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Cabinets at ProSource of Stamford

In whatever room cabinets exist – kitchen, laundry, bathroom, kids room, etc. – they serve the role of being functional as well as defining the aesthetic of the space. ProSource® of Stamford is the source for high quality cabinets that equally provide eye appeal, maximum storage and lasting durability. A vast assortment of styles awaits from the industry’s top suppliers. For whichever characteristic matter most – wood type, color, finish, shape or storage – or a combination of them, there’s a perfect choice to be found. Our showroom’s team of experts, including our in-house kitchen and bath designer,  will act as your guide to ensure your project vision comes to life.
Omega cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Omega Cabinets

For expertly crafted cabinets, Omega rises above all others. Using hand-selected woods with hand-applied techniques, the impeccable attention to detail leaves a lasting impression. Omega cabinetry reflects a unique, naturally elegant sense of style. The cabinets offer a wealth of individualized possibilities for design and color, along with a vast array of storage and organization solutions. Pair the doors and drawers with magnificent accents to highlight the beauty and function. Omega cabinets are the essence of quality.

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Decora cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Decorá Cabinets

In the world of cabinets, the name Decorá is well-known for excellence. Quality craftsmanship resides in every door and drawer, as does the attention to detail. Decorá cabinets provide solutions which provide optimal space and organization for whatever they may hold, and they ensure convenient accessibility. Coupled with marvelous finishes and astounding appearances, they bring elegance to any space. Decorá cabinets are hand-crafted for uncompromised quality, making them an exquisite choice.

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Diamond cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Diamond Cabinets

Diamond cabinets offer a blend of beauty and functionality. Being more than a pretty face, their storage space is perfect to hiding away, yet being able to access, whatever’s needed in the space. Quality material and construction ensure these cabinets are durable. With a creative charm for the eye paired with optimal storage inside, Diamond cabinets ensure everything has a place within them that is organized and convenient. They’re appeal emerges with a variety of wood types, colors and styles, making them an intelligent choice.

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Kitchen Craft cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Kitchen Craft Cabinets

In the realm of cabinetry, Kitchen Craft is known for their profound appearance and performance. The meticulous assortment of styles, wood species and colors they offer make these cabinets a sought-after choice. Kitchen Craft offers a rich history of dependability meshed with a fashion-forward approach. These signature cabinets give a modern, European style appearance. Kitchen Craft focuses on frameless construction to provide seamless visual beauty paired with maximum interior space.

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Bellmont cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Bellmont Cabinets

Offering a marriage of practicality and beauty, Bellmont cabinets are recognized for their enticing selection. With a variety of wood types and colors, they help define the personality of the room in which they reside. Bellmont cabinets effortlessly intertwine form and function, achieving the look desired. Performance is not compromised, as quality craftsmanship lives within each door and drawer. Bellmont cabinets have sensational style, superb storage and impressive performance.
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Echelon Cabinetry available at ProSource Wholesale

Echelon Cabinetry

For quality cabinets that bring together form and function, Echelon Cabinetry is beyond compare. The beauty of their colors and wood types elevate any space, including kitchens, bathrooms, kids room, laundry rooms and more. Any design preference can be pleased by the array of available styles in this cabinet line. Inspired by nature, Echelon offers options to suit any personality or aesthetic desired. Plus their storage solutions provide optimal organization and accessibility. Offering a distinctive appearance, natural beauty and supreme storage, Echelon Cabinetry is where elegance and functionality coexist.
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Wolf cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Wolf Cabinets

For cabinets that are readily available, yet not compromising in quality, Wolf is a name to know. For any room, new or remodeled, these cabinets can typically be delivered in three to seven days. Offering an assortment of styles, colors, accents and accessories, Wolf cabinets can accentuate the personality of the room in which they reside. For any design preference, there’s sure to be a perfect choice. Wolf cabinets provide smart, accessible storage options for anything needed. It’s a confident cabinet decision.
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Cabinets of all wood types available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Wood Types

There are numerous wood types available for cabinets. Some are common while others are more exotic. Options include oak, walnut, bamboo, cherry, pecan, maple, birch, hickory and more. The hardness rating differs and they each have varying tones and grain variations. They may also possess intrinsic markings, including burls or wormholes. The result is a unique appearance for the cabinets.
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Cabinets with beautiful finishes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Finishes

A wood’s natural color, traits and variations can be enhanced, or masked, by the cabinet finish. Some woods are more receptive to stain, which reveals the grain pattern beauty while simultaneously adding color. Paint applied to a smooth wood cabinet can elevate it’s look, offering an opaque yet uniform appearance. Applying a glaze to stained or painted cabinets can add depth and/or visual interest. Using other finishes, like burnishing or distressing. Can create the illusion of aged wood. Utilizing any of these techniques can help achieve the goal of bringing color and depth to the forefront of the raw wood of cabinets.
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Cabinets of all shapes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Shapes

For every design preference and room size, there are several door shapes from which to choose. Perhaps the best known is a shaker style door, which have simple recessed panels. A square cabinet door has a straight-edged center panel. This could be raised or recessed. Slab cabinet doors have a flat panel. It’s neither raised nor recessed. Arch doors possess a raised panel which curves at the top, while cathedral doors offer an arch at the top of the raised panel.
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Cabinets with unique and flexible storage options available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Storage Options

Today’s cabinets understand the wide range of storage options needed, for items small to large. They offer an equal balance of space and accessibility, often in a creative manner. Cabinet drawers can populate utensils, K-cups and even larger items like flatware. There are angled dividers and tiered drawers available as well. When looking at rollout trays, there are choices number one to multiple trays, each in varying heights and depths. Solutions exist to allow pots, pans and their lids to coexist in an organized, easy-to-access cabinet. Storage solutions can accommodate under-the-sink challenges, waste and recycling needs, and even work space accommodations.
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