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Kitchen Cabinets at ProSource of Erie

Custom kitchen cabinetry is the foundation of a distinctive room design. Selecting the wood, finish, shape, and storage of the cabinets is the first step toward meeting the day-to-day demands of a home’s most important space. Trust ProSource® of Erie to help you navigate the abundance of options available. Plus, our in-house kitchen and bath experts can design the perfect layout for your home remodel.
Cabinets of all wood types available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Wood Types

No two trees are alike, and no two kitchens should be either. Wood species differ in color, grain, and strength, and these unique qualities contribute to the overall appearance and durability that a kitchen cabinet displays. Oak, hickory, maple, cherry, walnut, and alder comprise the most common cabinet woods. Each species boasts its own array of tones, grain patterns, and intrinsic markings – wormholes, burls – to deliver cabinets that are truly customizable. Whether the desired result is casual or sophisticated, airy or rich, there’s a wood option that is ideal.
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Cabinets with beautiful finishes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Finishes

Finishes are used to mask or enhance a wood’s natural color, traits, and variations. Some woods are especially receptive to stains, which add color while revealing the intrinsic beauty of grain patterns. Other kitchen cabinets, particularly those made of smooth woods, look best when saturated with paint for a uniform, opaque aesthetic. A glaze can be applied to stained or painted cabinets to bring depth and visual interest to the wood. Other finishes include distressing or burnishing to create the illusion of aged wood. Each technique is intended to bring color and depth to raw wood for kitchen cabinets that are tailored for individual tastes.
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Cabinets of all shapes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Shapes

Beyond the wood species and finish is the shape of the kitchen cabinet doors. Design is always evolving, but some door styles are eternally fashionable. An arch-style door features a raised panel that curves at the top. (A cathedral door, similarly, has an arch at the top of the raised panel.) A square-style cabinet door is a straight-edged center panel that can be raised or recessed. Slab doors have flat panels that are neither raised nor recessed, while shaker doors bear simple recessed panels. And beadboard doors boast vertical wood panels. Selecting and combining the type of wood, its finish, and the preferred style of door is how custom kitchen cabinetry is done.
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Cabinets with unique and flexible storage options available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Storage Options

Today’s kitchen cabinets are working smarter, not harder. Clever cabinet storage options make the most of every square inch. Lower pullout cabinets make it easy to store large pots or trash cans, while upper rollout trays provide easy access to small items like spice jars. Drawers are enhanced by adjustable dividers and tiered cutlery storage. Toekick drawers make use of those few inches between cabinets and floor, providing a perfect home for baking sheets and placemats. And message center cabinets enable the kitchen to fulfill home office duties to keep families on task.
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