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Our team at ProSource® of Spokane is redefining the remodeling industry, one home improvement project at a time. Our account managers serve as dedicated, personalized partners for our trade professional members and their homeowner clients. Our in-house kitchen and bath designers help you visualize and plan your remodeling project. It’s a team that offers expert advice about project design and the products we sell. We want you to think of us as your go-to resource, enhanced through our comprehensive online project management service. Learn more about the teammates at our local ProSource showroom. We can’t wait to meet you and build a long-lasting relationship.


As a designer, I have used whatever resources I can find to meet my client's and my personal design needs. Getting the best products and fair prices could take my clients and me anywhere from warehouses to showrooms to big box stores to antique malls. But for remodel products and service, my recent experience with ProSource in Spokane was light-years superior to anywhere else I have been in my city. I could list many differences, but I'll give just three topics that are greatly important to builders/designers; COMMUNICATION, SELECTION, and CABINETRY quality/excellence in CAD design. COMMUNICATION: For my recent purchase at ProSource, I had one service agent and then one administrator helping me. They were my go-to people. I can't think of a better way to put it, but that my order was on their mind until it was finished and in my hands. Without my having to ask, my email in-box would have updates and I knew when my products would be there. When a delay from a manufacturer came on one of my items, I was notified immediately, so no wasted trips occurred. There was just a smooth, calm, and steady way that was targeted on my order. It felt like they wanted to help me and were working for me. This is vastly different from big box or other retail businesses where the standard practice is to have to hunt down and re-explain product and shipping information. Retail associates have to work to find customers information in the system. Calls to those places are stressful because the associates are very distracted. The associate on the phone is driven to extreme multitasking. That creates an environment of pressured, hurried sales, but not usually enough time to get proper follow up on product delivery or other information. It slows the whole design/remodel process down. SELECTION: It was a total surprise to me at ProSource to learn about the VAST selection at their fingertips. I had been to no less than 10 tile showrooms, pro and retail, looking for a specific tile. Basically, I walked into ProSource and found tiles from nearly every tile location that I had visited locally and in California---almost all were there or available at ProSource. I walked in to ProSource and it was like, "there's that Dal-Tile, there's that Bedrosians tile, there's that United tile, there's that Florida Tile!" and so on. I had been to ProSource once in the past helping a client with their countertop layout. I saw how small the location was and how unassuming the building and showroom were and made assumptions about their selection. BIG mistake. BAR NONE, for what I'm looking for, no-one has more selection or buying power. In other words you'll have far more choices for better prices. As a pro, this means better pricing can be passed on to clients and professionals who work our tails off can earn more for our services. CABINETRY QUALITY AND CAD DESIGN On a recent trip, I noticed that the ProSource showroom is getting a reset and things are looking really good in there. The CABINET TYPES AND QUALITY is ESPECIALLY IMPRESSIVE. For moderate to high end clients, I'd start at ProSource for cabinets for sure. To top it off, one of the most seasoned cabinet designers in our region is now the Spokane ProSource designer. Cabinetry design is a complex process where thousands or tens of thousands of dollars can be lost if not designed well. And on the other side, if the heart of the home is done well, you can make a life long client through good kitchen design. The summary is this: I am so excited to have ProSource as a design partner and only wish I'd tried them out sooner.

 - Kari, trade pro member

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