Tigressá® Carpet

Tigressá® Carpet: Softer And Stronger, Because Real Life Is Tough

Tigressá carpet is designed to look and feel luxuriously plush without compromising on the toughness needed to easily stand up to the real-life demands of an active household. Made from advanced, eco-friendly nylon fibers, the brands – Tigressá CherishTigressá Soft Style and Passages by Tigressá – feature densely bundled micro strands of remarkably fine fibers for incredible softness matched with exceptional resistance to crushing, matting and wear.

Select styles are available with an H2O waterproof backing – yes, waterproof carpet – for added protection against spills and pet accidents. This enables Tigressá to be very adaptable and versatile.

Tigressa carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, offers indulgent softness

Indulgent Softness

Thanks to its incredibly thin micro-strands of advanced nylon fibers, Tigressá carpet comes in two levels of amazing softness – super and ultra – that beg for bare feet to walk upon them.

Tigressa carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, is made of recycled material

Recycled and Recyclable

The nylon used to create Tigressá carpet is made from recycled materials and can be continuously recycled. This makes it a smart, eco-friendly investment now… and for the future.

Tigressa carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, provides vibrant colors that won't fade

Vibrant Colors

Every Tigressá carpet fiber is infused with rich hues which are held by countless color ports. This results in vibrant, fade-resistant colors that maintain their beauty year after year.


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Tigressá Cherish

Tigressá Soft Style

Passages by Tigressá

Passages by Tigressa Kempletin pattern carpet in Sunflower color available at ProSource Wholesale


Product Details

Meet the Tigressá Carpet Brands

Tigressa Cherish carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, is soft and durable

Tigressá Cherish

Tigressá Cherish elevates softness to a new level of lush beauty and plush comfort. Yet, even though it feels totally indulgent, it’s provides toughness for handling the demands of an active family.

With the finest designer fiber, Tigressá Cherish is the smoothest, most luxurious nylon carpet available. Using innovative technology to create ultra-fine, satiny fibers which are densely woven, it provides a suave, inviting look and feel while minimizing the impact of everyday life.

Offered in a range of rich, nature-inspired hues, Tigressá Cherish is made and backed to handle years of real-world living.

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Tigressa Soft Style carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, is soft and durable

Tigressá Soft Style

It’s hard to believe a carpet this soft can be so strong... but then this is no ordinary carpet. 

Tigressá Soft Style is made with micro-fiber technology that produces uniquely shaped and precision engineered high-tensile filaments — so they’re ultra-soft as well as ultra-resilient. They’re woven together at a very high density to create a smooth, plush surface that shows less crushing and matting. This provides unparalleled performance that wears better, longer… beautifully.

Luxurious enough for the living room and tough enough for the family room, Tigressá Soft Style is designed and backed for real-life needs.

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Passages by Tigressa carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale, is soft and durable

Passages by Tigressá

Presenting an assortment of high end looks and designs inspired by a world where people move seamlessly between cultures and embrace unique styles.

Passages by Tigressá is a collection of worldly styles crafted in beautifully curated color palettes, carefully constructed with a unique fiber known for an inviting softness and durable strength. Passages features the perfect patterns for your style story.

With looks influenced by heritage, craft, visuals and colors from around the world, Passages by Tigressá offers beauty, softness and strength.

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