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Decorative Tile at ProSource of Tucson

Decorative tile provides a personalized touch, no matter how it’s incorporated into a room’s design. Whether it’s used as a backsplash or an entire accent wall, in a kitchen or bathroom, in an entryway or foyer, there is truly no end to the level of customization presented by decorative tile.

ProSource® of Tucson has the most desirable brands and styles, and leading the pack is Jeffery Court® tile. Jeffery Court offers products that are timeless, fashion-forward masterpieces combining both beautiful craftsmanship and intricate design trends.
Mosaic decorative tile at ProSource Wholesale

Decorative Tile Mosaics

Mosaic tile is a stylish option to update a backsplash, bring life to a bathroom, or a custom touch to an entryway. Mosaic tiles are combinations of tile sizes, colors and shapes, most often set in a sheet for ease of installation. These tiles can be made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone and metal or mirror. A mosaic sheet can be set randomly or in a pattern.
Architectural moldings decorative tile at ProSource Wholesale

Decorative Tile Architectural Moldings

The perfect finishing touch to that beautifully tiled shower or backsplash is often accomplished with architectural moldings. Moldings can come in many shapes and sizes. Some might be rounded or beveled, others embossed or featuring their own unique intricate designs. Perfect for rounding out a completed look, moldings create an air of elegance and sophistication perfect for any tile project.
Decorative tile trim pieces at ProSource Wholesale

Decorative Tile Trim Pieces

Similar to architectural moldings, trim pieces tie the whole look together by adding the finishing touch to a tile design. Trim pieces can be one type of tile or can be similar to mosaics where they feature a collection of smaller tiles pieced together. After installing the tile pieces desired, add trim pieces to unfinished corners or edges to finish the look. Trim pieces are a small, yet often overlooked feature that add depth to any tiled space.
Decos and hand painted decorative tile at ProSource Wholesale

Decos and Hand Painted Tile

Deco tile combines patterns and colors that best resemble the art-deco period. These tiles are updated versions of these vintage inspired tiles, perfect for adding some funky flair to any room. Hand painted tiles are another gorgeous tiling option, with virtually millions of design possibilities. The best, and most desirable, part about hand painted tiles is that no two are the same. This means truly custom pieces, giving the option to add personality and flair to any project.

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