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Laminate Flooring at ProSource of Tucson, AZ

Learn more about what laminate flooring has to offer! 

Laminate flooring is a terrific man-made substitute for hardwood, stone, and tile. Laminate comes in many variations, from different characteristics including construction, color, thickness, and texture. Here's some more information about laminate floors to narrow down the options!


Laminate flooring is made of 3-4 layers, the wear layer, decorative layer, core, and backing.


The backing, also known as the stabilizing layer, is usually constructed of plastic and provides laminate with strength, stability, and protection from the subfloor.


Compressed wood fibers make up the core layer. This layer provides the flooring's durability and anti-shock properties. The amount of pressure used to form this layer can have various effects on its general use.


High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured with a pressure of over 1,000 pounds per square inch, making it more durable and suitable for high-traffic areas. Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL) is made using 300-500 pounds of pressure. This type of laminate is still durable but best for lower traffic areas such as an office space or guest room.


The decorative layer comprises a photo replica of the design that is meant to mimic, usually natural material like hardwood. 


The wear layer is a resin coating that prevents fading, wear, and stains. Several melamine or aluminum oxide coatings are commonly used to create this layer.

AC Rating 

The AC rating of laminate flooring is a measurement of durability based on abrasion tests, burn resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance, and swelling under moist conditions. The rating is ranked AC1 through AC5. Here are the ratings and intended uses of laminate floors for each category. 


  • AC1 Moderate Residential– suitable only for moderate residential use such as a bedroom or a closet
  • AC2 General Residential– suitable for "normal residential" applications such as living rooms and dining rooms.
  • AC3 Heavy Residential – suitable for all residential applications
  • AC4 General Commercial– use for all residential plus general commercial applications such as offices, boutiques, and cafes. 
  • AC5 Heavy Commercial – great for all residential applications plus heavy commercial applications such as public buildings, department stores, etc.

Board thickness 

There are many thicknesses available of laminate available for different applications. Laminate thickness is measured by all layers, not just the core. It is measured in mm, and sizes include 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm.


Generally, thickness does not translate to quality, considering other factors such as construction and AC rating are essential for choosing the best flooring for the job.

Plank width 

The purpose of plank width is solely cosmetic. There are many options based on what the design calls for. Here are some standard laminate plank widths:


  • 3-4 inches: These are great for small rooms to make the space look bigger. 
  • 5-6 inches: This is the most common width used and is great for many different design options. 
  • Larger than 6 inches: This is common with large planks for big rooms or to mimic tile flooring. 
  • Multi-width: This option has become more popular, usually used for a barn or reclaimed wood design. 

Edge type

This is another thing that factors into the overall design of laminate flooring. The edge type is how the corners of the planks are cut, each giving a different look when the boards are put together. The other options are:


  • Square Edge: these edges are finished at a 90-degree angle, providing a traditional, sleek look with a smooth transition between planks. 
  • Micro-Bevel: the edges are rounded, giving off a more natural and authentic hardwood look. 
  • Deep Bevel or V-Groove: each plank has a uniquely grooved and defined edge, giving off a solid hardwood look. 
  • Rolled Bevel: The surface design and color of the plank "rollover" the edge creating the most realistic plank look. This soft slope almost blends into the flooring itself.
  • Painted Bevel: when plank edged are painted to give a more defined and pronounced look. 

Locking system

One of the most significant benefits of laminate floors is the installation process. Laminate does not require nails and glue since it's a locking, floating floor. Each manufacturer has different locking technology, but there are two general types to choose from.


Tongue and groove is the most popular option since it is easy to install and does a great job holding the flooring together. The other option is mechanical locking systems that hold the flooring together, usually with hardware made of aluminum.

Benefits of laminate flooring 

Now here are some reasons to consider laminate flooring


  • Durability
  • Stain, fade, and moisture resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Economical 
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Easy installation 

Why Should You Choose ProSource?

For years, ProSource Wholesale of Tucson has made its name providing excellent home remodeling products at a great price. Laminate flooring is just one of our many offerings that stand head and shoulders above the competition.


It's hard to beat our bundled offerings for flooring at wholesale prices with no retail markups. Our personalized services handled by account managers and in-house design associates will ensure you get fantastic customer support as well! 

Our Products

Learn more about our laminate flooring options and start shopping our online catalog below! 

Laminate flooring of multiple species at ProSource Wholesale

Laminate Species

Laminate, like hardwood, can come in a variety of wood-look species. These options range from oak to pine and maple to cherry, and can come in different finishes too, like hand-scraped, embossed, high gloss and matte. Laminate can also take the place of stone or tile. With realistic textures and finishes, laminate is perfect for any home improvement project, even at the most basic of budgets.
Learn More About Laminate Show Me Laminate
Waterproof laminate flooring at ProSource Wholesale

Water Resistant and Waterproof Laminate

Laminate ranges from water-resistant to waterproof depending on the brand. That makes laminate flooring an ideal choice for any room in the home, even those that see their fair share of moisture. Moisture prone spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even basements are no match for this versatile, durable flooring choice.

Show Me Waterproof Laminate

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