providing limitless design options.

Mapei carries surface-preparation and waterproofing products like mortars, adhesives, grouts, and sealers. Mapei offers expertise, innovation and the assurance that comes with working with products supplied by the leaders of the installation industry for the past 80+ years.
Trims and Moldings at ProSource Wholesale

Trims and Moldings

Trim and moldings are strips often made of wood, metal, plastic, rubber or vinyl. There are several types, including cove base, baseboards, quarter round, reducers, stair nosing, thresholds, t-molding and many others. Trim and molding provide the finishing touch to corners, edges, walls, floors, etc.
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Underlayment at ProSource Wholesale


Underlayment is a layer of material placed over a substrate to give stability to the finished floor. Underlayment can be made of concrete and fiber backer boards, smooth finished plywood and OSB, hardwood moisture barriers, sheet plastic and more. The type of underlayment needed depends on the type of flooring being installed. It provides protection from vapors, mold, moisture, and has sound proofing ability as well.
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Grout at ProSource Wholesale


Grout is defined as a mortar or paste used to fill-in the space between tiles. Grout can be sanded and non-sanded, cementitious, epoxy, urethane and acrylic. Caulks can also be sanded and non-sanded, silicone, latex, epoxy and acrylic.
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Glue/Adhesive at ProSource Wholesale


This is what holds the product together or on the surface (whether it be floor, wall, or other substrate). The list can be large, including hardwood, multi-purpose, releasable, pad, trim and more. Beyond liquid, there’s also spray glues, mastics, seam tape, glue sticks and several others.
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Thinset at ProSource Wholesale


Thinset can also be referred to as thinset mortar, thinset cement, dryset mortar or drybond mortar. No matter what it’s called, it is used for permanently attaching ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tiles to any appropriate substrate. In most cases, thinset comes in bags and is mixed with water or latex to form a mud-like substance.
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Fasteners at ProSource Wholesale


Simply put, fasteners hold or secure two things together. These can include screws, nails, cleats, tacks, staples, tack strip, nuts, bolts and washers, and even needles and threads.
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Sundries and installation supplies at ProSource Wholesale

Other Sundries and Installation Supplies

When it’s anything else need to install or care for the flooring, ProSource has you covered. The array of options covers: tools, blades, leveling clips, spacers, floor warming products, cleaners, sealants, water proofing, buckets, bags, rags, sponges… the list goes on.
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