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Tile Options at ProSource of Newport News

The unmistakable range of tile is on full display at ProSource® of Newport News. Numerous samples from around the globe, at low wholesale prices, can be experienced first hand. This is a flooring that appeals to the eye and performs over time regardless of where it may reside. Tile is typically found underfoot, but its versatility allows it to work on walls (think: backsplash and showers), fireplace and tub surrounds, as well as outdoors. An assortment of hues can amaze, from solid styles to colorful decorative options. Any space can be accommodated with mosaics up to large sized planks, in several geometric shapes. Choose from many materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass and more. For any home remodel design or budget, tile is a terrific choice.
Ceramic tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic ranks as the top tile choice for home remodeling projects, helped by the various looks it provides. The hard surface it emits allows for lasting durability and scratch resistance. Ceramic can be glazed or unglazed. A glazed ceramic has a seal over the clay, making it waterproof and stain resistant. Alternatively, if it’s unglazed the tile presents a natural, rustic appearance, but it’s also porous so low moisture areas are a better fit.
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Porcelain tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is still ceramic, but it’s tile fired at high temperatures, generating a denser and harder surface. This makes porcelain resistant to chipping and scratches, as well as a terrific options for rooms that succumb to high traffic or moisture. Add a couple more benefits in that porcelain is unlikely to stain and easy to clean. Its cost leans a bit higher than ceramic, but its longevity extends the cost over the long haul. Porcelain is a product immersed in beauty and endurance.
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Stone tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Stone Tile

It may be called stone, but that doesn’t define its appearance. Several materials fall under the umbrella of stone tile — natural stone, travertine, marble, granite and slate. This empowers stone tile with unique compositions and characteristics. It also provides a variety of design styles and color selections. Although it’s not inherently waterproof, use of a treatment enables stone tile to exist in moisture-prone spaces.
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Backsplash tile available at ProSource Wholesale


When a little protection for the wall, and a dash of personality is sought, backsplash tile makes an appearance. It’s commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area and similar locations. A popular design for backsplash is subway tile of one or more colors, or a mosaic using varying colors within a similar hue. For a more bold touch, mix materials such as glass or metal, or use different geometric shapes. A backsplash can be the focal point or balance nicely with the room’s design.
Wood-look tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Wood Look Tile

Continuing to grow in popularity, tile with wood inspired looks expands the possibilities of a home remodel. Now a wood look can be achieved in just about any room including bathrooms and laundry rooms, without concerns of moisture. Wood look tile provides varying looks and colors to match any design taste. Whether on the floor or the wall, it performs just as well. From distressed rustic choices to more modern options, wood look tile marries performance with style.
Wall tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Wall Tile

Recognizing the word versatile has “tile” within it, it should be no surprise that this product is not confined to the floor. Wall tile can often be found in showers, providing protection for what lies behind the tile along with personality to the space it surrounds. For just about any room, substitute paint with tile to create a unique accent wall. Opt for a single style for a complementary feel to the area, or mix in accent pieces to accentuate the space with pizzazz. Ideas begin to spark with the possibilities of wall tile.
Glass tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Glass Tile

With a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, glass tile makes an impressive impression when used as a backsplash, shower surround, or accent piece. Although it may be called glass tile, that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. This is still a product with tremendous performance. For spaces found to be dim, like below a cabinet, the reflective nature of glass tile can be a welcome addition to brighten the mood. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Showcase a remodel’s class with glass tile.
Mosaic tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Mosaic Tile

These are not the tiny tiles of the 70s. Today’s mosaic tile comes in a wealth of colors and styles, providing a big statement wherever it may be used. For home improvement projects facing a small room, mosaic floor tile helps the space appear larger. For shower walls or niches, it serves as the perfect complement. When added to a backsplash — whether in the kitchen, bathroom or entertainment area — mosaic tile is personality redefined. Mosaic tile can move an project from mundane to magnificent.
Outdoor tile available at ProSource Wholesale

Outdoor Tile

The greatest reach of tile may be that it’s not restricted to the inside. Many tiles are made to work outdoors. The natural strength of tile means it can hold up to the elements of Mother Nature. It’s a solid choice to elevate a patio deck, add a style pop along side the pool, or enhance a landscape waterfall. Tile also dresses up the home’s exterior when used on pillars or walls. Durability and design collide with outdoor tile.
Tile surround for fireplaces, tubs and more available at ProSource Wholesale

Tile Surround

Tile surrounds can beautify a bland room element. A fireplace can be made fabulous with glistening small mosaics, large sized squares, or several stone and brick looks. A tub can be tremendous when surrounded by porcelain tile with decorative accents. Mix materials, shapes and sizes for truly individualized appeal. Make masterpieces and focal points with tile surround.
Accents, decorative tile and medallions available at ProSource Wholesale

Accents, Decos and Medallions

To complement the surrounding tile, add accent tile, decorative tile, or a medallion. They can also serve as the focal point, if desired. Use accent tile in a vertical or horizontal layout on a shower wall to dress up the design. For a kitchen backsplash, add decorative tile for a classic look or a modern appeal. In the entry, a medallion accentuates the first impression. Accents, decos and medallions are a reminder that tile provides limitless possibilities.
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