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Carpet Options at ProSource of Hartford

Carpet fosters a welcoming environment of comfort and warmth, but its versatility should not be overlooked. Experience this difference firsthand at ProSource® of Hartford, where a multitude of carpet displays can be browsed. No other flooring can match the variety of colors available with each style.

The diversity of carpet also expands past its types, such as frieze, loop, plush, and more, along with its fibers (think: nylon, polyester, olefin, or wool). The latest enhancements shields against spills, stains, and wear. Carpet can be wall-to-wall or bound as a custom area rug. With our low, wholesale prices, any budget can be accommodated. Home remodeling projects always have room for carpet.
Custom area rugs available at ProSource Wholesale

Custom Area Rugs

Designer-inspired, pre-made area rugs can offer a fashion-forward look, but their limitation rests with their available sizes and styles. These limitations can be ignored by selecting any carpet and having it bound into a custom area rug. Whatever the space demands – a complementary color, a desired design, and even a specific size – all can be met. Open the realm of possibilities. Let the wealth of carpet options be the guide, and fashion the choice look into a custom area rug.
Berber carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Berber Carpet

The term “berber” was originated in north Africa by the Berber tribes. Quite simply, this is a type of loop carpet. It is made using thick yarns with randomly-spaced flecks of color against a background of a base color. Berber carpet is best known for its durability, enabling it to withstand heavy foot traffic and daily use. Its nubby weave assists with concealing dirt and vacuum marks. Berber carpet is a leader for lasting performance.
Frieze carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Frieze Carpet

Carrying similar characteristics to shag, frieze carpet often is sought for the comfort it offers. Its long, tightly-twisted fibers form a curly, textured surface. As a result, frieze carpet tends to minimize marks from footprints and vacuums. That allows it to be a great choice for high traffic rooms or even spaces needing a distinctive look.
Loop carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Loop Carpet

This carpet has variety under a singular label. One option is a level-loop carpet, which has a uniform, or even, look because its loops are of equal height. A second choice is multi-level loop carpet, which offers two or three varying loop heights, thus creating a pattern effect. While it is look is more casual, it provides good durability. Last, there’s cut-loop pile, also referred to as cut and loop pile. As the name implies, this carpet meshes cut and looped yarns which create an assortment of surface textures, including sculptured effects of squares, chevrons, and swirls.
Plush carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Plush Carpet

When seeking comfortable texture coupled with a luxurious touch, plush carpet emerges as the clear choice. Due to its characteristics, this style also has been referenced as velvet or velour carpet. Plush carpet distinguishes itself with it smooth, dense weave. Its pile is short and slightly twisted. While it is comfort is unmistakable, it does tend to show prints from walking feet or moving vacuums. This makes it more appropriate for rooms with less traffic.
Texture carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Texture Carpet

Texture carpet lives up to its name because it has uneven fiber lengths, giving it a fuller, more textured surface. With that, and its color choices, it can give the floor a touch of character. Texture carpet evolved into a popular choice from how it is made. Mixing the cut pile process with uneven and/or twisted fibers produces a carpet that is durable and can disguise dirt, dents, and tracks.
Patterned carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Patterned Carpet

When using patterned carpet, a distinguishing appearance is certain to materialize. A bold statement can be made when selecting an intricate pattern meshing different colors and designs. A more subtle, yet distinct, vibe is achieved with tone-on-tone patterns. Both offer eye appeal and personality to the space. Whether the desired taste is timeless or trendy, patterned carpet will not disappoint.
Solid color carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Solid Carpet

As the name implies, solid carpet is a single color flooring. At times, one color is all a room requires; however, solid carpet styles still offer plenty of choices that make décor pop. Select from light to dark shades, with a color wheel that includes brown, gray, blue, and more. The color hue can be conservative, blending with the room’s décor, or a bold choice, adding a pop of pizazz to a neutral space. Whatever the desired outcome, solid carpet is a solid option.
Waterproof carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Waterproof Carpet

The thought of waterproof flooring is usually confined to hard surface options, but enhancements with carpet ensure its not left behind. Thanks to breakthrough technology, waterproof carpet offers a special backing with a moisture barrier. With this defense, liquid spills will not seep through to the subfloor. Instead, they stay on the surface, where they can be cleaned, quickly and easily. However, this powerful brawn does not limit the beauty of waterproof carpet. Numerous styles and colors ensure the satisfaction of any design vision.
Kid friendly carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Kid Friendly Carpet

When a home embraces young ones, especially those who tend to tumble, the flooring may be stylish, but it needs to be equally durable and offer a little bit of comfort for a child’s knee or elbow. Kid friendly carpet serves up more than just comfort. Its performance traits include resistance to spills, stains, and everyday wear. Kid friendly carpet provides powerful protection when facing the life of tikes, toddlers, and teens.
Pet friendly carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Pet Friendly Carpet

Pets usually have free rein of the home. This means the flooring faces claws, playing, napping, a little mischief and, potentially, the occasional accident. Pet friendly carpet is made to withstand the perils of pets thanks to technology advancements. Its empowered to survive and thrive with indoor furry animals. Pet friendly carpet possesses defense against odors, stains, and more.
Commercial carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Commercial Carpet

When found in a business instead of a home, the demands of carpet are a little different. Commercial carpet faces heavier traffic, equipment and furniture — all of which pose weight challenges. Today’s commercial carpet performs at a high level, withstanding daily wear to highlight its durability. Even better, styles and colors have expanded, allowing spaces big and small to provide a statement befitting the business it represents.

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