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Cabinets at ProSource of Boston South

Cabinets play a vital role in any room they exist, but that’s especially true in the kitchen. That’s because the kitchen is a place to prepare food, enjoy a meal, entertain guests, and maybe get some work done. The cabinets need to be just as versatile, providing tremendous functionality and appearance. ProSource® of Boston South is the destination for cabinets, whether the project is small or large. The cabinetry characteristics – color, wood type, finish, shape and storage – will ultimately determine the personality of the space, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, kids room or even a garage. The showroom’s expert team, which also includes an in-house kitchen and bath designer, will be your guide to an abundance of leading brands and impressive styles, and even help design the room layout.
Omega cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Omega Cabinets

To satisfy a desire for expertly crafted cabinets, the name Omega emerges. Combining hand-applied techniques with hand-selected woods, there’s an air of immaculate attention to detail. These cabinets are built to last, as is the impression they generate. Providing a space with a unique and elegant sense of style, Omega cabinets possess a near endless assortment of design and color choices coupled with an abundance of organization and storage solutions. Choose from several elegant accents to accentuate the beauty further. Omega cabinets personify excellent quality.

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Decora cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Decorá Cabinets

Forged from quality craftsmanship, Decorá cabinetry is the essence of elegance and excellence, Each door and drawer is hand-crafted for uncompromised quality. The attention to detail is not lost, nor is the superior performance they provide. Decorá cabinets are uniquely designed because each space is unique. The storage solutions are clever in design and function so that everything has a place, yet equally accessible. With fantastic finishes and eye-capturing beauty, Decorá cabinets give any room a profound personality. It’s distinguished cabinetry that’s made to amaze.

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Diamond cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Diamond Cabinets

Diamond provides cabinets that find the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. They also persevere over time, offering superior durability due to their smart construction. With designer-inspired finishes and optimal storage options, Diamond cabinets are as creative as they are practical. From doors to drawers, they hold what’s needed in stylish, yet organized, fashion. Award-winning Diamond cabinets adapt to any design taste, making them an intelligent choice.

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Kitchen Craft cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Kitchen Craft Cabinets

Kitchen Craft cabinets make a grand statement in a room. Their selection of styles, wood species and colors has been meticulously composed. Kitchen Craft is renowned for quality, versatility and fashion-forward design. These signature cabinets mesh beautifully with any lifestyle. Kitchen Craft focuses on frameless construction to provide seamless visual beauty paired with maximum interior space. The sleek storage solutions equally amaze. Kitchen Craft provides modern, European style cabinetry that perform and appeal.

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Bellmont cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Bellmont Cabinets

Needing cabinets which are practical, functional yet stylish, cabinets from Bellmont are a solid choice. Their quality craftsmanship is unmistakable in both appearance and performance. Bellmont cabinets elevate any space, such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Select from a variety of colors and styles. Storage choices are as unique as the space in which the cabinets reside. Bellmont cabinets are built to impress and to last.
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Echelon Cabinetry available at ProSource Wholesale

Echelon Cabinetry

Echelon Cabinetry is an appealing choice for any space. Select from an assortment of colors ranging from clean to bold. Choose any of the numerous styles for designs from traditional to modern. Inspired by nature, Echelon offers options to suit any personality or design aesthetic that’s desired. Fusing form and function, they work in any space, including kitchens, bathrooms, kids rooms and more. The storage options are equally impressive and can suit even the most demanding requirements. Echelon Cabinetry presents exquisite appeal.
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Wolf cabinets available at ProSource Wholesale

Wolf Cabinets

When time is of the essence, but quality cannot be sacrificed, choose Wolf Cabinets. Often delivered within three to seven days, they can fit nicely into project timelines, yet still provide excellent looks within the room. Wolf cabinets come in an array of styles, colors, finishes, accents and accessories. Whatever look or design is desired can be achieved. Creative storage solutions exist for items large and small, so anything can be tucked away in these stylish cabinets. When looking for a quick, quality cabinetry, look to Wolf.
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Cabinets of all wood types available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Wood Types

Cabinets are available in an assortment of wood types, which can range from commonly known (and found) to exotic. Varietals include walnut, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, birch, bamboo and many more. Tone and grain variations exist in each, and the species provide different hardness and durability levels. Another attribute could be intrinsic markings, such as wormholes or burls. All of this can enable the space where cabinets reside to have a unique appearance.
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Cabinets with beautiful finishes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet finishes can enhance (or mask) a wood’s natural color, traits and variations. Some woods are more receptive to stains, which adds color and reveals the beauty of the grain patterns at the same time. Smooth wood cabinets which are saturated with paint can look exceptional, offering a uniform, opaque appearance. For adding depth and/or visual interest to the wood, a glaze can be applied to painted or stained cabinets. To create the illusion of aged wood, other finishes like burnishing or distressing can be used. Whatever the technique, the goal is to bring forth color and depth to the cabinets’ raw wood.
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Cabinets of all shapes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Shapes

To accommodate the individual tastes and room design variations, several door shapes can be chosen. Shaker style doors is perhaps the best known, which possess simple recessed panels. A square cabinet door showcases a straight-edged center panel that may be raised or recessed. Modern and contemporary looks often employ slab doors, which have a flat panel that’s neither raised nor recessed. Arch doors feature a raised panel that curves at the top, while cathedral doors have an arch at the top of the raised panel. 
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Cabinets with unique and flexible storage options available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Storage Options

Today’s cabinets offer an astounding number of storage solutions for nearly every circumstance and need. It’s the perfect blend of maximizing space and highlighting convenience. For pots, pans and their lids can be stored in an organized, easy-to-access solution. There are single and multiple rollout trays, in varying depths and heights. Cabinet drawers are not left out, as they offer everything from knife holders to angled dividers to tiered drawers. The under-the-sink challenge is creatively met, as is waste and recycling needs. For that morning cup of coffee, there are even storage solutions for K-cups. From every day to the once-in-a-while needs, cabinet storage options are sure to please.
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