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ProSource is Your Trusted Carpet Store in Tucson, AZ

Offering excellent carpet options in Tucson and surrounding areas!

Carpet is a timeless flooring option that is still in demand when it comes to decorating homes and businesses. However, with seemingly endless alternatives, finding the correct aesthetic and function can be difficult.


ProSource® of Tucson is here to assist trade pro members and their homeowner clients in making the task more doable. We provide a large range of top-tier brands at affordable pricing, as well as a specialized staff of account managers and in-house design associates on hand to assist you!

Why Carpet?

Carpet offers a lot of advantages that make it a good choice. Today's carpets are eco-friendly, built from the ground up to resist stains and fading, and can keep up with the best of them with high foot traffic.


There are also a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Carpet can allow a plainer look or a dramatic appearance with a striking pattern, depending on the design.


Another advantage is better air quality. By collecting dust, pollen, and particulates and removing them from the air, new carpet improves air quality. Carpet also gives a home a gentle, timeless warmth and cozy atmosphere that sets it apart from other flooring materials.

Different Types of Carpet Flooring

Let's take a quick look at some of the most common carpet fibers:


  • Nylon is an extremely comfortable, durable, and stain-resistant fabric. Due to its price, ability to hold color well, and durability, it is by far the most popular carpet fiber.
  • Olefin is a synthetic wool alternative that is similar to nylon in terms of softness. It's stain-resistant, water-resistant, mold-resistant, and mildew-resistant, as well as easy to clean.
  • Polyester's bright, fade-resistant colors are well-known. Polyester is more hypoallergenic than other fibers because it is man-made, which is a key selling factor for families.


Carpet Piles

Carpets are made by looping fiber threads through the backing material in the same way that a button is stitched onto a garment. The carpet pile refers to how the loops of fiber in the carpet are treated.


The pile is an important aspect in defining the comfort of a carpet and how it feels underfoot. You can choose from a variety of carpet piles. Let's look at some of the most frequent carpet piles for a moment.

Loop Pile

Also known as an uncut pile, the loop pile technique leaves the entire yarn loop intact on the piece's surface. These carpets are often highly resilient, easy to clean, and stain-resistant, which makes them ideal for high-traffic commercial applications or high-traffic family areas such as recreation rooms. Additionally, loop pile carpets conceal indentations caused by footsteps and vacuum marks.

Cut Pile

Cut pile is a carpeting technique in which the exposed fibers are sheared off. This results in soft, inviting, and easy-to-clean carpets. This type of carpet comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and they are ideal for carpeting an entire house because they integrate smoothly from room to room.

Frieze-Cut Pile

Frieze-cut pile refers to a carpet in which relatively long cut fibers are twisted and kinked together, causing them to curl wildly across the carpet's surface. This extremely durable design conceals dirt and damage and is ideal for high-traffic and commercial environments.

Our Products

Learn more about our carpet options and start browsing our online catalog below!

Custom area rugs available at ProSource Wholesale

Custom Area Rugs

Pre-made, fabricated area rugs can be beautifully crafted and offer a wonderful design element to any room. However, those pre-made options have limits, and no one wants their design limited by someone else’s taste in color or pattern. That’s where ProSource comes in. You have the option to select any carpet and have it bound into a custom area rug. Whatever the space demands – a complementary color, a desired design, and even a specific size – can be achieved.
Berber carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Berber Carpet

This is a type of loop carpet constructed using thick yarns with randomly-spaced flecks of color against a background of a base color. Berber carpet is best known for its durability, enabling it to withstand heavy foot traffic and daily use. Its nubby weave assists with concealing dirt and vacuum marks. Berber carpet is a leader for lasting performance.

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Frieze carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Frieze Carpet

With similar characteristics to shag carpet, frieze carpet is often sought for the comfort it provides. Its long, tightly-twisted fibers form a curly, textured surface. As a result, frieze carpet tends to minimize marks from footprints and vacuums. That allows it to be a great choice for high traffic rooms or even rooms needing a distinctive look.

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Loop carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Loop Carpet

There are many varieties of loop carpet. One is a level-loop carpet, which has a uniform look because its loops are of equal height. A second is multi-level loop carpet, which offers two or three varying loop heights, creating a patterned effect. Last, there’s cut-loop pile, also referred to as cut and loop pile. As the name implies, this carpet combines cut and looped yarns which create an assortment of surface textures, including sculptured effects of squares, chevron and swirls.

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Plush carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Plush Carpet

Due to its characteristics, this style has also been referenced as velvet or velour carpet. Plush carpet is characterized by its smooth, dense weave. Its pile is short and slightly twisted. While it is very comfortable underfoot, it does tend to show tracking from walking feet or moving vacuums. This makes it more suited for rooms with less traffic.

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Texture carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Texture Carpet

Texture carpet features uneven fiber lengths, giving it a fuller, more textured surface. With that, and its color options, it can give the floor a touch of character. Texture carpet evolved into a popular choice from how it’s made. Mixing the cut pile process with uneven and/or twisted fibers produces a carpet that’s durable and can disguise dirt, dents and tracks.

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Patterned carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet is growing in popularity, likely for the custom touch it adds to the space. Bold or subtle, bright or neutral, patterned carpet is perfect for giving a bedroom new life, a living room an interesting vibe, or transforming a space with the most perfect area rug. No matter the design or texture, patterned carpet brings personality underfoot.

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Solid color carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Solid Carpet

As the name implies, solid carpet is a single color flooring. Select from light to dark shades, with a color wheel that includes brown, gray, blue and more. The color hue can be conservative, blending with the room’s décor, or be a bold choice, adding a pop of pizazz to a neutral space. Whatever the desired outcome, solid carpet is a solid option.
Waterproof carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Waterproof Carpet

The thought of waterproof flooring is usually confined to hard surface options, but thanks to breakthrough H2O technology, waterproof carpet enters the mix. This carpet contains a special backing with a moisture barrier so liquid spills won’t seep through to the subfloor; instead, they stay on the surface where they can be cleaned, quickly and easily.
Kid friendly carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Kid Friendly Carpet

Kid friendly carpet provides powerful protection when facing the life of tikes, toddlers and teens. Its empowered to survive and thrive with both two legged babies. This versatile carpet possesses defense against odors, stains, odors and more.
Pet friendly carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Pet Friendly Carpet

Pet friendly carpet is similarly designed to withstand the perils of pets thanks to technology advancements. Its design focuses on surviving and thriving with four legged babies. This versatile carpet possesses defense against odors, stains, odors and more.
Commercial carpet available at ProSource Wholesale

Commercial Carpet

When found in a business instead of a home, the demands of carpet are a little different. Commercial carpet faces heavier traffic, equipment and furniture — all of which pose weight challenges. Today’s commercial carpet performs at a high level, withstanding daily wear to showcase its durability. Even better, styles and colors have expanded, allowing spaces big and small to provide a statement befitting the business it represents.

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