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Cabinets at ProSource of Hudson Valley

At the heart of every kitchen remodeling project are stunningly fashioned kitchen cabinets. There are numerous styles and varieties to choose from, with each choice lending a different interpretation when paring fashion and function. You can count on ProSource® of Hudson Valley to guide you through the ins and outs of cabinet picks, from wood type to finishes, to storage options and shapes. We’re also equipped with in-house kitchen and bath designers ready to assist in creating the perfect blueprint for any home remodel.

Cabinets of all wood types available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Wood Types

There are countless types and models of wood cabinets, each with their individual distinct features and characteristics. Wood species range in color, grain, and even strength. Each characteristic contributing to the comprehensive appearance and durability of kitchen cabinetry. The most popular wood types for cabinets are oak, hickory, maple, cherry, walnut, and alder. You can trust each species to come in its own array of patterns, tones, and streaks to supply cabinets that are custom to fit any desired result. 
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Cabinets with beautiful finishes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Finishes

More in depth customization is possible when utilizing cabinet finishes. Finishes give you the luxury of enhancing or masking the natural characteristics of your cabinet. Several woods fair better when stained, which adds a pop of color while highlighting intricate grain patterns. Kitchen cabinets crafted from smooth woods may look best when painted, creating a more uniform aesthetic. Glaze can be an addition to stained or painted cabinets to round out the look and provide more visual appeal. Additional finish options include distressing or burnishing to create a vintage look. Each technique bringing a different feel and look to your cabinetry. 
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Cabinets of all shapes available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Shapes

Cabinet door structure offers yet another way to add custom style to any kitchen renovation. Trends may change as the years go on, but many designs have proved to stand the test of time. An arch-style door features a raised panel that curves at the top while square-style cabinet doors are a straight-edged center panel that can either be recessed or raised. Slab doors have flat panels while shaker doors bear simple recessed panels and beadboard doors have vertical wood panels. Conjoining wood type, finish, and preferred style of the door is how you can achieve custom cabinetry when renovating a kitchen. 
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Cabinets with unique and flexible storage options available at ProSource Wholesale

Cabinet Storage Options

There are countless cabinet storage options ideal for the most novice of cooks to the most decorated of chefs. Smart cabinet storage options give you the most out of every square inch. Adding lower pullout cabinets make large pot storage a breeze, while upper rollout trays provide uncomplicated access to smaller kitchen necessities like measuring spoons or cooking oil. Adaptable dividers and tiered cutlery storage can be added to drawers for an extra touch of organization (and safe storage for those sharper tools). Toekick drawers are a perfect place for placemats and baking sheets while message center cabinets allow for a kitchen/office combo, helping families stay on track. 
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