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Bathroom Remodeling at ProSource of Lakeland

Every morning or night your client will sleepily walk into their bathroom to start their routine. If your client has a poorly laid out bathroom, it can ruin their enjoyment of their daily routines. When your client gets a bathroom remodel, it is their opportunity to make their bathroom an oasis and truly unique to their wishes. So, if you’re hired to begin a bathroom remodel, taking your clients to ProSource® can be a valuable resource for them. After all, they will be able to view all of our displays and learn about the new trends in bathroom renovation.
Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom Sinks

Having a big bathroom sink is a luxury that not many people have. Also, most homeowners don’t get the opportunity to choose what their bathroom sink will look like, or what material it will be made out of. At ProSource of Lakelands, your clients can choose between an undermount or over counter sink, as well as what material it will be made out of.
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Bathroom Sink Faucet

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Sink faucets are a great way to upgrade your client’s bathroom to new heights. If you are interested in installing a faucet that is made with unique materials, or even made with intricate designs, ProSource has what you need.
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Bathroom Shower


If your client would like to boost their shower experience, ProSource has a wide variety of shower heads, tiling, and shower doors to browse.
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Bathroom Vanity


Vanities are a great way for your clients to optimize space in their bathrooms. For example, if your clients want to store their towels in the bathroom, rather than in a linen closet, a vanity would be very beneficial.
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Bathtubs come with an array of different features. If your clients are looking for a deluxe bathtub or perhaps a simpler one, ProSource has dozens on display.
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Bathroom Toilet


At ProSource of Lakeland, we have many toilets on display, ranging in size, color, and added features. Depending on how much your client wants to upgrade their bathroom, we have plenty of models on-hand.
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