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Home Remodeling Showroom in Springfield

For the success of any any project, whether a home renovation or commercial improvement, look to ProSource® of Springfield (MO). Our showroom has a commitment to providing personalized service, a wide product assortment — flooring, kitchen and bath — and low, wholesale prices for any budget. We have one goal in mind: to help our trade pro members and their homeowner clients complete successful projects. We invite you to meet our team, so please contact or visit our showroom. Whether you’re engaged in a new build or a remodel, for home and commercial projects, ProSource is the source.

Trade Pros: Learn about the benefits of membership

Homeowners: Experience the difference of working with ProSource

When looking to combine spectacular style with profound performance, experience the waterproof flooring available at ProSource. From carpet to hardwood to vinyl plank... it's flooring made for real life. Learn more.

Who Is ProSource of Springfield (MO)?
A project can go by many names — home improvement, home remodeling, home renovation — and can also be new construction. No matter what you choose to call it, ProSource of Springfield (MO) is your partner for success. At ProSource, you’ll enjoy a private showroom with an unrivaled product assortment in an environment that’s relaxing. It’s why we’re more than a mere home improvement store.

You’ll find our expert staff provides service that’s catered to trade pro members and their homeowner clients. Understanding and adhering to your budget and timeline are essential, and we recognize this. So our team will guide you to products and installation supplies to achieve your vision. ProSource is a one-stop shop for flooring, kitchen and bath products. In all, you’ll have access to more than 50,000 choices between our store and online catalog.

True, we’re a local showroom, but we have a national presence behind us. Our showroom is one of more than 145 ProSource Wholesale® locations across North America. As such, we pack tremendous buying power, and those savings as passed along to you via our low, wholesale prices.

It may be your first home remodel or one of many improvement projects you’re undertaking. In either case, you have lofty expectations. Our showroom team aims to exceed your goals for quality service and products. From beginning to end, ProSource of Springfield is your partner. What matters most to us is your success.

What We Offer
What’s most important to you is what matters to us as well – your success. For home remodels and commercial renovations, we’re your source for the products you need at the prices you want. Even better, we’ll provide you with the exceptional service you deserve. At ProSource, you’ll have access to the widest array of products for your project including flooring (carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, tile, laminate), kitchen (cabinets, cabinet hardware, countertops, faucets, sinks) and bathroom (vanities, faucets, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets). We also carry sundries and installation supplies. Within each product category, you’ll find a blend of national industry-leaders, regional suppliers, and preferred brands that can only be found at ProSource.

Within the walls of our showroom, you can browse organized displays along with vignettes that present how the products can look in real environments. As you walk about, you’ll experience flooring we’ve installed so you can experience them for yourself.

Our everyday low, wholesale prices ensure budget is not a concern. Wholesale means you pay less because you’re not faced with retail markups. And thanks to our ProSource Price Protection, you can feel confident you won’t find a lower price elsewhere. Our showroom staff will fill you in on the details. 

We pride ourselves on our highly rated service. At ProSource, you’ll be matched with a dedicated account manager who will tailor their service to your needs. It’s the personalized attention you want. With product guidance and project support, your account manager will work beside you from start to finish. Your style preference, budget and timeline are considered with each suggestion. For additional support, you’ll have access to the entire showroom team. This includes an in-house kitchen and bath designer. Using the latest technology paired with their expertise, your design vision will be fulfilled. It’s full service at its finest.

Why We’re Different
ProSource of Springfield (MO) stands tall with our belief in building lasting relationships with our trade pros members and their homeowner clients. We’re committed to ensuring your success and act as your partner throughout your home remodeling or commercial improvement project.

We invite trade professionals — architects, builders, contractors, designers, installers, remodelers, and more — to become members of ProSource, where you’ll gain access to a multitude of benefits such as:

Project leads and other business growth opportunities
Dedicated account manager, and an entire team, offering personalized service
Expert kitchen and bath design services
Unmatched product selection in a private showroom environment
Low, wholesale pricing
Financing options
ProKey® 24-hour showroom access
Free online project collaboration and management tools

Trade Pros: Learn about the benefits of membership

Homeowners appreciate working with us because we’re a better experience, from access to a private showroom to connections with our trade pro members, and much more. We help homeowners and their trade pros complete successful home improvement projects. There are several benefits to partnering with ProSource:

Find a local trade pro for your project
Dedicated account manager, and an entire team, offering personalized service
Expert kitchen and bath design services
Unmatched product selection in a private showroom environment
Low, wholesale pricing
Financing options
Free sample checkout
Free online tools to build your room design

Homeowners: Experience the difference of working with ProSource

Your success is our priority at ProSource of Springfield (MO). Contact or visit our showroom today.


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At ProSource® of Springfield (MO), you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be your partner on every project... listening to your needs, and guiding you throughout the selection and purchasing process. It’s what you deserve — personalized service. ProSource is dedicated to the success of our trade pro members and to simplifying the home improvement process for homeowners. From start to finish, we’re here to help with the complete project, turning dreams into reality.

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